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On FB I would have just written a sentence about my hatred for Ray Donovan - Tim Lieder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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On FB I would have just written a sentence about my hatred for Ray Donovan [Jan. 9th, 2017|06:01 pm]
Tim Lieder
I turned off Ray Donovan. I just stopped. Fifteen minutes into episode 9 and I realized that I didn't want to watch anymore of this tough guy posturing where all the women are either shrews or really shitty actresses (looking at you daughter character with an actress who seems to have failed at the Kristen Stewart School of Acting). Also since it's a Showtime show there are never going to be any fucking consequences for any of the characters. The show is going to pretend that someone is going to die or something will get lost or Ray Donovan is going to jail but it's not like the fucking Sopranos where these were actual consequences. No matter how many times Jon Voight's pimping criminal character gets caught or in trouble with the mob he will get off. Ray Donovan is doing I don't know what the fuck but he will mumble his way through his tough guy dialogue.

Not even Ian McShane can save this thing. There was a reunion between McShane and the woman who plays Donovan's wife because Deadwood was cool, but it doesn't get any further than Deadwood was cool (of course David Milch never quite got over that one). Everything is shot in the dark and everyone is acting tough but mumbling at the same time and everyone is a fucking loser, and not even in a fun way. They are just sweating losers and the show lets them be losers. I also strongly suspect that the writers are just getting off on tough guy posturing bullshit which means that poor Liev Schreiber has to get stuck in one role the whole fucking time. Hell the first season was the source of steady paychecks for Jon Voight AND James Woods.

I could say that the homosexual subplot ended the show for me (the Ian McShane character had an affair with his daughter's husband) because yep, gay men are just there to get killed with iron pokers when they get too pissy with their father-in-law/former lovers. Also Katie Holmes is still a shitty actress but I guess she has learned how to smile with her mouth in the middle of her face so that's something.

I feel a little hypocritical since I managed to watch all seasons of Californication and even enjoy it as a fantasy of a writer who wrote one stupid book and now gets to drive around Los Angeles having as much sex as possible. So there are some Showtime shows that I can stomach (I even liked the first couple seasons of Weeds - right until we got to the scene of "It's a flash mob! It's fun!" - No idiot, it used to be fun and now it's tedious - hey that's a great metaphor for this fucking show).

This show reminds me of Luck in that it's about sweaty losers talking like tough guys and never getting anywhere. Unlike Luck, this show actually makes some narrative sense so it's much less interesting (seriously guys what the fuck was Luck about? Besides horse racing. I honestly have no clue). Plot wise, it's like Dexter where it has four episodes worth of story dragged out over 12 repetitive and boring episodes.

Someone should hold an intervention of Liev Schreiber. He's way better than this dreck.