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I suppose it's time to focus on Orson Scott Card's work instead of his terrible beliefs. - Tim Lieder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tim Lieder

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I suppose it's time to focus on Orson Scott Card's work instead of his terrible beliefs. [Jan. 12th, 2017|12:59 pm]
Tim Lieder
Of course, I had to wonder about what Orson Scott Card thought about recent events. After all, Obama never got all the street gangs to come together and make him emperor for life. Also Mormons are the religious group less inclined to give Trump a pass for his shitty behavior. I did not find any recent thoughts on Trump but I did see that Brigham Young University has hired OSC to script a 10 episode show based on aliens trying to preserve humanity after they wiped most of them out.

It sounds like an interesting show.

Only the main point of the article was that Homophobic BYU is hiring Homophobic OSC for BYUTV (LOL - sorry). Most of the article talked about OSC's past transgressions. Oddly enough I don't fall on the same side of the debate that I did when Card was leveraging his fame into attacks on GLBT rights and that really racist "thought experiment". I boycotted Ender's Game and I was marginally happy that he lost his job with Superman. I really didn't like Card at that point.

Now I think it's a little unfair to focus on Card's personal beliefs when he's being hired to write a science fiction show. The author vs. work problem is always going to be with us. A few years ago when he was writing his bullshit, I was much more focused on the author. Like how much shit can you spew at us, Card? Now that Card has either mellowed, changed his mind or shut up, I want to focus on the work.

I am interested in seeing a 10 episode science fiction show by Orson Scott Card because Card is a damn good writer (hell if he wasn't a good writer that Obama becomes Emperor "thought experiment" wouldn't have pissed me off) and rarely does his political philosophy enter into his work - or it doesn't enter into it on a 1=1 way. It's there but it's mutated and strange. He's got a moralist streak that I actually respect, particularly in Fat Farm where the man who thinks that he can lose weight by just exchanging bodies discovers that it's not that simple (and yeah weight loss is not so simple) and then the gay thing is deliciously full of homoerotic subtext.

I guess I would not have made this argument when he was getting fired from Superman, but right now, Card is going to be writing a science fiction television show and he's a known asset. He's not being hired to talk about his views on homosexuality. If the show becomes homophobic then I will have a problem with it. But he seems like a good fit for the netweork.