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Forward Magazine and the exploitation of Writers (again) - Tim Lieder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tim Lieder

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Forward Magazine and the exploitation of Writers (again) [Jan. 8th, 2017|12:32 am]
Tim Lieder
Have you ever heard of New Voices? Of course you haven't. New Voices works on the "how fucking stupid are the writers" platform where they hire a college graduate to work for them for 2 years and ONLY 2 years. And then all the writers are college students. So they are doing their college student thing and writing articles for exposure and learning how to write and whatever. Of course, real college newspapers actually pay the reporters - not much, but they still pay them - but that's not New Voices.

New Voices is a shit magazine that has a "tradition" of screwing over young writers because they are fresh and excited and dangerously naive and too stupid to know that writing for free is nothing. And getting too hung up on this one particularly condescending exploitation rag is a waste of time. Just because I know people that got to that Menudo Editor position doesn't mean that it affects me. I gave away writing for free at one point. Other people will give writing away for free. The people who are exploiting the writers are putting out shit (because yeah a writer that is worth printing is worth paying and eventually every writer figures that out) so they will always have a limited audience.

I did get too hung up on the shit literary magazine Mimaamakim which was a Jewish literary magazine with 115 pages of shit poetry every issue and what was the point? I suppose I would have been less angry at them if they didn't keep sending me invitations to their fucking fundraisers. What the fuck are the fundraisers going to pay for? Not the fucking writers. There are only so many times I can post that Harlan Ellison video. One of the slam poets got mad enough to tell me that I was being rude, but he was never going to be convinced that his labor of love was shit and would always remain shit.

Anyhow there was an article in New Voices and it was so popular that Forward reprinted it. And since I knew someone connected with the article, I asked if the reprint was paid for and the answer was No, because the Jewish newspapers are really free and open to sharing.

So they describe fucking over the writers and exploiting writers as "free and open and sharing". Oh sure, you worked hard on that article and we are just going to reprint it and FUCK YOU with our business practices, but we are SO NICE. Yes, that's Forward Magazine, the liberal Jewish magazine, the one that likes to shame Orthodox Jews and take on a nice Liberal Jewish position on everything. Forward Magazine supports slavery when it comes to writers.

Of course, Forward Magazine shouldn't be doing it. Forward Magazine should not be reprinting articles without paying the writers, but Forward Magazine is one of those shitty little places that thinks that it's totally cool to fuck over writers and if writers are too naive to actually get paid for their work or demand it, then is it Forward's fault that they just stole the work off of writers.

After all, a liberal Jewish magazine like Forward is only really happy to support worker rights when those workers are not writing for Forward - or writing for a Jewish magazine that is associated with Forward.