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I suppose it's time to focus on Orson Scott Card's work instead of his terrible beliefs. [Jan. 12th, 2017|12:59 pm]
Tim Lieder
Of course, I had to wonder about what Orson Scott Card thought about recent events. After all, Obama never got all the street gangs to come together and make him emperor for life. Also Mormons are the religious group less inclined to give Trump a pass for his shitty behavior. I did not find any recent thoughts on Trump but I did see that Brigham Young University has hired OSC to script a 10 episode show based on aliens trying to preserve humanity after they wiped most of them out.

It sounds like an interesting show.

Only the main point of the article was that Homophobic BYU is hiring Homophobic OSC for BYUTV (LOL - sorry). Most of the article talked about OSC's past transgressions. Oddly enough I don't fall on the same side of the debate that I did when Card was leveraging his fame into attacks on GLBT rights and that really racist "thought experiment". I boycotted Ender's Game and I was marginally happy that he lost his job with Superman. I really didn't like Card at that point.

Now I think it's a little unfair to focus on Card's personal beliefs when he's being hired to write a science fiction show. The author vs. work problem is always going to be with us. A few years ago when he was writing his bullshit, I was much more focused on the author. Like how much shit can you spew at us, Card? Now that Card has either mellowed, changed his mind or shut up, I want to focus on the work.

I am interested in seeing a 10 episode science fiction show by Orson Scott Card because Card is a damn good writer (hell if he wasn't a good writer that Obama becomes Emperor "thought experiment" wouldn't have pissed me off) and rarely does his political philosophy enter into his work - or it doesn't enter into it on a 1=1 way. It's there but it's mutated and strange. He's got a moralist streak that I actually respect, particularly in Fat Farm where the man who thinks that he can lose weight by just exchanging bodies discovers that it's not that simple (and yeah weight loss is not so simple) and then the gay thing is deliciously full of homoerotic subtext.

I guess I would not have made this argument when he was getting fired from Superman, but right now, Card is going to be writing a science fiction television show and he's a known asset. He's not being hired to talk about his views on homosexuality. If the show becomes homophobic then I will have a problem with it. But he seems like a good fit for the netweork.
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Call and write to your senators & representative [Jan. 12th, 2017|10:40 am]
Tim Lieder
I have seen many posts about Trump on Facebook and even posts that talk about the importance of opposing his nominations and his entire program. These are great posts but they are useless posts unless the people posting are inspired to CALL THEIR SENATORS! Or write to them. Either way, this is the way things need to go.

Too many people are doing cutesy shit like sending one post card a week to a senator that says IMPEACH or organizing a "Turn Off Your Television January 20" or replying to Trump's twitter feed. These will not work. Yes, Trump can only be mocked and ridiculed. He is a fucking narcissist and he is only out for himself. He will never give a shit about anyone else unless they say things about him that he doesn't like and then he will be a petulant child. But none of that works, really.

I also am still annoyed by writers who made a big show about NOT VOTING and then after the election started talking about the election and politics like they have any fucking right. Brian Keene, whom I really like and consider a friend (and half-way hope he never sees this) wrote an essay that said that horror writers now have an opportunity to latch onto the fears of society just like Stephen King did in the Nixon years. That would be a great and comforting thing to say in the wake of the worst election possible if he didn't also write about how he was not voting. Like thanks dude, I might lose my health insurance and die of diabetes because you didn't vote but I can WRITE SCARY STORIES about it while my foot is getting amputated! Awesome! And while I still sometimes read nihilistic_kid his bi-annual declaration of not voting because no one meets his high leftist standards is one big ego stroke that he should really just stop. Mamats might not vote. I don't care, but he doesn't have to be proud about it, especially when people like him just helped Trump get in office.

The two main objections I see to writing to your senators to make sure that they oppose Trump and all his ways (amen) is that they either agree with you or they don't agree with you. Since I am a New Yorker with a lot of Minnesota friends I see that first dynamic. My senators are both Democrats and Chuck Schumer is making headlines by opposing Trump. In MN, they got Amy Kloubachar and Al Franken. Al Franken has been grilling Sessions.

In the second case, yeah, what good does it do to tell Lindsey Graham or Mitch McConnell that you want to keep all the benefits you got under Obamacare? If you live in Alabama Jeff Sessions is your senator. Are you going to write to him to oppose his own nomination? Or the other senator who is probably bff with Sessions?

And in both cases - people are wrong. And politicians only care about the people who show up and actually write to them. If you aren't writing, they assume that you are cool with them and they can count on your vote the next time their job is up for grabs. But more accurately, Democrats and Republicans don't vote in blocks if their constituents are telling them to go against their party. Why the fuck do you think that gun control laws never get passed or that the Dickey Amendment is still with us (that's the one that says that we can't even research gun fatalities with government funds)? Because the fucking NRA gets mobilized every single time there's a vote.

Your Democratic senator might agree with your stance but they might also be getting a shitload of letters and calls telling them to go against it and just get along. Hell, Paul Wellstone was the most liberal senator in the 90s and he still voted for DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) because those were the calls he was getting.

And if you have a Republican senator, you REALLY need to write letters. It doesn't matter if that Republican is the reddest of the red, you still need to tell him that you do not approve. ANd it's probably more important because with the Republicans in the majority we are all fucked if they vote together. Marc Rubio was grilling Rex Tillerson about his Russian ties yesterday. Will he still vote to put Tillerson into the Secretary of State position? Maybe, but not if he gets a thousand calls saying that he cannot get Tillerson into it. And do you think Rubio grew a spine? Fuck no. Rubio is already feeling the pressure from a Florida voting block that is freaking out over Putin.

So there ends a livejournal post that is just a longer version of what I wanted to do on FB.
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I don't think I need to say this but Chuck Tingle is a goddamn national treasure [Jan. 12th, 2017|12:13 am]
Tim Lieder
Millionaire real estate tycoon Domald Tromp was born into wealth and, because of this, he’s grown thirsty for something more from life; something a little darker, a little weirder, a little more taboo. To satiate these cravings of the forbidden, Domald has embarked on one of his usual trips to Russian. Little does he know that this particular vacation will change his life forever.
Followed around by a camera crew from the Buttz Carlton Hotel, Domald turns Moscow upside down; sampling some illegal unicorn horn cuisine and hiring a handsome gay T-Rex prostitute. But when Domald suggests the handsome dinosaur pee on his butt, a political scandal begins to unfold unlike anything in the history of hardcore anal pounding!
This erotic tale is 4,300 words of sizzling human on gay Russian dinosaur prostitute action, including anal, blowjobs, cream pies, rough sex, facials, watersports and corrupt political figure love.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/01/11/chuck-tingle-has-already-written-a-novel-about-trumps-golden-shower-6375887/#ixzz4VWNbPEPe

I really wanted to start writing Trump erotica but I just don't have the dedication of Chuck Tingle. Besides I don't ever want to compete with Chuck.
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Golden Showers Golden Showers [Jan. 11th, 2017|11:18 am]
Tim Lieder
I don't know about this Facebook ban. On one hand I really want to be on Facebook making pee jokes but on the other hand, I think I can save a lot more time without Facebook. Not that I particularly am saving time. I keep going on Dominion and playing that one. But yeah, Trump just had a moment to bitch about fake news. Finally something leaked on him.

Also Rex Tillerson is up for a hearing today. It probably already happened. Hell, Trump's press conference is going on right now and i don't want to watch because I am 80% certain that the reporters will ask soft questions as if it's a press junket and say nothing about Russia, the terrible nominees, the piss scandal, etc. The reporters are going to ask bullshit questions about what his plans for the wall are and then act like they are being brave when he gets slightly pissed at their softball questions.

Make sure to contact your senators to stop these fucking nominations.

Also I am going to stay off my computer for a couple hours. Else this news is going to fuck me up.

I did unfriend some guy for bitching about how his $4 coffee tasted just like McDonald's. It's not that I don't sympathize with paying too much for coffee, but Jeff Sessions is up for a nomination to fuck over our civil rights so dude, ranting abotu your fucking coffee is not acceptable.
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Piers Morgan, Meryl Streep and Roman Polanski - clumsy misdirection [Jan. 10th, 2017|03:45 pm]
Tim Lieder
Before I write this, I must say that if you are reading this in the week of Jan 10 and Jan 11 when the Republicans are trying to push Trump's shitty nominations through (including David Duke's favorite attorney general Jeff Sessions, Putin's lesser bitch Rex Tillerson and that crazy woman who wants to fuck over the school system) CALL YOUR SENATORS!!!! If you live in the United States you have two. Do NOT make this stupid twitter war into the beginning and end of fighting Trump. STOP THESE STUPID FUCKING NOMINEES FROM GETTING CONFIRMED. Also if you think that "Turn off your television on Jan 20" is an effective protest and you don't call your senators then FUCK YOU!

Ok. That's out of my system, I saw my friend who got me banned from Facebook for the week (because she has shitty racist friends) post an article by Piers Morgan about how Meryl Streep was really stupid for making that speech. My friend said that Meryl Streep had no right to criticize Trump when she gave a child rapist a standing ovation (that would be Roman Polanski - and seriously Hollywood, what the fuck? The 70s are over. Drooling over a 15-year old Brooke Shields selling designer jeans by implying that she doesn't wear underwear is NOT COOL). My friend who is a little naive and easily brainwashed didn't seem to respect the rest of that gaslighting motherfucker's article (no Trump never mocked a disabled man. Who are you going to believe? Trump or your lying eyes?)

But let's examine that one thing that landed - Piers Morgan name checks Woody Allen and then accuses Meryl Streep of applauding Roman Polanski when he won for best director for The Pianist. The rest of the article was a word salad of broken logic and ad hominem attacks. I always wondered why Brits hated Piers Morgan so much because when he came to America his duty was to make Larry King seem exciting by comparison. Piers Morgan's only interview of note was with Alex Jones where he seemed like the rational one. Of course, Piers Morgan also GAVE A NATIONAL PLATFORM TO ALEX FUCKING JONES so even if he sounded like he was rational he was still normalizing that bullshit. So now back in England, Piers Morgan is a series of ticks and racism and defensiveness on behalf of a shitty little millionaire who doesn't even care that Morgan wants to have his back.

So the part that landed was the fact that Meryl Streep applauded Roman Polanski for a Holocaust movie. So in public discourse we have the "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" - especially if the sinner is someone that we like, because if you have any sin then we are going to ignore all the criticisms and attack you. Every sin by people we like is justified and exaggerated. Every sin by people criticizing people we like is a smoking gun and a reason why they are not allowed to talk.

It's the same old misdirection. But the part that I find fascinating is something that I found trying to research John Dillinger's alleged horse penis (it's convoluted) is that the Nazis basically used the same misdirection after John Dillinger was shot on the street by the FBI. After being criticized by the United States for - you know - being Nazis and putting their dissidents into concentration camps, Germany was looking for an excuse to go "you are JUST AS BAD" and John Dillinger was the perfect example. How can you say Germany is so bad if you go and shoot your suspected criminals on the street and don't even give them the benefit of the trial.

More recently, RT and Sputnik have been a gold mine of this discourse. Oh sure, Russia murdered thousands of civilians but it's really AMERICA that's wrong. In fact, that's why I finally just de-friended my cousin Brian on FB. I was too tempted to look at his timeline even after I knocked it off of my feed. He posted a meme that said "The U.S. does these things and you think I'm the bad guy?" with a picture of Assad. I really can't abide someone using the "he's not so bad and you're worse" argument when it comes to a mass murderer like Assad or Putin.

So Piers Morgan is using the "he's not so bad and you're worse" against Meryl Streep. It's an easy argument to make and it has to be as ridiculous as the Nazis claiming that they are better than America for John Dillinger or Piers Morgan using it in this context. The main thing is that the person being defended under this argument has to be truly shitty in order to render it ridiculous but the person that is in the "you're worse" part of the argument has to have sins that are at least tangentially related to the crime at hand. Meryl Streep was criticizing Trump for mocking a reporter with special needs. Piers Morgan pulled that "you clapped for Roman Polanski" line out of his ass because none of his arguments were making any fucking sense. Apparently Meryl Streep is never allowed to judge anyone ever again because she once made a poor judgment when it came to Roman Polanski. That's Piers Morgan's argument.

I marvel at the fact that Daily Mail even printed this word salad and orgy of half-baked arguments and bad logic. I would think that at least the editor could have edited the fucking thing. This particular blog post has more logical coherence than that Piers Morgan article.

Yet I am poor and Piers Morgan is rich because there is no justice in the world. At least not fast justice (but I will change my mind if God kills Roman Polanski's lawyer Alan Dershowitz - a particularly shitty rape lawyer that Morgan decided not to mention).
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On FB I would have just written a sentence about my hatred for Ray Donovan [Jan. 9th, 2017|06:01 pm]
Tim Lieder
I turned off Ray Donovan. I just stopped. Fifteen minutes into episode 9 and I realized that I didn't want to watch anymore of this tough guy posturing where all the women are either shrews or really shitty actresses (looking at you daughter character with an actress who seems to have failed at the Kristen Stewart School of Acting). Also since it's a Showtime show there are never going to be any fucking consequences for any of the characters. The show is going to pretend that someone is going to die or something will get lost or Ray Donovan is going to jail but it's not like the fucking Sopranos where these were actual consequences. No matter how many times Jon Voight's pimping criminal character gets caught or in trouble with the mob he will get off. Ray Donovan is doing I don't know what the fuck but he will mumble his way through his tough guy dialogue.

Not even Ian McShane can save this thing. There was a reunion between McShane and the woman who plays Donovan's wife because Deadwood was cool, but it doesn't get any further than Deadwood was cool (of course David Milch never quite got over that one). Everything is shot in the dark and everyone is acting tough but mumbling at the same time and everyone is a fucking loser, and not even in a fun way. They are just sweating losers and the show lets them be losers. I also strongly suspect that the writers are just getting off on tough guy posturing bullshit which means that poor Liev Schreiber has to get stuck in one role the whole fucking time. Hell the first season was the source of steady paychecks for Jon Voight AND James Woods.

I could say that the homosexual subplot ended the show for me (the Ian McShane character had an affair with his daughter's husband) because yep, gay men are just there to get killed with iron pokers when they get too pissy with their father-in-law/former lovers. Also Katie Holmes is still a shitty actress but I guess she has learned how to smile with her mouth in the middle of her face so that's something.

I feel a little hypocritical since I managed to watch all seasons of Californication and even enjoy it as a fantasy of a writer who wrote one stupid book and now gets to drive around Los Angeles having as much sex as possible. So there are some Showtime shows that I can stomach (I even liked the first couple seasons of Weeds - right until we got to the scene of "It's a flash mob! It's fun!" - No idiot, it used to be fun and now it's tedious - hey that's a great metaphor for this fucking show).

This show reminds me of Luck in that it's about sweaty losers talking like tough guys and never getting anywhere. Unlike Luck, this show actually makes some narrative sense so it's much less interesting (seriously guys what the fuck was Luck about? Besides horse racing. I honestly have no clue). Plot wise, it's like Dexter where it has four episodes worth of story dragged out over 12 repetitive and boring episodes.

Someone should hold an intervention of Liev Schreiber. He's way better than this dreck.
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Jeff Sessions - up for a vote tomorrow - fucking write your senator to stop this shit [Jan. 9th, 2017|05:31 pm]
Tim Lieder
Could someone please post this on my Facebook group. I really shouldn't have told a couple of racists to go fuck themselves. They got the vapors. The problem with being off FB is that I still want to talk about it but the platform is smaller here.

I saw a post on LJ that goes "National Turn off your TV Day" on Jan 20. This was promoted as a great protest against Donald Trump who cares about his image and will be very sad if he gets shitty ratings. Just like he was blaming the shitty ratings for Celebrity Apprentice on Arnold Schwarzenegger. The person posting the "protest" said that the beauty of it was that it did not involve calling or writing to anyone and that it was something that everyone could to let Trump know that the American people don't like him.

I strongly suspect that this bullshit was created by the Trump campaign. It could not be playing into Trump's hands anymore than a Trump tweet getting all the attention while he fucks over people. This is worse than Trump being allowed to claim credit when the Republicans changed their mind about destroying the independent ethics committee because he tweeted something.

If you turn off your television on January 20, NO ONE FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!

The only thing you've achieved is to make yourself feel better. That's it. And if you don't write or call your senator (that's assuming that you are American and live in a state - obviously if you are Canadian you can do whatever you want) then you are useless. You are just fucking useless. You are worse than useless because you think that your pathetic protest is going to do a fucking thing when all it does is prove that Trump's distracting tweets are your lord and savior forever and ever amen.

Jeff Sessions is up for the Attorney General position. This man is a racist. He believes in segregation. He believes in civil forfeiture (meaning that the cops can take all your money if they suspect that you are a criminal and the burden of proof is on you) and he is one of the worst nominees.

You have senators. My senators are Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (or Kristen - whatever it's some white girl name) and I have been writing them letters, contacting them via their websites and calling the numbers so that they know that I want them fighting these nominations with every effort. Forget about just voting against them. I know that they are going to vote against Sessions (they better fucking vote against Sessions. They are representing New York after all) but I want to make sure that they do all they can to defeat Sessions - filibustering, making deals, bullying Rand Paul to actually live up to those mostly stupid libertarian principles that he espouses, etc.

So now it's your fucking job to call these people as well. If you think that you want to oppose Trump, yeah go ahead don't watch his fucking inauguration. It promises to be a boring depressing shit show, but don't for a fucking second think that it will make a fucking bit of difference when it comes to giving this rapist motherfucker even a second of consternation.

Call or write your senators. If you don't know your senators - FUCKING GOOGLE THEM - also punch yourself in the face for being so fucking ignorant, especially if you think that you are opposing Trump by watching a DVD or youtube on Jan 20. And then write or contact them.

If they are Democrats, then make sure they know that they BETTER work for the good of their party and block these fucking stupid nominations. If they are Republicans, then it's even MORE important that you contact them. Simple majority is all a nomination needs to be confirmed and the Republicans have a simple majority. Without someone like Rand Paul or Marc Rubio switching sides and voting against a nomination, we are fucked. There's a very good chance that the Republicans will vote as a block, but it's YOUR job - yes YOU - to contact them and make sure that they do not do this.

Thank you.

And also remember that if you are posting an anti-Trump article and NOT calling your senator or representative to oppose his policies (and his nominations) then you are even WORSE than your dumb fuck cousin who voted for Trump because Russian Times told him that it would be a good idea.
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Books Read in 2017 # 2-4 - Marvel Comics got really good when I wasn't looking [Jan. 9th, 2017|12:37 pm]
Tim Lieder
2. All New Wolverine: Civil War II - I recently re-read 52 which I cited as the comic book series that got me excited about superhero comics all over again and while I still enjoyed some aspects of the story (Lex Luther was truly evil) I found the series as a whole rather painful to read. I would have been much more eager to let the creators pat themselves on the back for giving the world a lesbian Batwoman if they didn't draw the splash page with her entering the fight with her butt to the audience but still twisting enough so that you can see her boobs. And that was compounded by the fact that the writer was sad that he didn't get to have his "did she fake her orgasms" joke. The John Henry/Niece story was predicated on the idiot plot and the cliche of the strong black man who is poor but proud (kind of like those tv movies where the family always refuses to take a turkey because they don't take charity even though they are all starving - I don't remember where that scene was but I fucking hate it - I think I hate it more now because it is total Reaganomics bullshit where the only valuable poor people are the ones who are starving and proud. The ones who actually take the fucking turkey are the parasites of society with their food stamps and welfare).

Getting off the subject. Anyhow I realized that as much as I liked 52, superhero comics can still be just as stupid and cliche as they were in the 90s when I stopped reading them. And DC has been breaking my heart all last year as I read collection after collection that were just banking on people being really shitty to each other as a way of being deep and profound. The only stories I kind of liked were the ones where Brainiac kidnapped a bunch of cities and had them fight each other - mostly because almost no one wanted to fight and most of the time they just found ways of getting out of the bullshit battle royale scenario. But for the most part, I was reading post-apocalyptic after apocalyptic stories where DC couldn't stop killing off their worlds. Earth-2 gets invaded by Apokalips and everyone dies - but not before most of them turn evil. Superman takes over the world after Joker tricks him into killing Lois. The Batman-3000 future is assured (or whatever the fuck that's called) no matter how much everyone tries.

So it's refreshing to read the new Wolverine as a story about a young woman who also has to take care of her clone. That's not to say that Marvel doesn't engage in its post-apocalyptic meshuggas. Hell, Days of Future Past made The X-Men. And most of this series has Old Man Logan which is one of the silliest post-apocalyptic stories in comic book canon (the evil Hulks, the Clint Eastwood take on the Hulk blatantly ripped off from Unforgiven, the fact that Red Skull is president after killing Captain America because that's how democracy works - even in a post-Trump world that makes no fucking sense) and still it's actually fun.

Ok. First off, Squirrel Girl is amazing. I would like to say that Squirrel Girl needs to be a movie. Squirrel Girl needs television shows and cartoons. The opening story where Squirrel Girl is forcing Wolverine to clean up her mess from the time in the last story when she put a tracker on a squirrel is just enough silly to be awesome. And the ending where Squirrel Girl misinterprets the squirrel giving a speech about forgiveness and responsibility when all the squirrel wants is a fucking nut.

The Old Man Logan material falls into a nice groove where Old Man Logan is there to provide a contrast with the father relationship that Laura has with the original Wolverine (who is still dead) but since Old Man Logan comes from a place where everyone is dead and Gabby killed Laura, it gets to be a "you are him but you aren't him" story and that kind of flounders in the chase sequence and the Old Man Logan gets crazy bits. Also Gabby has wolverine powers which isn't much of a twist. Basically by the time the story is over, Old Man Logan is given the boot (because he tried to kill Gabby) and Laura & Gabby go their way. In a television show this would make sense because you can't keep Hugh Jackman on the payroll indefinitely but in a comic it need only make sense from a story perspective and since this is a comic about a young woman who is growing into her responsibility and power, a grandfather Wolverine character is just going to drag on the story.

Also the Civil War II tie-in seems idiotic. I think it's all based on pre-cognition crimes since I read Ms. Marvel dealing with the same thing a couple months ago. I guess it makes sense for the superheroes to fight about ideologies in which the reader can see both sides of the issue and it's better than the old reasons why they used to fight (they just met). It is still little more than an excuse to make superheroes fight.

3. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel You Know it's True - I can forgive the squirrel/girl puns in these titles. Ms. Marvel is still my favorite Marvel title at the moment, but damn Squirrel Girl has fun with its premise. And it's strange to use the term "fun" in relation to comic books. Aren't comic books supposed to be fun? Seriously, the main thing about comic books for better or worse is escapism. Of course, they don't have to be escapism and Will Eisner proved that graphic novels can be about whatever you want them to be about. Besides Alan Moore and Frank Miller took superheroes seriously with Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, but this led to many writers getting the wrong message. Instead of "hey let's work with the real world a little more and see what comes out" they went with "let's make everything really fucking depressing all the time because that's what the audience wants. Call this number if you want Robin to die after the Joker beats him into paste with a crowbar).

So Squirrel Girl is fun and I will not say that the next 3-4 books that I review, but damn it's great to have a fun comic book where the heroine isn't taking everything seriously. Goddamnit, she's Squirrel Girl. She talks to squirrels. She also has a big tail. That's it. So of course they have her taking on Galactus and winning (or at least convincing Galactus to stop getting a craving for snacking on Earth). And self-aware comics can be great (they can also be tedious) so when the opening story has people telling Squirrel Girl stories while waiting for rescue, of course Captain America is going to keep switching to Hydra (and even monarchy at one point) because why not poke at the biggest controversy in Marvel titles. The main story is about an evil squirrel from Asgard who turns everyone against each other and the roommate getting to go to Asgard and convincing Loki to become Cat-Thor - which is yes, Thor if he was a white cat. There are so many points where comics hit the reset button and come back to the state where they were at the beginning and while some have to be done (Wolverine is not going to stay dead), I REALLY LIKE this Loki who is just in it for the shits and giggles. Sure, super powered pranksters are going to be dangerous no matter how much they think it's all in good fun so Loki could be deadly eventually, but Loki just fucking around for his own amusement - that's quite beautiful.

4. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: BFF - Thus far this is the book that I admire more than I like. Moon Girl is a young black girl who is also a total nerd and is only slightly more fantastic than the average nerd kid (I could go on about how YA writers depict teenage and child nerds as super geniuses who are always making scientific and technological advances that are beyond most adults.) This is the set-up title. The dinosaur comes from another dimension or the past (I am not certain) along with neanderthals who form a street gang and take over the gang activity of gentrified Manhattan neighborhoods (weird) and then there's a great deal of material about what to do with the dinosaur. The Hulk is smart again. I suppose that works. Anyhow I look forward to future titles.
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Mocking Myspace on Facebook is not open to me for a time so here you are... [Jan. 8th, 2017|10:53 pm]
Tim Lieder

This is a link that I would post on Facebook for the Tom Hardy pictures alone. I think that once these myspace pages have been found they will swiftly be removed but for now, let us enjoy the picture of Taylor Swift going all goth and Tom Hardy duck facing. One should note that Tom Hardy duckfaced AFTER that Star Trek movie which was not his breakthrough movie (that would be Inception) but damn he looks goofy. This makes me respect him as an actor more even when he does a Sean Connery impression for the entirety of The Dark Knight Rises.

Also Tom Hiddleston cited Meet the fockers as one of his favorite movies. Not even the first movie. Nope. The terrible sequel. Of course, it is nice to know that someone in the Marvel movie actor ranch once took that ever popular "what superhero are you" quiz (he got The Flash - so his agent was really dropping the ball when he got him the audition for Loki).

So this is why Facebook took over. I now remember bitching about the link posts and the one line posts on Livejournal. For a couple years twitter was my enemy because I really don't want to read fucking tweets on this format. Now with FB you can do long posts, short posts, videos, links, etc. Even quiz results and memes are FB bound.

With Livejournal, you can just write medium to long essays about your life. As it should be.
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And again I am in Facebook Time Out [Jan. 8th, 2017|05:26 pm]
Tim Lieder
This time it's for a week. I suppose this time I really was asking for it. I told some racist bitch that if she didn't like Michelle Obama she should go back to Russia. I think I called her a shithead. Mostly it was the law of the aggrieved asshole running to report to FB when she gets her feelings hurt. So I can block the two assholes and that's about it. I really should not have kept them unblocked. I have a friend who is dangerously naive and I actually met her when she was engaged at age 20 and giving these amazingly smug sermons about how everyone should be married now. The frum brainwashing was strong with her. And while this friend is still nice, she comes from a Russian background where they got out of Russia for being Jewish and then some of them went psycho frum because generations of religious persecution is going to create the equal and opposite reaction of extreme religiosity in the name of liberty. Somewhere we should meet in the middle.

So anyhow this friend is pretty rightwing and very prone to saying the most regressive things like telling a male friend that his job is to work and he shouldn't worry about the housework and children because that's his wife's job. Her child raising techniques are also textbook systemic sexism as her son is a fucking monster who gets away with murder while her daughter is constantly being trained to be a "little lady".

Anyhow this friend is a little conservative, Russian and too eager to accept the religious bullshit that I wrestle with. I should give her a break because she is a moderate in the political sphere while her old friends from the neighborhood are fucking monsters. They couldn't even say that Michelle Obama's speech (my friend posted Michelle Obama's speech and loved it) was good without spouting the most racist paranoid ranting. And unfortunately I was awake in the morning and instead of doing what I should have done which was to block them and never talk to them - or more realistically tell them that they are racist and disgusting without getting all personal and attack dog - and THEN blocking them - I instead went full "fuck you" on them.

And the one named Julia (I don't remember the last name - which is a good thing else I would post it here and Livejournal sometimes wants to come down on people) reported me and I got blocked.

So I suppose I can work or something for the next week.
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Forward Magazine and the exploitation of Writers (again) [Jan. 8th, 2017|12:32 am]
Tim Lieder
Have you ever heard of New Voices? Of course you haven't. New Voices works on the "how fucking stupid are the writers" platform where they hire a college graduate to work for them for 2 years and ONLY 2 years. And then all the writers are college students. So they are doing their college student thing and writing articles for exposure and learning how to write and whatever. Of course, real college newspapers actually pay the reporters - not much, but they still pay them - but that's not New Voices.

New Voices is a shit magazine that has a "tradition" of screwing over young writers because they are fresh and excited and dangerously naive and too stupid to know that writing for free is nothing. And getting too hung up on this one particularly condescending exploitation rag is a waste of time. Just because I know people that got to that Menudo Editor position doesn't mean that it affects me. I gave away writing for free at one point. Other people will give writing away for free. The people who are exploiting the writers are putting out shit (because yeah a writer that is worth printing is worth paying and eventually every writer figures that out) so they will always have a limited audience.

I did get too hung up on the shit literary magazine Mimaamakim which was a Jewish literary magazine with 115 pages of shit poetry every issue and what was the point? I suppose I would have been less angry at them if they didn't keep sending me invitations to their fucking fundraisers. What the fuck are the fundraisers going to pay for? Not the fucking writers. There are only so many times I can post that Harlan Ellison video. One of the slam poets got mad enough to tell me that I was being rude, but he was never going to be convinced that his labor of love was shit and would always remain shit.

Anyhow there was an article in New Voices and it was so popular that Forward reprinted it. And since I knew someone connected with the article, I asked if the reprint was paid for and the answer was No, because the Jewish newspapers are really free and open to sharing.

So they describe fucking over the writers and exploiting writers as "free and open and sharing". Oh sure, you worked hard on that article and we are just going to reprint it and FUCK YOU with our business practices, but we are SO NICE. Yes, that's Forward Magazine, the liberal Jewish magazine, the one that likes to shame Orthodox Jews and take on a nice Liberal Jewish position on everything. Forward Magazine supports slavery when it comes to writers.

Of course, Forward Magazine shouldn't be doing it. Forward Magazine should not be reprinting articles without paying the writers, but Forward Magazine is one of those shitty little places that thinks that it's totally cool to fuck over writers and if writers are too naive to actually get paid for their work or demand it, then is it Forward's fault that they just stole the work off of writers.

After all, a liberal Jewish magazine like Forward is only really happy to support worker rights when those workers are not writing for Forward - or writing for a Jewish magazine that is associated with Forward.
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Books read in 2017 # 1 - Hip Hop, Judaism and Institutional Racism [Jan. 6th, 2017|02:17 pm]
Tim Lieder
1. Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker by Julian Voloj & Claudia Ahlering - After a decade where the city was abandoned in favor of the suburbs and the war on drugs yielded the crack epidemic, many gangs got together in order to deal with the violence. In Minneapolis, the group was called United for Peace and the police immediately assumed that they were just gang bangers trying to commit more crimes with the newspapers going along for the ride by comparing these initiatives with a famous mafia sitdown that was raided by the feds. Forget the fact that the mafia guys were career criminals and the gang bangers were teenagers who were joining the groups that would allow them the most protection in the places where they were living. Hell, even ignore the way that the drug laws turned every drug user and dealer into Public Enemy # 1 without context. And while we're at it, why don't we keep talking about black-on-black crime while vilifying the people who are in the community trying to stop these crimes (of course, if the people who are talking about black-on-black crime are doing it for any reason other than to draw attention from cops killing black people it would be a minor miracle).

This graphic novel is about the early 70s when the gangs also got together to make peace in the Bronx, centering around Benjy Melendez who was the main organizer in the peace talks as well as the main guy in the Ghetto Boys. The main problem with a graphic novel (and this one has a lot of charcoal illustrations) is the fact that I want to learn more. What did he do in the gangs beyond hang out and beat people up? Did he really get taken by surprise to find out that drugs were in the neighborhood? How did he get to the top of the gangs to the point that when he left Ghetto Brothers they were angry with his wife?

The main story of a community coming together and creating peace is beautiful. The fact that this led to the house parties that would create Hip Hop is almost an afterthought. This is the story about Benjy Melendez and as it is his story it feels a little too clean. Even when his wife leaves him, we don't really get why beyond the fact that he couldn't tell her about the fact that he was going to a synagogue and letting her think that he was either cheating on her or running with a gang. She gets a very small part and that's it.

The book even skips about 20 years to a point where he is eager to meet his daughter that he never knew.

So within this 118 page book there are about 3-4 separate stories
1. His relationship with his Asian wife and how that fell apart.
2. The Ghetto Boys
3. The Peace Talks
4. Hip Hop
5. Judaism

The stories for #2 & #3 are given a great deal of attention and still I wanted more but the one part that feels like an epilogue that should be an entire book unto itself is the Judaism part. Benjy actually was a marrano which means that he had no idea why his family lit candles on Friday night or why his father prayed under a prayer shawl. So when he started going to a synagogue, it was a baal tshuva instead of a conversion story. But when he told his mother what was her reaction? Did she know that they were doing those things because they were Jewish? I suppose I should just read marrano memoirs (and btw marrano is an anti-Semitic slur that is literally pig - something I should have known since I live in a Spanish speaking neighborhood but I have enough problems talking to my English speaking neighbors - ok that's a lame excuse for not even taking an introductory Spanish class), still this felt like an important part of the man's life now that brings up more questions than it answers - especially when the photographs in the book show him wearing a tallit.
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Amazon Review Bullshit [Jan. 1st, 2017|10:14 pm]
Tim Lieder
I have been purged from the Amazon reviewers. This would be a minor annoyance but for the fact that I have also been on Amazon Vine. I also have a great deal of writing on those Amazon reviews that are now gone never to be seen again. While there are dumb reviews, I would often go through Amazon and read my old reviews and be happy to see some turns of phrases.

So now that I have been purged from Amazon and purged from Amazon Vine (so many free items will I never get again) I am thinking more about Amazon and their bullshit policies. I am also not going to be buying anything from Amazon anymore but since I have racked up about $4000 in charges on Amazon at 25% interest, I think that is more of a sound fiscal decision rather than a boycott, but also fuck Amazon.

The problem is that this new bullshit standard is based on the idea that no one should ever review any book by their friends. If you know any author, you are going to get banned if you review their book. Doesn't matter if you say that it has good points and bad points. Doesn't matter if you write a comprehensive book review that recommends it to some people and lets other people know that they might not like it. Doesn't even matter if you fucking hate it and you are following some kind of ethic by honestly saying that you hate it. If you know the writer, you are banned, purged, gone.

To make matter worse, this is based on the narking standard that is the Amazon business model. Since all Amazon employees can back stab each other anonymously, why not let the Amazon customers participate in the fun. You know that a good review is being written by a friend of the autor? Turn them in. If you see Neil Gaiman giving a good review to Alan Moore's latest book, well fuck Neil. What the hell is he doing writing a good review of Watchmen and giving more insight into Moore's process than you would get from that woman who wrote 5 reviews a day by cutting and pasting the back cover blurb? Bye Neil. Don't you dare review another book.

The people that this standard is not likely to catch are the people who are reviewing their friend's self-published zombie book. Oh sure, they might get cut off eventually but no one gives a fuck about Malina Roos and Book Sandworm and their glowing review of Dead Christmas: A Zombie Anthology, edited by the ever stupid and perpetually crappy Anthony Giangregorio (whom I usually refer to as Tony G). Well they might give a fuck about those fake reviews but not enough to crack down on them. They are too busy trying to get reviews taken down for giving their shitty self-pub book a bad review and going after the good reviews that the reviewer did.

I get that Amazon doesn't want sock puppets or fake reviewers or people getting paid to review books on their site. There was even a club where people were getting free books to give them good reviews (or discounts) that wasn't part of Amazon Vine. It was just a different group that gave discounts for Amazon reviews. Or subsidized Amazon Reviews.

But really who gives a fuck? Why does Amazon give a fuck? Yes, Amazon has gotten so pissy and so cranky about it recently because people were manipulating the sales ranks and the "what Amazon shows you" ranks by getting their friends to review books but so fucking what? Why is it Amazon's role to police their reviews beyond profanity and racist rants? Is it really going to hurt Amazon if dozens of people buy one of Tony G's shit books based on the reviews? Amazon makes money from selling books. They also provided a platform for reviewing books that managed to make them very popular.

So now Amazon is biting the hands that feed them because they don't want to eat what they are getting. Now that Amazon is still not making money but looks just as fake wealthy as it has always looked by undercutting its sales and being on the same suicide track as the Gold Standard (as long as it cuts its prices down to bookstore discount it can't make money, but if it raises its prices it loses its customers) it thinks it can take a principled ethical stand. But there are no principles and ethics in its stand. It's just a way to look like it cares about the reviews.

Only it merely lost the customers. The dirty secret of Amazon is the fact that most of the customers came to review books and then got sucked into the easy buying and the easy credit and just started buying things more than it was reviewing them. But they were still reviewing and that is the fun of being on Amazon. If it was just a bookstore, no one would care. This is the kind of bookstore where you can bullshit with the guy behind the counter for a long time about whether or not you liked your books (I worked at Dreamhaven once and it was great like that) and talk to other customers. But now that there are plenty of people being cut off, fuck Amazon.

It really doesn't make sense. It seems to make sense but Amazon is a BOOKSTORE. The reviews are the selling point. If Amazon decides that it doesn't want most of its reviewers reviewing then why the fuck should they still buy from Amazon as opposed to ebay or BN or the local bookstore? The Amazon discounts are not that great - especially if you buy using Amazon credit.

So in order not to sell books to people who want to buy books based on friend reviews, Amazon cuts off plenty of other reviewers who will also not buy any books.

Stupid fucking Amazon cannot go bankrupt fast enough. Not that I'm hoping that Amazon will be one of the 2017 deaths (that's reserved for people like Trump, Rape Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Ted Nugent, etc.) but I won't mind if it falls apart. The only problem is that since Jeff Bezos is the owner of Washington Post, the collapse of Amazon will make the Trumpies happy.
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Books I am reading right now (and won't be reviewing in 2017). [Dec. 31st, 2016|09:07 pm]
Tim Lieder
Again I will review the books that I read in 2017 and the rules I set up for this are arbitrary. Graphic novels count unless they are so paper thin that there is nothing to say about them (like Buffy comics). I don't do audiobooks although maybe I should. And I have to start and end the books in 2017. So when I end this year, whatever I don't finish by December 31, 2017 will not count and I won't care. Of course, by the end of the year I won't care. This is a fun exercise and it helps me write stuff on livejournal which is great for me.

So because it's the beginning of the year and this is a fun idea again, I am a little sad taht I won't be able to review these books because I started reading them already, so I am reading -
On Revolution by Hannah Arendt - she just offered up a theory for the way that revolution should mean something going around to the beginning but is used in political discourse as a brand new thing.

Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller - I see why I liked it in college and unlike many of the books that I liked in college, I still like it. It doesn't have the same HOLY FUCK AWESOME dynamic now and Miller's utter disregard for anything political or social is grating these days (especially after the election with dozens of people proudly declaring that they didn't vote because they just weren't inspired - and some of those asshole actually had the audacity to offer up opinions on the election).

The Magicians by Lev Grossman - Halfway through it and I totally love it. If I read the sequels I will review them and I think I might want to buy them.

The Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon - based on the Mermaid story and I suspect that the mermaid is going to become foam. So that's at least more true than The Little Mermaid.

Between Quran and Kafka: West-Eastern Inquiries by Navid Kermani - I really like this book. It's all literary essays and it compares the Muslim experience in Europe today with the Jewish experience in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, but it's about the books and these are some cool essays. This is the Amazon Vine book. I used to read 2 Amazon Vine books but since they aren't sending me anymore books, I feel no need to read two of them at the same time in order to get them reviewed. In fact, as soon as I get rid of the Vine pile at the top of my large bookshelf, I will go down to read 4 books at the same time.

I am also reading comic books (or graphic novels) and I am not listing them. There's a Will Eisner Spirit collection from the 1950s which is really cool.
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Computers will break [Dec. 26th, 2016|09:29 pm]
Tim Lieder
I bought an external hard drive today. I bought an external hard drive so I could copy my laptop hard drive onto it. And then when this lap top breathed its last (and I spent about 4 hours turning the fucking thing on and off today in order to get it under some semblance of order) I could just have that external hard drive and I don't have to worry about transferring files, especially if the damn computer is dead. The less chance of having to rely on someone else to save my laptop files, the better.

Of course, I still don't know if I am going to get stuck re-buying Microsoft Office and Photoshop Office. I want them to be able to be copied but I think that there is a perpetual need to make customers buy what they already have. So I can only rely on the files being there and not a way to read them (although I use a lot of freeware).

Only I just bought the first one I could find. Only it doesn't have any way to connect to my laptop. I need something to connect to the hard drive which has that SAT setup (the short and the long grooves? Is that it) and my laptop only has USB connectors. I know that my last external hard drive (which died about a year after I bought it) had a connector between the SAT setup and the computer. But I don't have that. I really thought the fucking thing would come with a cable.

This is all so damn frustrating. Everything breaks. Just keeps on breaking.
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Fucking Russian Hackers on Livejournal [Dec. 26th, 2016|06:16 pm]
Tim Lieder
If anyone is still friends is ammitbeast let him know that a Russian hacker has taken over his account and is now posting Russian propaganda. It's really fucking terrible. What makes it worse is that I am seeing Trump and Putin on my friends feed on Livejournal.

The sonofabitch just posted 7 posts in the past three days.

I come to Livejournal to get away from the fucking Russian hackers and if a Russian hacker is posting bullshit propaganda on a livejournal then I don't get that.

I suppose I will just have to unfriend ammitbeast but I didn't want to unfriend because there was always a chance that he woudl come back. Besides i don't want to see pictures of PUtin and the president of Iran shaking hands (and also WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT that Trump would be AGAINST Iran when he's Putin's bitch?)
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I have been exiled from Amazon [Dec. 26th, 2016|04:41 pm]
Tim Lieder
I have been writing reviews on Amazon since I was a web designer. I still fondly remember the first reviews which were nasty reviews against Jews for Jesus books (I was converting at the time, Xian Jews bothered me then. Now I have a wealth of other people to bother me) and one very final review of Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil. I wrote that I would no longer read Anne Rice after that fucking book and it was not a hard promise to keep. I might as well say that I promise not to stick nailed into my hands.

Oh the times I had as an Amazon reviewer. Well before I got invited to Amazon Vine I would review sometimes as a promise to a friend and other times just because I liked the book. When I first started doing the game of reviewing all the books that I read in a year (I will do that for 2017 - I always skip a year because by the end of the year it feels more like a chore than a game), I would review those books. I had to review The World Rose by Richard Brittain because I needed to apologize to the woman that he attacked because I outright did not believe her. I spent a great deal of time arguing that it was just not possible and frankly was a ridiculous story. I based this on the fact that it really didn't get into the paper and what kind of incident with this much publicity for the guilty party would not get into the papers.

Truthfully, I believed that I was defending the mentally ill. I thought that Richard Brittain was a poor pathetic sort who openly wrote about his mental illness and was seeking help. But nope, as true as that might have been, he really did go and assault someone for writing a bad review.

And all the movies that I hated. So so many movies could I hate. I just wrote a scathing review of Sisters and I know that it was number 1830 or so, but still, that movie is not innocent and what the fuck happened to Tina Fey? When did she stop trying?

The Amazon Vine reviews are what I will miss most of all. Scratch that. The free stuff from Amazon Vine I will miss - especially the last couple months when I didn't go looking for work because Amazon kept sending me all this cool stuff. I sold watches and digital guitars (still worried about that one since the tracking never said it was delivered and I didn't buy insurance because the machine was down when I mailed it) and coats and computer shit that I have no idea about. I made about $600 in December alone off of Amazon Vine.

But now I am out of the Amazon review game. My reviews have been taken down. I have one less thing to procrastinate about. You will no longer be able to find my glowing review of They Must Go by Meir Kahane (edited with my embarrassed retraction written many years later when it was pointed out that I wrote the damn thing) or my sarcastic review of They Thought for Themselves by Sid Roth. I will not be able to remember dozens of books that I forgot about nor will I be able to revisit my review of I am China by Xiaolu Guo (but seriously, read that book. It's amazing).

And if you must know, someone narked on me and Amazon put me in the purge count. I am now considered one of the biased reviewers and since Amazon doesn't want every self-published book getting massive amounts of five star reviews from the author's best friends and family members (why the fuck not? It's not like they aren't making money off of that shit) they have taken a no tolerance policy. So of the hundreds of reviews I have written for Amazon, the 20-30 that I wrote for my friends - whose books I would have not have reviewed had I not honestly liked them - have condemned me.

So I lost my reviews. I have lost my ability to review. And I have lost a shit ton of free stuff. I really want my free stuff damnit.

Fucking Amazon.

I will try to only shop at BN from now on. Stupid expensive BN. But considering how much interest is on that Amazon credit card (I was hoping it would just crash by now) overall it's not that much more to shop at a book store that isn't trying to fuck over its competition by slashing all of its prices as close to the 55% bookstore discount as possible.
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Dead Russian Ambassador! [Dec. 19th, 2016|02:59 pm]
Tim Lieder
I should not talk about this on Facebook because most of the people that I know are on Facebook. I know that a lot of people are freaking out over the Russian ambassador getting killed in Ankara by a terrorist who wore a suit. They are worried that this is the Franz Ferdinand moment of our century. Uncertain political future, Russian getting attacked. Russia and Turkey at war in a way that can pull everyone else in, especially with NATO. I have to respect that. I have to understand that people are afraid.

However, this is livejournal and because is livejournal ALLAHU AKBAR MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!! Hell yeah, that fucker should die. He's representing one of the worst nations in the world that has been building up its power base for the past decade and spreading lies and misinformation and prejudices. Putin is personally responsible for the massacres in Crimea, Aleppo and Chechnya. Russia is a clear and present danger and a country that is never going to rest until it has power over every other nation. So fuck that ambassador. Fuck that guy. Fuck that guy and shoot him again.

In fact, if every Russian ambassador fears for his life, I will be happy. If every Russian soldier stationed in Syria knows that his life is as fragile as the Syrian civilians that he is murdering, then mazel tov. There are civilians dying in Aleppo. Putin and his crew think that this is just fine. They should feel the consequences.

So I shouldn't say that on Facebook. I know that there is a great deal of fear now. I understand it. I will feel it in a couple days but right now I feel jubilation at the prospect of those chickens coming home to roost.
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Still worried about mom but no news is good news [Dec. 19th, 2016|02:50 pm]
Tim Lieder
So Mom went from her depressive November to a manic December and now her assisted living place is getting all up on the "CLEAN THIS PLACE NOW" crusade which they kind of have to go on because Mom is a hoarder. So the assisted living place is handling it all wrong. They just met with her and told her that they were going to come in and clean the place the next day. So Mom freaked out, called me, talked for an hour. Then Friday morning she did the same thing. And then Friday afternoon they came and she didn't let them in. So she called me when I was already trying to get something finished before Shabbos. And I freaked out and yelled at her. And then THEY called me and told me that they couldn't deal with her and they were going to consider evicting her when they met today.

I did manage to do what I could which was calm her down, try to get my friends to call her and hope for the best for today. She also cleaned her fridge (which she insists there is nothing wrong with) and cleaned some stuff so hopefully today they will come, she will let them in and they will work with her. I sent them an email asking them to be patient because they can work with her but she is very defensive. They just have to take it slow.

So until 6pm when they go home, I am going to be worried that Friday will repeat itself and she won't let them in and they will start talking seriously about evicting her. So where the fuck is my mom going to go if Assisted Living kicks her out?
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Worried about Mom again [Nov. 30th, 2016|03:25 pm]
Tim Lieder
Mom has not left her room all month. She didn't even go to cousin Roger's for Thanksgiving. She only left to go to the doctor who confirmed that she had low blood pressure but also talked about how she had anemia and high blood sugar. There might be that kind of dementia when she stops being able to walk, but mostly it could also be the fact that she is depressed. We have argued about this in the last month.

I am also being superstitious about November. For a long time when I was a kid, all of my relatives died in November. Uncle Richard. Uncle Larry. Grandmother and my 15-year old cousin. So it's the last day of November and I am worried about Mom's health.

Yesterday she sounded better and she also called me today to say that she was going to get out of her room because she doesn't want them to take her to the hospital. Of course, if they took her to the hospital they might be able to fill her with fluids and get her stabilized and maybe even find something else like a bladder infection.

On the other hand, I think that a lot of this is her pattern. Well before she had these health problems where she stopped being able to walk without walkers and canes, she would spend many days or even weeks in her room. And Trump winning the election combined with the fact that Aunt Sharon not calling her (for a very good reason - Aunt Sharon just had heart surgery and Mom stresses her out - which would be especially true now that Aunt Sharon is a Trump supporter and he just won the election) combined with the low blood pressure definitely serves as a trigger.

So that's been pretty much on my mind. Well hopefully she will either get out and about because the nurses want her to be hospitalized or she will be sent to the ER.
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