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Jeff Sessions - up for a vote tomorrow - fucking write your senator to stop this shit - Tim Lieder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Jeff Sessions - up for a vote tomorrow - fucking write your senator to stop this shit [Jan. 9th, 2017|05:31 pm]
Tim Lieder
Could someone please post this on my Facebook group. I really shouldn't have told a couple of racists to go fuck themselves. They got the vapors. The problem with being off FB is that I still want to talk about it but the platform is smaller here.

I saw a post on LJ that goes "National Turn off your TV Day" on Jan 20. This was promoted as a great protest against Donald Trump who cares about his image and will be very sad if he gets shitty ratings. Just like he was blaming the shitty ratings for Celebrity Apprentice on Arnold Schwarzenegger. The person posting the "protest" said that the beauty of it was that it did not involve calling or writing to anyone and that it was something that everyone could to let Trump know that the American people don't like him.

I strongly suspect that this bullshit was created by the Trump campaign. It could not be playing into Trump's hands anymore than a Trump tweet getting all the attention while he fucks over people. This is worse than Trump being allowed to claim credit when the Republicans changed their mind about destroying the independent ethics committee because he tweeted something.

If you turn off your television on January 20, NO ONE FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!

The only thing you've achieved is to make yourself feel better. That's it. And if you don't write or call your senator (that's assuming that you are American and live in a state - obviously if you are Canadian you can do whatever you want) then you are useless. You are just fucking useless. You are worse than useless because you think that your pathetic protest is going to do a fucking thing when all it does is prove that Trump's distracting tweets are your lord and savior forever and ever amen.

Jeff Sessions is up for the Attorney General position. This man is a racist. He believes in segregation. He believes in civil forfeiture (meaning that the cops can take all your money if they suspect that you are a criminal and the burden of proof is on you) and he is one of the worst nominees.

You have senators. My senators are Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (or Kristen - whatever it's some white girl name) and I have been writing them letters, contacting them via their websites and calling the numbers so that they know that I want them fighting these nominations with every effort. Forget about just voting against them. I know that they are going to vote against Sessions (they better fucking vote against Sessions. They are representing New York after all) but I want to make sure that they do all they can to defeat Sessions - filibustering, making deals, bullying Rand Paul to actually live up to those mostly stupid libertarian principles that he espouses, etc.

So now it's your fucking job to call these people as well. If you think that you want to oppose Trump, yeah go ahead don't watch his fucking inauguration. It promises to be a boring depressing shit show, but don't for a fucking second think that it will make a fucking bit of difference when it comes to giving this rapist motherfucker even a second of consternation.

Call or write your senators. If you don't know your senators - FUCKING GOOGLE THEM - also punch yourself in the face for being so fucking ignorant, especially if you think that you are opposing Trump by watching a DVD or youtube on Jan 20. And then write or contact them.

If they are Democrats, then make sure they know that they BETTER work for the good of their party and block these fucking stupid nominations. If they are Republicans, then it's even MORE important that you contact them. Simple majority is all a nomination needs to be confirmed and the Republicans have a simple majority. Without someone like Rand Paul or Marc Rubio switching sides and voting against a nomination, we are fucked. There's a very good chance that the Republicans will vote as a block, but it's YOUR job - yes YOU - to contact them and make sure that they do not do this.

Thank you.

And also remember that if you are posting an anti-Trump article and NOT calling your senator or representative to oppose his policies (and his nominations) then you are even WORSE than your dumb fuck cousin who voted for Trump because Russian Times told him that it would be a good idea.