Tim Lieder (marlowe1) wrote,
Tim Lieder

Fucking media studies

It appears that media studies are stuck in the same Noam Chomsky worshiping left wing Marxist ghetto that it's been in since I was in college. I suppose that makes sense. If you have an aptitude for media studies and you aren't a marxist that makes that "Advertising=Brainwashing" assertion without irony, you are not going to go into academia. There are plenty of places for people who know about the media to go in the private sector. This leaves academia with the Naomi Kleins who talk about Nike putting advertising in textbooks as the worst thing to happen to humanity since the Holocaust.

And since it's self-perpetuating, the only people who are going to go into media studies as an academic discipline are the ones that can stand this kind of bullshit and have very vague memories of getting a textbook, throwing out the advertising and going on with their lives. Of course, like most professional moralists the operative phrase is "well what about..." as in "I'm too smart to fall for this vulgar ADVERTISING but what about all the brainwashed masses?" It was also a frequent phrase invoked for comic books, heavy metal music, video games. I'm too smart to fall for this violent imagery but what about all those stupid people in the world?

The fact that the media DOES have an influence makes media studies into something worthwhile (I totally blame Piers Anthony and Robert Heinlein for my inability to get laid in my later years of high school) but it's a give-and-take phenomenon. These assholes like Naomi Klein are basing all of their work on the assumption that advertising is brainwashing and that people are too stupid to reject media or compartmentalize it. If kids see Ronald McDonald as a friend, they will all get fat. And the whole discipline becomes a joke.
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