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Books Read in 2019 # 19 - 24 - I got to take these comic books back to the library [Mar. 12th, 2019|01:22 pm]
Tim Lieder
19.Adventure Time volume 11 by Christopher Hastings & Ian McGinty - I have a tone of Adventure Time books to read. I put them all on hold and it was the last episode. So this one. I honestly have to say that I don't remember what I read. I think I liked it. Finn gets old. Finn's past lives show up. The youth of everyone is stolen by ghosts. The art is all googly eyed.

20. Adventure Time vol 10 by Christopher Hastings and various - Ok, this one is more interesting because there'es a time bending maze story at the beginning and the rest is about a weird alternate sister that should have been raised with Jake and Finn but there was a demon involved. So she has to go back to a statue but there's all those alternate realities. So it's that sweet spot of wistful longing.

21. Ms. Marvel: Teenage Wasteland by G. Willow Wilson & Nico Leon - Naftali shows up with a sandwich! This became big news because now Kamala has an Orthodox Jewish friend, but he JUST SHOWED UP without an introduction or anything. And he doesn't even put that kosher sandwich in a bag or anything? Who drew this? Who walks around New Jersey with food out in the open and expect other people to want it? Also there's a lot of neat stuff about Kamala's friends and Wilson sidelines Kamala into a private school for a few issues. Also a return from the first two villains - the bird guy or the bird guy's controller and the sentient Troll AI - and I guess their point is made. This installment feels like this title is coasting, but you know what - I don't mind. I would rather Kamala Khan coasting on the goodwill of stories about friends who like each other than a dozen other comic stories.

22. Spiderman/Spider-Gwen Sitting in a Tree by Brian Michael Bendis and Jason Latour and others - So this was a multi-issue crossover where we know now that they can go between dimensions and Miles Morales really like Spider Gwen. The rest of the thing is having fun with alternate Spiderman titles, so Miles Morales has a father in the other dimension who is a king pin but in Spider Gwen most of the heroes are villains. Matt Murdock is particularly slimy. And there's a future dimension where Gwen and Miles are married and their kids just expect alternate universe versions of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy to hop on by with questions. So that was fun.

23.Invader Zim vol 1 by Jhonen Vasquez and Eric Trueheart - It's really hard to read this without Zim's voice in my head. That's nice. Anyhow Dib and Zim are trying to get one over each other and the first few issues are Dib being obsessive and Zim laughing at him. But then in chapter 4, Zim just accidentally gets the earth blown up. But it's fine in the next one. Also the Tall Ones end up getting blown up because they were messing with Zim as they do.

24. Archer & Armstrong: American Wasteland by Fred Van Lente & Pere Perez - So this is why I put down the Illuminatus Trilogy and may never come back. All that Rock & Roll + Magic bullshit was so much cooler when I was in high school. At the time it was mind blowing, but now I don't want to deal with any Jim Morrison crap and the whole time travel to set up the big reveal that the heroes were planning it the whole time is just some serious Stephen Moffat bullshit. So we got a hotel where all the dead stars who are still worshiped wait for their fans to die so they can leave. And we got Jim Morrison as a lizard king and some Hollywood cult and it's very Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley and holy fuck this was way cooler in the 90s.

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Books Read in 2019 # 14-18 - mostly graphic novels [Feb. 25th, 2019|09:38 am]
Tim Lieder
14. Fragments of Horror by Junji Ito - I think that as much as I like Junji Ito for his body horror, I believe that a lot of the attraction is the way he depicts the horrible and evil as beautiful. According to the acknowledgments, several of Ito's editors and friends (as well as his cat) died when he was making this book. He offers that up as an apology for taking eight years, but it ultimately makes a deeper book where the metaphysical horror can be an afterthought to the sorrow that pervades these characters. The first story is about a man who sinks into his futon and doesn't get out of it. There's a whole stinger about him being all doped up and seeing fairies and his body fusing with the house, but really the power comes from how many people have this condition and how their loved ones can do nothing for them. Other stories include a woman who mates with a house (that one is a little silly) and one where the nanny charged with helping a young girl becomes stuck on her and eventually her ghost just hangs out on her. Other ones like the one where a woman wants to be dissected fall a little flat (her insides are Cthulu monster stuff), but Ito is a master and you can excuse some missteps.

15. Shutter vol 1 Wanderlost by Joe Keatinge & Leila del Duca - I was originally going to put this one and the Ito one together as one entry that went "what the hell was that?" but I read a bunch of stuff this weekend and I didn't want to make three separate entries. Also, where Junji Ito is body horror creepy and esoteric in a beautiful way, Shutter is more like an adventure story that doesn't quite want to tell you what is going on. It's about a woman who was an adventure heroine with her dad when she was a kid (they went to the moon) and a target of assassins now. There are cat people and family secrets and a secret brother who was born way too long after her dad died to be his son, but everyone agrees that he's her brother on her dad's side (so clone?) There's also a robot cat that looks like the classic Felix, but also might be a clock. Anyhow I didn't hate it. The art is good and the characters are interesting but the plot is a confusing jumble of stuff that might pay off in later volumes.

16.Nancy Drew Mystery Stories: The Hidden Staircase by "Carolyn Keene" - I think there was a mystery to this, but it was so obvious that the evil land speculator was behind the plots that I didn't mind just going along with the drift of privileged white girl and her aunts hanging out and looking for all the hidden passages. This is the 1959 version of the book and apparently between 1930 and 1959, they decided to turn the villain from a thief to a real estate speculator who hides the last land owner who sold his share of a development in order to drive up the price. Meanwhile he's also trying to buy a couple of old revolutionary era mansions in order to make a condo or luxury apartment. I know I'm just outright giving away the ending here, but the book just has them find the guy that is being hidden who then tells them everything. And somewhere in there Nancy's dad gets kidnapped, but everyone who is a witness just talks to Nancy as soon as the police let her interrogate the suspects.

I mentioned that this is about a privileged white teenager. She gets along with the local police. Her family friends or aunts own mansions. Her dad is trying to help with a land deal and the main problem is that the land owners are trying to hold out on him. When there are suspects, the cops let her talk to the suspects and the suspects just give her the information. Apparently she was turned more proper for 1950s audiences (as Betty Frieden argued, the 1950s was a major backlash in women's rights enforced by popular culture).

And I don't have a problem with telling the ending because the main way that the real estate guy is trying to get the houses is to scare them with noises in the walls as if a ghost. So it's a plot that Scooby Doo stole and just kept going.

The one plot point I loved was the fact that Nancy gets knocked out by the ceiling falling on her. This isn't because of an evil plot or a purposeful attempt on her life but just because the damn house is so old. She's fine.

17. Adventure Time: Masked Mayhem by Kate Leth and Bridget Underwood - This is one of those mysteries that you don't exactly appreciate when you are reading it because there's a lot of misdirection that all turns out to be just a series of coincidences, but since it's so committed to the noir detective genre where there are conspiracies and hidden daggers everywhere it's easier to appreciate after you think about it. It's like the Big Lebowski that way (and no way else). Finn isn't even in this one for long. Instead it's a crazy BMO story and crazy BMO is the best BMO. The mystery of who hit Marceline with a pie and who TP'd Lumpy Space Princess's party are pretty low stakes but the seriousness that BMO treats them is great. Of course, this isn't a new joke, but it usually makes me happy.

18. Saga vol one by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples - How did Image become such a great company. Last I paid attention, it was a bit of a joke, more of a vanity project for Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld than an actual company. Yes, I know that the main philosophy was about creator's rights and ownership of copyright material (so no one gets screwed like Kirby) but the execution was so lacking at the beginning and the rights fight over Miracleman just seemed to make everything unfortunate. But now it's putting out some of my favorite titles. These are passion projects and they show just how much fun writers can have when they don't have to stick to a continuity or company standard.

Anyhow, I am trying to read this from the beginning and I am still confused. Enjoyably confused but confused. The cynicism about war, the strange politics, the royalty with televisions for heads - this is all so wild. I thought that the spider woman with the six eyes and six arms was around in later books but she gets killed here. I was not nearly as impressed with Y the Last Man as I am with this one.

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Books read in 2019 # 12-13 - Cults and Zombies and Ghosts [Feb. 19th, 2019|11:21 am]
Tim Lieder
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12. Mob Psycho 100 book 1 by One - This was recommended because it's a cartoon now and it might be on Netflix so I'm going to check it out. I suspect this will make up the first two episodes as it gives us the character of Shigeo or Mob and fleshes out his world as the assistant to a bogus exorcist with the twist that he actually has psychic powers. Then we have two stories where Mob is forced to interact with people. Those are the more interesting ones because they reminded me that I really need to research autism spectrum since I think I'm guilty of learning about autism in a passive way of "I think I got it" where I know that Autism Speaks is terrible, vaccines don't cause it, many less extreme cases get chalked up as social awkwardness, creepy assholes claim to have it, I think that some of my friends have it but I don't know, something about not getting social cues automatically but being able to train themselves to recognize social cues and the robot boy from AI being a pretty good metaphor for autism (at least according to an article on The Dissolve when that site was viable).

So Shigeo has two major stories. First he is being induced to join an after school group, but he doesn't really want to do it. He even tries to get his boss to get him out of it. Eventually he joins the other group of jocks because that seems better for actually improving his lot in school. The major story, however, is about Shigeo getting involved in a cult that is based on everyone smiling and laughing. They are forced by each other to smile and laugh.

This is where the autism really kicks in (as far as I know from my holy fuck I got to research this) as everyone else is highly influenced by the smiling and laughing part of the cult. Even the people who were originally suspicious of the cult are sucked into it. Only Mob is unmoved. In fact, he doesn't even understand why he's supposed to be moved. He gets that other people are making the faces, but it doesn't really work with him. In fact, it all just makes him more uncomfortable. And then when the counter at the edge of the page gets to 100% he destroys everything.

I think that means that the author is placing autism in the context of a super power. Not that autism is a super power, but that the super powers resemble autism - I think. I might be reading this in the best way possible because I think that I like it and I don't want to get too enmeshed in the "disabilities = magic" debate. I think this version does fall on the decent side of that line, but I don't have autism so I think I should definitely listen to people who are more affected by autism more.

13. The Walking Dead Compedium one by Robert Kirkman and artists - HOLY SHIT! They killed Lori by shooting her through the baby. That's just fucking evil. I read that story before but this is my attempt to just catch up on all the Walking Dead because I'm hooked now, more than I was when I was reading random comics that I picked up and watching most of the episodes but I don't think that the death of Lori was quite as devastating when I read it as a fairly short comic story ending with Lori's death. As something that happened at the end of a collection of 49 issues, it was fucking evil. Because even though I didn't like Lori as a character, I got to know her more over the long story and what she meant.

I think that Lori for all of her nasty decisions and anger was a symbol of the hope that things could get better. Babies are pretty symbolic especially in zombie books but really symbolic in The Walking Dead which is an attempt to truly delve into the collapse of society that comes with zombie movies and does it by skipping over most of the zombie movie plots (except for 28 Days Later which pulled the same coma trick) and going straight to the ending where most people are dead. The army is useless and the zombies are just part of what is going on now. Hell, most of the story line comic books had the same blurb on the back cover which came down to a libertarian fantasy of the world falling apart and no one having to pay taxes or expecting good roads.

So I read the original huge arc that ends with the Governor and Lori is just fucking dead. There are a lot of deaths on Walking Dead and it's kind of interesting to see that Carol is just gone in the comic. Like she just gets very sad and suicidal and lets a zombie bite her. On the other hand, Sophie is still alive according to the Walking Dead wiki. But the differences between source material and adaptation is a discussion that Game of Thrones is practically a cottage industry.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I see a lot of the same faults with the book as the show - Rick is too much the focal point, minority characters die faster, don't get too attached. I also think that it's more interesting now that we see where its going with the ways that people get together and put society together. In this case, the Governor is the first attempt to show that there is a bigger world out there beyond Rick and the survivalists outside Atlanta and he's fucking awful. Negan on the other hand is much more nuanced - more evil than the Governor, but also more beneficial to the social order as a whole. Governor is a shitty warlord who is stopped by his own hubris. Negan is practically the Chin Dynasty, nasty but bringing everyone together.

Still I am reading this book and this book is the foundation of the series where Rick and friends are trying to just survive and find safety. In that early part of the series, a prison makes sense. Later on it would be a terrible base.

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Books read in 2019 # 9-11 - Very Stupid Comic Books [Feb. 6th, 2019|10:36 pm]
Tim Lieder
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9. Adventure Time: Pixel Princesses by Danielle Corsetto and various - there are a lot of artists who worked on this book and I feel really bad for putting it under this subject header as it's not a stupid book by any means. It's light and there's mostly material about video games that didn't excite me, but it's a fine book. It's Adventure Time. Lumpy Space Princess and BMO are the main characters as LSP has a party that she doesn't like. BMO wishes that princesses could be inside him. Magic Man is just there and we get video game stuff as the princesses go through levels to save themselves. Fetus Princess finds the cheat codes and they all learn an important lesson about friendship or accepting themselves. Except for BMO who gets to be a princess now, at least in this story and nowhere else. The end of Adventure Time made me remember that I had liked the show and hadn't seen it for a long time. Apparently that was a lot of people's reactions as most didn't even know that the show was still on. So I put a bunch of graphic novels on hold. Some are great and some are ok, and Ryan North does the same joke he did on Squirrel Girl which is to have footnote but for some reason used green ink.

This is one of the more ok ones.

10. Extraordinary X-Men: IVX by Jeff Lemire & others - I am so sorry for giving the artist the shaft in these reviews. I'm just not going to type out every name especially when there are three in one book. However, for this one the artists keep sticking in cheeseball softcore porn shots. Not the egregiously crass ones like Batwoman being introduced butt first (but still twisting around to show that the artists can draw boobs) in 52, but there are enough splash pages with body parts front and center to know that someone is thinking of the 12 year old boys without internet.

But really I'm most annoyed by how stupid this story is. It's just the X-Men deciding to go to war against the Inhumans for their Terragon Cloud (was that It? Who cares) and it skips over the war for some not terribly compelling character building. I think I like Jeff Lemire as a writer. I think I enjoyed his graphic novels about the deer-human hybrid. I don't remember them. I suppose he's trying to make something interesting by focusing on the single characters within the narrative of a dumb story about mutants and inhumans fighting to see who will be most popular in the movies and television shows (spoiler alert - neither apparently as the mutants are working for Fox and the Inhumans were never very interesting, at least not until Kamala Khan became one).

But the individual stories are dumb. Storm decides whether or not to go to war. A red shirt mutant dies and Storm says sure. Forge gets Old Man Logan to tell him what happened in the stupid alternate dimension of Old Man Logan which was stupid. Apparently Forge is happy to know that alternate universe Forge is a "badass" (please retire this word. I've read too much Cracked.com and it's worship of Theodore Roosevelt is enough). At least Logan is bored. And then there's one about the part demon sister of Colossus and then another one after the war is over (advertisement in the back for that book. This was a tie-in) where everyone plays baseball and the writers prove that they want to draw Storm with a very tight butt. And a special about Kitty Pryde coming home.

So fucking boring. So fucking inane. Did I really love the X-Men when I was a teenager? It was better once, right?

11. Batman/Two-Face: Face the Face Deluxe Edition by James Robinson and Don Kramer - DC has had a rough couple decades. Their books are just so miserable. There are bright spots like the title where Superman is living with Lois Lane and their son in Smallville (a series that seems like someone read about Marvel writers feeling trapped with Spiderman as a married man and decided to accept it as a challenge) but mostly it's a parody of a parody of a Frank Miller inspired shitfest. How many reboots? How many new ways to talk about the characters? The New 52 was supposed to be the one and it wasn't. What was that one where Darkseid basically destroyed Earth 2 and it was just an exercise in desperation (and sorry Black Superman - you are the president and the big superhero and Earth gets fucked).

That's just to say that I don't know what universe or reboot or timeline this one is supposed to be in. After 52 when Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman disappear for a year? Maybe? That's a plot element. Batman comes back to Gotham and things start going wonky. People start dying. Two Face seems to be re-emerging even as Batman charged Harvey Dent with being the new vigilante.

And that's where my WTF alarm goes off.

Batman decided that of all the people in the world to pass on his mantle to, Harvey Dent was the one. Just because Harvey is better looking now so he's no longer all angsty and therapy is going so well. So why not tell him to go around beating up criminals? That's a healthy outlet for a severely bipolar dude.

I really want to talk about the story and how it's a mystery where Harvey Dent is the main suspect but then it's too obvious that it's Harvey so it's someone else. In other words, it's like Psycho 2 where Norman Bates is not the killer but it is supposed to look that way, complete with the ending where yep, Harvey Dent goes back to being Two Face because the events have driven him back to crazy.

But I'm still hung up on the plot point of Harvey Dent being Batman's Robin, even more than Robin. Because what the fuck guys?

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Books read in 2019 # 6-8 - How I don't write but really should [Jan. 31st, 2019|05:56 pm]
Tim Lieder
6. Chew 12: Sour Grapes by John Layman & Rob Guillory - Lindsay Ellis recently put out one of those videos for PBS about writing and the role that food played in fiction. She included the LOTR magic food and the Turkish Delight. It was one of those insightful videos that made me think "Shit! Do any of my characters even eat??? Why don't I make food into a major part of my stories?" And then the next story that came up in the revision queue was a story about a couple friends who are walking through a grocery store after midnight when all of their friends have died of the plague (it's rather boring but I think I can get it up to snuff soon). So I don't neglect the food as much as I think, but that doesn't mitigate the anxiety of thinking that there's something that I'm not talking about.

Of course, if anything would set off my "I should talk more about food" it's this series. For years Chew has been the funniest and weirdest science fiction series full of people with food related powers like Cereduratus (maker of ice cream that kills people by freezing them to death) and Cibopath (the ability to read history of whatever you are eating). The main character Tony Chu is the Cibopath.

So this is the end of the series and it's funny as ever. The vicious killer rooster has an afterlife story. The rival Cibopath knows everything but he's also killed himself - and made it so that the only way Tony can know what he knows is to eat him. There are alien chicken people who are responsible for telling everyone to stop eating chicken at the beginning of the series (a restriction that people took less seriously as time went on).

Sadly, it's not as great as I wanted. I think that the major plots all tied up with the death of the vampire. Yes, that still left the whole alien writing thing unexplained, but that was the story with the emotional heft. So in this one, there's not much to go on beyond the end of the mystery and some stuff about Savoy explaining how everything happened (as Tony eats him). So it's great that it ended here and I wish that it had ended maybe a year earlier, but just as long as the writers didn't drag it out.

It reminds me of the X-Files when the black ooze plot was resolved. They used the black ooze in the movie. The conspiracies were all going towards that black ooze being part of an alien invasion complete with counter-invasions. Then the counter-conspiracy kills off most of the well dressed men and the black ooze aliens and that threat was gone. And so was the rest of the show. The show could still do decent single episodes. It wasn't one of the most popular shows on television for nothing. Yet, the combination of single episodes, episodes that made fun of the mythology and the long term story made the show fun. Kick out one of the legs and the stool collapses. After the black ooze, the long term conspiracy story was just irritating. For Chew, the plot could have been irritating if it had gone longer but for this point it was just fine.

7.Animal Kingdom Classification: Lobsters, Crabs and Other Crustaceans by Daniel Gilpin. I bought this book because I was hoping to start writing more "hard science fiction" and that required knowing actual science. Again, this is insecurity as I do know a bit more science these days but I think Jeff Vandermeer's natural science obsession with growth and mushrooms really intimidated me. I'm not Jeff Vandermeer. I don't live in Florida. I'm not obsessed with these stuff, but man I do love reading it. I couldn't even get through a Rachel Carson book on the wetlands.

This is a kid's book that introduces the various crustaceans including krills, crabs and lobsters. I don't think I would have bought it if I didn't want to absorb the facts of these things with exoskeletens but that need to find something to excite my imagination and start writing about group minds that act like krills or crab monsters kind of ruined it for me. I'm going to have to read it again in a year or two and hopefully find something else to inspire me.

8. Adventure Time: President Bubblegum by John Trujillo & Phil Murphy - This seems to be an addition to the story line where Princess Bubblegum is driven out of her kingdom. But in this case, there's a constitution. Adventure Time stories can be light or profound. This one is pretty light and it skirts around the fact that Princess Bubblegum is a monarch by virtue of the fact that she created everyone in the candy kingdom. The constitution means that she becomes president but then there's a shadow president (I guess that's like the British government joke). The shadow president is vanquished and everything is reset. I have a lot of Adventure Time comics from when the show ended and I checked out everything I could from the library. So expect more.

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Adam Resnick, Deadbeat Client Part 2 - The guy sets the standard for being pissy and then disappears [Jan. 26th, 2019|10:56 pm]
Tim Lieder
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So Adam Resnick sends me a word salad Thesis and I send him an abstract that goes along with that thesis. He initially says that everything is great and that he's going to send me $95 immediately. And then he sends another message saying that everything is random word generated and not up to snuff. Ok, fine. I was not happy with that job so I ask him what he needs, what he's trying to say and what the abstract should be according to the policy. He gives me that and I go to work to get Adam Resnick a decent Abstract. This has been going on for longer than 3 hours and I have three clients that again I have to catch up for this weekend.
“Mockumentary: Parody, Reality and the Subversion of Truth” analyzes the genre of television mockumentary from the period from 2003 until 2016. The genre of mockumentary serves as a metric to reflect the cultural position between truth and media, and provides a cultural history of the evolving attitudes toward truth in media. Even though mockumentary does not expressly state a casualty, as a cultural product it inherently plays with reality. This study first builds on the work of Robert Chambers whose theories on parody views it as a parasitic genre that trains the audience to view the original form with hyperawareness. This hyperawareness hastens the aesthetic shift in the original genre towards critical mass.
From this perspective, the study further explores the role of the mockumentary as a parody of reality television from the viewpoint of Mark Andrejevic’s work. Built upon the traditions of news and documentaries, reality television made reality into a genre. This brought an unintentional side effect of breaking down trust between media and audience. The methodology employed by reality television to create drama and pathos illuminated the calculating aspects of documentary and news footage.
Mockumentary as a parody of reality television is a genre of semiotic anarchy that celebrates the flexibility of a postmodern reality. From this point, the study tracks the aesthetic shifts of mockumentary from parody to carnival to performativity in the reality model. The performativity parody aspect of the mockumentary is explored in Trailer Park Boys and The Office, where the performative aspects of reality television were utilized. The study then explores the ways that mockumentary used parody aesthetics to question reality in the works of Armando Ianucci, Steve Coogan and Chris Morris. This leads into the hyperreality of Veep and the “truthiness” of the Colbert Report. Finally, the study will discuss how mockumentary in its baroque form is a direct conductor to an era where terms like “fake news” and “truthiness” are commonplace. At this point, the parody has become hegemony and mockumentary has lost the ability and desire to subvert the dominant narrative.
</blokquote>An hour later, I get a nasty email from Adam Resnick. I will put that below. The nasty email from Adam is weird because it references a line from the previous Abstract. Like he didn't even read the Abstract that I sent him. He just decided to bitch about the original abstract which I based off of HIS SHITTY WRITING. Before I get to that nasty email (which is the email he decided to send before disappearing), I revised that abstract so it would have less repetition.
“Mockumentary: Parody, Reality and the Subversion of Truth” analyzes the genre of television mockumentary from the period from 2003 until 2016. The genre of mockumentary serves as a metric of a cultural history between truth and media. Even though mockumentary does not expressly state casualty, it serves as a cultural product that reflects on the changing nature of our relationship to reality. This study first builds on the work of Robert Chambers whose theories on parody views it as a parasitic genre that trains the audience to view the original form with hyperawareness. This hyperawareness hastens the aesthetic shift in the original genre towards obsolescence.
The study further explores the role of the mockumentary as a parody of reality television from the viewpoint of Mark Andrejevic’s work. Built upon the traditions of news and documentaries, reality television made reality into a genre. This brought an unintentional side effect of breaking down trust between media and audience. The methodology employed by reality television to create drama and pathos illuminated the calculating aspects of documentary and news footage.
Mockumentary as a parody of reality television is a genre of semiotic anarchy that celebrates the flexibility of a postmodern reality. From this point, the study tracks the aesthetic shifts of mockumentary from parody to carnival to performativity in the reality model. The performativity parody aspect of the mockumentary is explored in Trailer Park Boys and The Office, where the participants always understand that they are working for an audience’s response.
The study then explores the ways that mockumentary used parody aesthetics to question reality in the works of Armando Ianucci, Steve Coogan and Chris Morris. This leads into the hyperreality of Veep and the “truthiness” of the Colbert Report. Finally, the study will discuss how mockumentary has read its baroque form as a direct conductor to an era where terms like “fake news” and “truthiness” are commonplace. At this point, the parody has become hegemony and mockumentary has lost the ability and desire to subvert the dominant narrative.
THis is when I thought I could get money out of Adam Resnick from NYU Grad School who is an assistant professor. Instead I am forced to assume this is the last I'm going to hear from Adam Resnick of NYU.
adam.resnick <adam.resnick@gmail.com>
Tim Lieder

Jan 23 at 11:24 PM

Hello, i know you worked hard and nothing negative intended, but im not sure you maybe can complete this the way i need. Some of this reads like a google.translation, and it doenst make that much sense. Conflict management? some if the other sentences are almost unintelligible also jargon or the like.aside. I will just do it myself, it is past date. Ill pay you the agreed 75 on friday (i have no debit card) going forward i would suggest being a little more straightforward regarding your chops of specialty writing, just to avoid wasted time
Now this is something that I would feel terrible about if I believed it. The fact of the matter is that I did not use the term "conflict management" in anything but the original one. At first I assumed that this was Adam Resnick not getting the right document.

Now I think it was a case of Adam Resnick acting like he was the aggrieved party in order to weasel out of paying me. Also there's really no way Adam Resnick would be able to write an abstract that isn't a word salad in the time allotted because you read that thing he sent.

So that's Adam Resnick, deadbeat client. I'm not going to get too bent out of shape over this one because it's $75 and I got the same amount from another client for next to nothing (I just had to make up a couple flyers and photoshop a logo for his site). So it's the trade off. A couple days wasted for a client who turns out to be a deadbeat and is Adam Resnick (not the cool one who wrote Cabin Boy) and a few hours for a client who was quite generous for a little bit of graphic design that isn't even in my main skill set (I had to get a friend to design my last book cover when I kept trying to be fancy with it and fucking up)
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Deadbeat client of the week - Adam Resnick - most likely not the one who wrote Cabin Boy [Jan. 26th, 2019|10:35 pm]
Tim Lieder
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In looking up this deadbeat client, I searched for the right one as the Adam Resnick who wrote Cabin Boy is probably not also writing a thesis that focuses on the mockumentary genre. I suspect that it's this guy https://www.facebook.com/adam.resnick.739


There are other Adam Resnicks on Facebook who could be him, but they don't have media studies as their graduate school thing. So apologies to that Adam Resnick if the Adam Resnick is this guy - http://facebook.com/adamres613 - or this guy - https://www.facebook.com/adam.resnick1 - but I doubt it.

Anyhow, this is going to be a two part story as the material with the Abstract is going to take up the majority of it. The first part
Stevens Adamson <baseballwaivers@gmail.com>
Jan 21 at 6:16 PM


Could you do TOC for my dissertation if provided you a template and the info? I also need a 1 page abstract that you could generate from the text I give. You would have to either know already or research the proper format of. I am swamped and need done asap if possible
He's using a burner email address. That's fine. I don't particularly have to know my clients' names and it won't make things terribly hard to find out. So I do the TOC and he's happy.

It's in accordance with Template for TOC
Harvard Thesis Template - Harvard Extension School

Here is the TOC:
Table of Contents
Frontispiece i
Chapter I. Methods and Research 1
Mockumentary and Hyperreality 12
Mockumentary and Carnival 21
Documentary and Reality Television 25
Statement of Purpose 29
Chapter II. Why are these people on Television? Performativity in The Office & Trailer Park Boys 30
Chapter III. Tracking the work of Armando Ianucci, Steve Coogan and Chris Morris: When Parody Aesthetics Contort Reality 68
Chapter IV. Veep, Hyperreality and "Truthiness" 94
Chapter V. The Baroque Mockumentary: Modern Family, Parks & Recreation and Parody as Hegemony 124
Notes 151
Works Cited 158
That's mostly a formatting. The problem comes when I need to do an abstract and this is what he sends me:
here is the rough copy of the intro, i dont have the finished one handy. it should work to help you compile the abstract with the toc. When can you haver it finisehd by? Ill paypal asap

Television Mockumentary: Parody, Reality and the Subvsersion of Truth.

Chapter 1- Documentary, Reality Television, Methodology and Frameworks.

1A. Preface/Statement of Research

Robert Chambers in his study of parody highlights a quote from Robert Phiddian attesting to the relationship between parody and genre; “it is a parasite genre that can attach to any other, supplementing it dangerously, living off its mimetic, expressive or rhetorical energy” (229). Expanding this analog of the parasite further, parody strengthens itself first with a semiologic intensification; configuring codes and training the audience to become hyperaware of genre form, this intensification presses the genre cycle to critical mass, eventually resulting in its decline. To continue further into the zoological, parody is the nematode that forces the host to ravenously consume food while simultaneously absorbing all the nutrition; starving the host animal to death. This relationship It is not a symbiotic paradigm where both the parody and its host can continue to exist, instead parody feeds on the conventions and codes it subverts, sustaining itself on the expectations of the audience while simultaneously razing and drawing attention to these same conventions. When taken to the utmost this process so severely undermines the codes of its dependent genre that it becomes weakened to the point of nonexistence. This likens to Christian Metz’ placement of parody within his analysis of genre cycles. Parody helps to not only redefine genre, but pragmatically it presses forward textual cycles by speeding up genre convention to critical mass. (49). The parody form directly preceding the baroque/deconstructive phase, after which the genre reaches a type of reflective death, where it becomes saturated with irony to the point of decomposition (83). This discussion is very apro po when analyzing the state of television comedy from 1992-2017 and the emergence of the mock-doc nee mockumentary parody as a parasitic attachment to the reality show/sitcom/news show/documentary.

With the critical and commercial successes of the original UK “The Office” on BBC[1] and its corollary on NBC[2], the logic of the mockumentary television form became widely proliferated as an alternate aesthetic to the long established three camera shoot. Borrowing some aesthetic and genre tropes from “Trailer Park Boys” on CBC[3], and the critically acclaimed but less commercially successful work of Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci,[4] “The Office” became an unmitaged pop cultural phenomena that still dominates the zeitgeist a la Seinfeld or Friends. As with all parody, the mockumentary style depended on an understanding of the formal conventions of the genres in which they subverted, be it “Nightline” and news formats for Morris and Ianucci[5], panel shows for “Knowing me Knowing You”[6] , the occupational documentary for the office, or the hallowed three camera sitcom. In the period of 2007- 2012, with HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox debuting mockumentary first run comedies and rapidly jettisoning the conventional three camera setups from prime-time lineup (Variety), a marked sea change underwent the television medium, in which the mock form had either replaced or reframed the genre it utilized. The reasons for this change are many and well documented; the explosion of reality tv as a cost-effective phenomenon (Ouellette 43), self-casting and the internet creating a new network of production (Murray 73), the introduction of the modern surveillance economy (Andrejevic 212) and changes in cultural attitudes towards privacy etc. (28). Furthermore, the wildfire success of “The Office” US guaranteed that mockumentary no longer instilled network exec fears of bankrolling a genre that may be too “difficult” to be profitable (Jenkins 41). All of these causes certainly lay the groundwork for the explosion of the mockumentary form, changing it from a niche parody aesthetic to a viable mainstream comedy form. The fields from which mockumentary emerge, and an analysis of these cultural and industrial factors is not the entirety of where a study of mockumentary lies however, instead I would offer a study of mockumentary which lies in two different avenues
This is the word salad that he wants me to make an Abstract from. But he said he would pay right away. Note that. It will be important in the next one. Also note that this is not the whole thing.

Mistakes I made -
1. Trying to build an abstract off of this mess
2. Not initially asking him what he wanted to say in the thesis.
3. Not just building off of the TOC
4. Not asking for the format of the Abstract.

These are all things that I should have asked but it's been so damn long since I've actually done an abstract for someone's thesis. Either way, this part I'm not bothering about. I wrote this vomit based on what he gave me because I was trying to just push through:
“Mockumentary: Parody, Reality and the Subversion of Truth” examines the role of the mockumentary genre within the context of a growing distrust in media. The study builds on the work of Robert Chambers who described parody as a parasite genre that attache to another genre and live off of its rhetorical energy. As the parody strengthens itself with semiologic intensification, it trains the audience to gain a hyperawareness of the original genre form. The parody sustains itself on the expectations of the audience which will weaken the initial form. Parody speeds up genre conventions to critical mass and hasten the genres being parodied. Originally the mockumentary was a niche parody aesthetic but the success of “The Office” both UK and U.S. versions, rendered it a viable mainstream comedy form. Mockumentaries are parodies of reality shows which draws upon the styles of nightly news and documentary. The mockumentary form serves as a metric that reflects the cultural position of media truth, highlighting the breakdown of trust between media and the audience. In essence the mockumentary is a form of technological hybridity that utilizes technological semiotics. As the mockumentary relies on televised aesthetics rather than referential truth, it highlights methodologies used by documentaries and reality television shows. Documentary and reality television replicate idealized structures of late capitalism in an effort to dictate cultural hierarchy. Mockumentary as a parody of these genres subverts the narrative. This paper will discuss how the mockumentary has subverted the narrative but as it has become commonplace, the subversive energy has been lost and mockumentary has become hollow. This paper will examine the mockumentary as a cultural phenomenon from three major perspectives – antecedents, hyperreality and subversion. The relationship between mockumentary and its antecedents allows it to train the audience to critically approach pseudo-realism of reality tv and documentary. Hyperreality and spectacle is purposefully created by mockumentary in order to underline how it is created in documentaries through editing and conflict management. Finally this paper will discuss the waning ability of mockumentaries to subvert the dominant narrative as reality tropes are abandoned for slick production values.
Now at first he's ok with this thing since I'm taking lines directly from his paper in order to make something that actually kind of makes sense.

He writes back got it, invoice rresnick81@gmail.com when you are finished, if you can give me just a short sample of the abstract when done. On Facebook that comes out as Adam Resnick.
Stevens Adamson <baseballwaivers@gmail.com>
Tim Lieder

Jan 22 at 6:42 PM

frontispiece shuold be I , the rest acknwoldegements etc can be deleted. We can start chapter 1 at page 1
chapter v should be parody as hegemony, rest looks good. I send him the Abstract and I get
Pretty simple stuff
adam.resnick <adam.resnick@gmail.com>
Tim Lieder
Stevens Adamson

Jan 22 at 11:54 PM

Looks good thanks so much, can you send invoice to rresnick81@gmail.com instead. Ill throw you a 20 tip for the extra time

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On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 7:42:24 PM EST, Stevens Adamson <baseballwaivers@gmail.com> wrote:

frontispiece shuold be I , the rest acknwoldegements etc can be deleted. We can start chapter 1 at page 1
chapter v should be parody as hegemony, rest looks good.

On Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 7:32 PM Tim Lieder <omanlieder@yahoo.com> wrote:
Attached is the TOC.

Look it over and let me know if it needs to be changed.

And then I get the following -
Stevens Adamson <baseballwaivers@gmail.com>
Tim Lieder
Stevens Adamson

Jan 23 at 12:14 AM

sorry other email, invoice 95 to rresnick81@gmail.com, and I will settle with you asap Thank you again

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Stevens Adamson <baseballwaivers@gmail.com>
Tim Lieder

Jan 23 at 12:41 PM

Hey sorry Tim,

I am having an issue with my debit card and can not process my paypal right now, can I send you a check? It should be resolved in a day or two minimum. Apologies. I am having a fraud block. I also had some more time to review this and it doesn't really make much sense? Looks like just random words put next to eachotehr?

Show original message

Stevens Adamson <baseballwaivers@gmail.com>
Tim Lieder

Jan 23 at 12:45 PM

My fear is that you may have not done an abstract at this level before?
Here is the point where I should worry because these are the excuses that clients come up with when they don't want to pay. I will post the updated version in the next post.
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Books read in 2019 # 3-5 - Diversity in Graphic Novels [Jan. 24th, 2019|01:07 pm]
Tim Lieder
3. Silk: The Life and Times of Cindy Moon by Robbie Thompson, Stacey Lee, Annapaola Martello & Tana Ford - My familiarity with SIlk was from the Spiderman related titles where she was the one who was wearing a weird nightgown made of webbing that is supposed to be her costume. I did not know about her origins as a Korean American or the Stockholm Syndrome backstory where she was kept away from the world for 10 years and her family is missing.

This is the first issue of Cindy Moon in her own book and it works as an introduction for the uninitiated (those who weren't eager to see the new Spider title and just checked it out from the library) as she gets presented as a counterpoint to Spiderman. She's working for the Daily Planet but J.Jonah Jameson likes her both as an employee and a superhero. She's drawn like a human being which is a nice relief to the male gaze comics that I've been gorging myself on since I was 12. Really easier to claim that a heroine is a feminist character if she is drawn like a person instead of a Playboy model. I'm not terribly thrilled with her expressing displeasure with Peter Parker by sucker punching him since it's a trope that's used too much, like cops pulling out their guns and pointing them at people. But the emotional truth of Cindy not going with Parker just turning her over to the Fantastic Four to work on her issues when he just outright blabs her family history is wonderful.

My favorite part is when Robbie Thompson does something that I loved in Spiderwoman (It's very strange but I LOVE every Spider title except for ones where Peter Parker is the original. He's off being an entrepreneur. It's boring) which is to forge a relationship with a villain who is practically a non-entity and at first is a joke. At first, it's the kind of relationship between hero and villain that gets played out. Hero beats up a villain who is mostly a joke. Villain goes off and comes back with much better tech. Villain becomes a real challenge and a lot of it has to do with the fact that the villain is angry over being mocked and passed over.

And then the twist that worked so well in Spiderwoman and I love in this one as well - the villain is a real person and a human being with motivations and feelings that go beyond being pissy about a superhero fight. Just one moment puts this book above a lot of other books which is when he just says "I give up. Please stop." Then there's a whole lot of caper stuff to get his daughter back but when he shows up again he's saving lives from the big event that is the lead up to Secret Wars.

The Secret Wars ending is kind of just there. I kind of like it but I know that Ms. Marvel also did it well. But there's something about the world ending and everyone trying to find their loved ones and be their best selves that just makes me all weepy. And it does advance the plot as she finds her brother who seems to have been lobotomized.

4. Rick & Morty Volume 2 by Corman Maclean & Cannon Flardi - It's fan fiction. I mean it's fine. But graphic novels of television shows, especially television shows with emerging world building and mythology are going to play within the lines. The main story is the alternate universe where everything is Steampunk and Morty is the dictator. Everyone falls into the usual line. Summer is angry and resistance. Jerry is pathetic. Beth is the commandant for her psychopathic son. The Rick and Morty of the regular universe are more tourists than active participants. There's also a ball fondlers advertisement that takes up 22 pages because everyone loved intergalactic television.

The "A Very Special Blumbus" chapter is the only one that really made me happy I bought the book. The art is creepy and the story is a take off on the Christmas tale but with cannibalism. And I know that using Christmas as a take off to tell creepy stories is a standard joke (Lindsay Ellis kind of ruined that for me by pointing it out), it's still funny.

5. Junjo Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu - Junjo Ito is one of the creepiest manga artists working today. His books are full of body horror and psychological terror. Tomie should not be scary (her power is that people kill her and she comes back) but every story is a paranoia inducing freakout. So of course, he's going to write a book about his cats.

There was a joke that William S. Burroughs was creepiest when he wrote a book about his cats. I don't agree. Burroughs wrote creepy junkie books for the most part, but the book itself was sweet and heartfelt. This on the other hand tries to be as creepy as possible. His wife has no pupils and looks like she's going to eat him. The white and gray cat Yon has a death head patter on his back. Whenever he depicts himself wanting to play with the cats, he draws himself like one of trying to kill Tomie.

However, the book actually comes to a point where he starts drawing things more naturalistic. So instead of a joke of Manga Horror Guy making cats even creepier than snail people, it's actually a purposeful reflection of how he went from a cat hater reluctantly agreeing to live with them to a man who genuinely loves his cats. So they are softened. So like the Burroughs book, it's pretty sweet. But unlike the Burroughs book it takes a bit to get there and is creepy as fuck for at least the first third.

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Books Read in 2019 # 1-2 SPIDERMAN!!!!!! And other people, because Peter Parker is boring. [Jan. 16th, 2019|08:07 pm]
Tim Lieder
1. Deck the Malls! by Mackenzie Cadenhead & Sean Ryan - The full title of this one is An Early Chapter Book: Marvel Superhero Adventures, Deck The Malls and the cover has Venom menacing Spiderman while Spider Gwen swings around in the background. I made this one into my first review for my youtube channel and even though it's public, I'm not linking to it. Find it on your own (the name of the channel is Cannibal Teddy - and I might actually try making some book trailers - because it's 2007 and that's a thing).

Go on look at the video -

Subscribe to my crap - not because I'm doing anything particularly earth shattering (unless you want multiple views of the same Washington Heights apartment and sidewalks) but because when I load up those videos I get Ted Talks after them, and I really don't want that to be the youtube algorithm for my videos.

And I promise that if I keep doing them, I will be posting stuff that you actually want to see by at least August. I bought a microphone and camera (cheapest I could find - man, those youtube instructional videos really don't understand the meaning of "most affordable" when they are recommending $500 equipment) and downloaded Movie Maker.

So yeah, if you find my review of the book on youtube, expect a lot of pauses and mumbling. Just really need to work on the editing of that thing - and the actual speaking. Also maybe I should have written down my thoughts first. It really sucks.

And I titled one youtube clip "Not Masturbating" mostly because I tried shaking the phone. That has gotten the most views.

Anyhow, this book takes place in an alternate universe where Gwen Stacy became Spider Gwen and Peter Parker became Spiderman and they are both 10 or 11 years old. Or maybe 12. And they are friends - who haven't killed each other. This is really part that I find compelling because in the Marvel universe - whichever one you are in - either Gwen kills Peter or Peter fails to stop Green Goblin from killing Gwen.

Mostly I find this fascinating in the fact that I vaguely remember reading books like this one when I was a kid. Something about Aquaman and his family - only to later learn that the son was dead. I think there was another one that re-told Captain America and Falcon beating up on Zemo who was Red Skull's son. Or anther son of Red Skull. Either way, that one was pretty morose.

So they have been making comic book stories for kids for years and for comic books that are considered juvenile, it's interesting to know that many of the parts of comic books that teenagers can handle are kept out of the kid versions (of course, comic books are not for children and fuck Bill Maher - and if you ever find the video, this is where I start stumbling over my words the most because I realized that I didn't actually have a decision concerning how I wanted to approach that issue and so it flubbed into a "hey comic books but for kids - that's kind of weird, right?")

So the plot is pretty standard. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are in the mall. Venom causes problems. Gwen Stacy gets in with her band and plays the drum and that's it for Venom. The differences from canon are what make it interesting. Not only are Peter and Gwen younger and both alive but Peter is a materialistic little cretin who makes his Aunt May wait in line for a Stark company playstation. The police officers are called Officer Ditko and Officer Stanley. This is how these things go.

It's cute.

2. Spiderman/Deadpool: Serious Business by Joshua Corin and Will Robsin - I loved the art in this one. I like Deadpool as a character. Making Spiderman the straight man to Deadpool's antics was great fun and yet, I'm holding the book in front of me and there's not much I can remember without referring to the actual text of the book. Years from now when I'm reading this review, I will wonder if I ever did read anything in the Spiderman/Deadpool genre.

The artwork is amazing. I'm going to say that again. The artwork is amazing. The stories are low stakes and not compelling. In the first story, they add Slapstick because if Deadpool is hilarious, Deadpool and Mayhem are even more funny. Only the ultimate joke of the story and the reason why everyone is running around is because a widow is seeking information about her husband who faked his death. That's really the whole thing. The not-dead husband is a scary mobster but he is so afraid of his wife that he fakes his death to get away from her.

That story ends with Deadpool shooting Slapstick and chopping off his head. Spiderman and Deadpool do a bit where Spiderman is the stern father figure and Deadpool is a misbehaving brat and then the next story is Madripoor where Wolverine shows up but he's a robot because this was written when Wolverine was still dead and then it's up to Arcade.

I just read a Gwenpool with Arcade and Deadpool was also in that one. The over-exposure to Arcade has made me realize why this character never clicked for me. He should have been great. He should have been one of the best but there are no stakes. He always puts the heroes in the murder maze and they always escape. He doesn't seem to be killing civilians, just failing to kill superheroes. Once you stick the X-Men or Spiderman in the Arcade murder maze, you know that nothing is going to change.

Granted, that's all villains. Rarely do the villains actually get to kill the main characters or their friends. Only Arcade is more obvious about it because he always brings up the possibility that he's going to kill someone. That's his entire thing is to murder people in a whacky maze.

Only instead of the Joker, he's a bargain basement version of the Riddler and even his tricks don't work.

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Maybe Book Tube is not for me [Jan. 11th, 2019|11:14 am]
Tim Lieder
I'm looking at those "Book Tube" videos and they are all so damn chipper. And seriously, there is not a chance in hell that I'm going to review most of the books that they are reviewing. Hate to be that guy but I know a lot of these people. I remember the contempt I felt for a guy live tweeting the Academy Awards at his apartment and saying that he would not say anything mean about the boring best song because he wanted to get into this industry and shit talking about his contemporaries is a bad idea. They weren't his contemporaries really but he was still worried (so if you want to know why R. Kelly and the rest could get away with it, know that the entertainment industry is even more stuck on the "don't say anything about anyone" track than the most obnoxious Chofetz Chaim fan.

Anyhow, I can't really talk about many new books because I know too many writers. I am a writer. And there are two things that bother me -
1. Horrible people who write great books (less problematic unless they are alive - currently I'm loving Burr by Gore Vidal - it's so good. He's so shitty).

2. Really sweet people who write books that I hate.

Note the qualification on that last one. Jay Lake helped me out a great deal when I was starting out Dybbuk Press and he didn't have to answer any of my questions. I hated his books. I thought he was a great guy but I'm not going to be going on some Book Tube either lying about his books or saying how much I hate them.

That feels safe because he's not alive and won't get his feelings hurt, but I still feel bad about it.

Also I don't really want to get into the whole extra stuff that goes on - the book hauls, the book shelves, the fan gushing over modern authors who follow the tubes, the advice on how to make a book tube (ok I watched those).

Of course, this is all academic as I don't have the time, equipment or skills to make videos like that yet. So right now I'm like I was back in my 20s, an unpublished author sending shit out to markets that were rejecting it fast while feeling a little weird talking shit about books that I hated because damnit, at least Piers Anthony could finish a fucking book.

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testing this thing [Jan. 11th, 2019|03:20 am]
Tim Lieder
One of the problems of having a Wordpress and a patreon blog is that i'm going to have to cross post everything manually. Of course, Patreon is really selling the blogs and the secret blogs. But I really need to put it all together.

Of course, another thing I could do would be a channel where I read old blog posts and point out some really shitty attitudes based on misogyny, racism, transphobia, etc.

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They call it Book Tube [Jan. 11th, 2019|03:08 am]
Tim Lieder
What am I not doing? My actual job. The thing that I get hired for. I am not helping a client with a paper by either editing or writing it. Instead I just discovered that I can use my phone for videos and upload them on youtube. So this past week, you can go to the Cannibal Teddy channel on youtube and find dozens of minute long videos of the sidewalk as I walk along.

But I don't think that's going to make me money. Actually very little is going to make me money but holy shit, I am sick of term papers. I need more money.

Anyhow, I don't like my voice. So what the hell am I doing thinking of actually trying to make a youtube channel that will eventually make money (right now I cannot guarantee that the 14 views on the one video were not just me). And so I have two options (in my head, until something better comes along)

1. Reading Public Domain Poetry as the images show people getting killed
2. Book Reviews - I mean it's 2019 and I'm going to review every book I read this year anyhow. Might as well review the books that I read.

And review the books that I don't read. But I tried to do that already and I couldn't say much about the books that I couldn't finish beyond being bored with them. I mean there was the odd book that shit out an infodump in the first paragraph but mostly, I was just bored with these books. The characters were nothing and the story wasn't going anywhere.

That would get repetitive.

One thing about the book review channels is that a lot of them involve women (according to one of these reviewers the ratio is 40 women to every 1 man on these things) talking about how they do their videos. A lot of stuff about tags and sponsorship will be noted.

Apparently there's also a community.

Of course, if I want to review books it would not be current books. I don't get ARCs anymore. I have some ARCs from Amazon Vine but those are old.

No clue if that would work out.

Also timlieder.com - finally got my own damn website.

patreon.com/timlieder - just testing
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Again fair warning - Manal Elkhoshkhany is a shit tutor [Jan. 6th, 2019|10:08 pm]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ]

Because of Manal Elkhoshkhany I had to write to the client's teachers and tell them that the client was cheating. Manal Elkhoshkhany didn't give a fuck. Manal Elkhoshkhany whined and bitched and complained about being in bad health. Now there's a chance that Manal Elkhoshkhany had meningitis and is currently dying of a brain fever which would excuse the radio silence from Manal Elkhoshkhany but I doubt it. Really Manal Elkhoshkhany is a shit tutor who doesn't help the clients and gets the clients fucked over because that's what Manal Elkhoshkhany

Also don't work for Manal Elkhoshkhany because will cheat you out of the money that Manal Elkhoshkhany owes you. Manal Elkhoshkhany is a shitty businessman and the fact that Manal Elkhoshkhany tutors business is rather laughable. Of course, Manal Elkhoshkhany fucked over Ahmed ELkady who goes to an online bsueinss school but then again Ahmed's main ambition is to clean up hotel guest vomit so maybe Manal Elkhoshkhany did him a favor by fucking him over so much.

Granted, Manal Elkhoshkhany should have just paid me and let it go away, but Manal Elkhoshkhany decided to be a fucking asshole about it.

And thus I had to write to l.stokoe@herts.ac.uk
d.badeen@herts.ac.uk in order to let them know that l.stokoe@herts.ac.uk
d.badeen@herts.ac.uk don't have to grade the paper of Ahmad Elkady because Manal Elkhoshkhany couldn't be bothered to take care of the client.
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Well it has finally come to this [Dec. 30th, 2018|06:13 pm]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , , ]

I've had a few clients not pay me. Just disappear. I know of two clients who still owe me money. Lachelle Lee who was my email client who wanted to go to grad school (so her dad would continue to pay money) and had me write her personal statements and then had another group tell her that the things I was writing in her personal statements were shit and that I was awful. She was a fun client until then. Hell, I went all the way to the UES to write her emails which were along the lines of "thanks for coming to my party. too bad I didn't get laid. LOL" - no really. I thought I was writing business letters for her (her English is also fine) and yet I was telling creepy roommates of boyfriends never to talk to her again, getting involved in Yoga studio fights, sending emails to current girlfriends of manipulative ex-boyfriends and thanking doctors for telking her out of getting the tattoo removed from her butt (and from there I learned that you shouldn't use white ink for tattoos no matter how drunk you are).

And then there's Mark who had me edit an asthma book. I still have faith that Mark will get me the $300 he owes me.

When I post a client's paper, I usually get paid. Only this time I got hired through a third party and I made the mistake of not talking to the client directly. I got the paper in on time but the client wanted me to get it in an hour or two early (the assignment said 11pm - and that was from Hertfordshire time which means that i finished that assignment by 7:30pm so that damn client had even more time). The third party kept fucking things up.

Anyhow here's the email I sent
Dear Lynn, Tracy and Dennis,

Attached is a paper that I wrote for one of your students - Ahmed Elkady for the class
Coursework 2 - Portfolio Template – Industry Practice 6BUS1146/1149

I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that Ahmed is hiring outside sources to write his papers. This means some annoying paperwork when it comes to what you want to do about him. Also it means that there is a failure in the education system that makes students think that they can just hire anyone. I know the pain. I live with the guilt from taking these jobs (but sadly not many people are buying Dybbuk Press books these days).

The good news is that you have one fewer paper to grade for this class. Just look over the attached paper and compare it to the paper that he turned in and you can see that it has been plagiarized.

For documentation of this academic fraud, I have uploaded the page and the story here - https://marlowe1.livejournal.com/2300928.html
The email chain here - On working through third party people

On working through third party people
This is the email chain that led to me wasting an entire day writing a paper for Ahmed Elkady who goes to Hertfo...

I apologize for the language. I was trying to get the client (or the third party that hired me) to pay me. So really, they don't belong in business school anyhow. If you are going to do something sketchy and hire someone to do something that you were supposed to do, I would think that it would be a no brainer to pay that person especially when you sent them the actual assignment with the name of the people who are grading it.

But well, cheaters are never known for their brains. I get a few clients who are just overwhelmed, but quite a few are just idiots. I really feel sympathy for the fact that you have to teach these people.
So hoppefully Manal wasn't lying about Ahmed being the son of a friend because this makes life so much more fun.

And now i have a lot of blog posts to let people know that it's a bad idea to fuck with me.

Still going into 2019 broker than I've ever been. Maybe my acting check will come in.
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Rakhi Vasavada is another name for Manal? Weird. [Dec. 30th, 2018|05:03 pm]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , , ]

So how does Manal deal with being a lying prick? More bitching and moaning. He owes me $200 because he guaranteed that. ANd because he doesn't communicate well with the client and decided to not let the client know that the Ahmed Elkady is truly and beautifully fucked if I am not paid, then he is a shitty tutor that no one should hire.

Manal Elkhoshkhany
Tim Lieder

Dec 30 at 3:43 PM

I believe I was clear telling you not to email me again, and why did you have to mention D---’s name at all in your post? D--- has nothing to do with this, I asked her if she knows someone who writes papers and she referred you so please do not drag her into this. You are twisting everything so that you look like a victim, well, you are not. You were LATE and I have assured you of the payment “If all is well”, that would mean “good paper delivered ON TIME”.

I do not want to hear back from you again. Is that clear? You made a mistake and you were late, now it is between you and the client, so stop emailing me. And remember I put you in contact with the client so that you communicate faster (and that was before the issue of payment came along). I really cannot believe it that you are trying to make yourself look innocent when it was all your fault. You first promised to deliver on Wednesday night, then I told you Thursday night was ok, but you delivered on Friday at 10:00 P.M. Egypt’s time which is the deadline and now you keep claiming that you were cheated out of your money. Not a professional attitude at all but anyway, I do not care at all about your threats. Yes, it is your fault because you were late, and again, if you had delivered on Thursday night as promised, I would have made sure you got paid even if I had to pay you myself, but you were late so it is now between you and the client.

Manal Elkhoshkhany
I delievered a good paper on time. Manal is just lying in order to make himself feel better.
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On working through third party people [Dec. 30th, 2018|04:22 pm]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , ]

This is the email chain that led to me wasting an entire day writing a paper for Ahmed Elkady who goes to Hertfordshire for some business administration. You can judge for yourself if I am entitled to feel just a bit miffed at this guy who also claims to be a friend of a friend (who claims to not really know him that well). He said 3pm. The paper said 4pm.
Hi Tim,

This is Manal Elkhoshkhany, and I am referred to you by D----- A. The son of a friend of mine had requested my help, but I do not write papers and actually do not have the time to even explore it given that he has a tight deadline (it is due on Friday, December 21st 10:00 P.M. Egypt’s time which is 3:00 P.M. EST

Would you please check if you can help with that? If, yes, please give me a quote and tell me if paypal would be ok. I am attaching 2 documents I have received from him; the one titled “Port 23” is his attempt and the one titled “CW22” includes the requirements. You can just use any situation and write about it.

Please try to get back to me as soon as you can

Thanks a million.

P.S. If this does not work out, do not worry, but I am glad I got your contact as many students require help with papers and I turn them down (I tutor Finance and Accounting myself), so now at least I know I can send those your way as D---- speaks so highly of you.

Manal Elkhoshkhany

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2019 Books to Read - Books being read [Dec. 30th, 2018|01:45 am]
Tim Lieder
For some reason I think I can keep this blog going long after everyone has gravitated to Facebook and hell, there even seems to be a revival with Facebook being shitty and Tumblr deciding that Sesta/Fosta means that no porn is allowed. Still don't fully explore Dreamwidth, but I think I might keep going. Hell, I want to whine about New Year's Eve - even as I am thinking that staying in would be best. But then my neighbors might have a party. And they will all be too young to hang out with and so I'm just going to FOMO regardless of whether I am staying in or going next door.

So the books I'm reading going into 2019 are

1. Bone Gap by Laura Ruby - Halfway through this thing and I'm not quite sure what is going on, but I quite love the journey. It's either magical realism or unreliable third person perspective. There's a farm with two brothers and their Polish friend who used to live there but is now kidnapped. None of it could be happening or everything is happening.

2. Fire Dance by Ilana C. Myer - This was starts out a little slow, but it really gets going and the mysteries are piling on mysteries. Beautiful prose and intriguing characters as well as a political scene that is building up.

3. Burr by Gore Vidal - This one surprised me by how good it is. I swear I don't love everything I read (actually I do at least like every book I finish reading - I have way too many books to waste my time and books that bore me). I rather wish that I didn't have to keep up that negotiation between liking the artist and enjoying his work. Reading this book and loving it is reminding me of Alice Walker, only I loved The Color Purple and Temple of My Familiar before Alice Walker decided to go full Nazi. With Gore Vidal, I read his book on presidents (they all suck) and his WWII book where he claims that FDR engineered Pearl Harbor. I also read his conspiracy theories and his dismissal of the rape allegations against Roman Polanski.

Yet this book is amazing. It's an exploration of Aaron Burr and his life through the eyes of a uptight lawyer who does not necessarily approve. Aaron Burr is wonderfully rendered and the prose is great.

4. The Pillow Book by Sei Shōnagon - Sketches of the Japanese court, full of poetry, observations and gossip. In one chapter, she's talking about who is leaving each other's apartments. In another chapter she is talking about love but then another one she is talking about what a drag it is for a non-lover to take up your time. I'm even quite enamored with her description of foliage.

5. The Life of Samuel Johnson by Boswell - I grabbed a bunch of the GREAT BOOKS from a free book shelf. This was one of them. I'm annoyed that it has two columns on every page and small writing. Boswell wrote a pretty good biography of a man I never read, but you know, two columns and small writing. This one might take awhile. Still it's pretty cool to check out the 18th century.

So there you go, 18th century England, Revolutionary America (up until 1830s), 10th century Japan and two contemporary novels.

These are books that I will not write about in 2019. I'm also reading a lot of graphic novels - mostly Adventure Time.
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The student is still not paying so here you go - a very long blog post [Dec. 28th, 2018|11:45 am]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , ]

The client's name is Ahmed Elkady. The client's name is Ahmed Elkady. The client's name is Ahmed Elkady.

Ahmed Elkady is not paying me. Ahmed Elkady hired me (through Manal) to write up a paper. Even though the paper was for the University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Coursework 2 - Portfolio Template – Industry Practice 6BUS1146/1149 - Ahmed Elkady cannot write his own term papers.

Ahmed Elkady who goes to the University of Wisconsin Whitewater - https://uww.studioabroad.com/ - decided that because he wasn't happy with my work coming in later than he wanted (but still on time to turn it in) would just shut me out and not pay me. Ahmed Elkady should not be in school, nor should Ahmed Elkady ever work in any industry that depends on this. Everything written in his portfolio is written by me. If Ahmed Elkady moves up beyond bell boy in the hotel industry, he will fuck everything up.

Edit - actually it looks like it's the university of Hertfordshire - https://uww.studioabroad.com/_customtags/ct_FileRetrieve.cfm?File_ID=010E747570743F06027700740204051C0D09030F1A7B7074721C740101777476727474007A7402017171

So my bad. There might still be the possibility that the paper was late, but I am giving the guy a discount and rarely do these places not allow late papers.

When I had questions about the assignment, I got this -
Hussam Tubanzada

Dec 21 at 1:28 PM

Hi Tim
What do you want to know ,

Sent from my iPhone
And that's all I got out of him. I asked my questions. I then asked Manal who was getting very cranky at this time (but then assured me that I was going to get paid. I'm not terribly impressed with Manal)

But before I go on to talk about Manal (and then post the assignment), let me against say that Ahmed Elkady is cheating. Ahmed Elkady of the UWW is a dirtbag who doesn't pay his writers.

Take note - Lynne Stokoe, Tracy Turner and Dennis Badeen - who are grading the papers of Ahmed Elkady of the UWW who are in charge of grading the assignment for 6BUS1149-0901 which is called Industry Practice in Business - Ahmed Elkady is not going to give you an original paper. I would expel him if I were you.

But also I'm not happy with Manal because he volunteered to be the go-between up until it was time to get paid. I could have had this conversation with Ahmed Elkady and the people in charge instead of having to deal with Manal who is pretty cool with getting screwed over by clients.

Ok. Here's why Tim should have learned his lesson a few years ago about going through an intermediary. This is my last email from Manal who contacted me because of a former client, said that he would take care of the client as I just did the work. And then conveyed all of the client's issues to me and did not pay me as he assured me that he would.

I post this as a warning to other term paper writers to not deal with Manal because he's not reliable as either an agent or someone that can get money from the work that he contracts you to do.
Hi Tim,

I do not have except that email address, but I am sure they got all your emails and I advised a common friend today of what happened and I asked her to tell them that if he has used the paper, he would fail as the instructor would probably do a Plagiarism Check, and I have also asked her to tell them to contact you and clear this mess.

I truly understand your anger because it happens to me all the time (that people get their assignments completed and they do not pay me), but they have a point when they say the assignment was late. I hope you get into an agreement with them.

Thank you

Manal Elkhoshkhany

I actually don't know if he's a decent tutor or not, but if you want a term paper written don't go to him.

I told the student what I would do. My name is Tim Lieder. I am a writer. I write a lot of stuff. SOmetimes I write term papers for lazy college students who do not write their own papers.

I have the student's name, the name of the college and the name of the people who are grading the paper. If I do not receive payment by tomorrow, I will post all of that.

I really hope that they are reading this because otherwise, they are going to get kicked out of the school over being too cheap to pay $200.

Portfolio of Evidence
Your portfolio should contain examples and evidence from the workplace for each of the nine key skills.


As I grow and learn about myself, I realize that one of the things I need to work on is my belief that I need to do everything on my own. In the hotel where I work, I am part of a team and I am happy to help out my teammates when they are having difficulties. I also take great pride in being able to fix mistakes like when a guest is booked for the wrong room. I do not judge my fellow workers too harshly because mistakes happen, but when I make a mistake I can fall into a self-defeating pattern where I only think about the mistake and then make other mistakes. I try too hard to be the superhero. I’m learning. One time a convention was using the hotel and the lobby was full of guests. After a half hour of non-stop booking, I reached out to other departments to help with reception. I also called other departments to find people who could help the guests to their rooms. I realized then that not only is asking for help not a failure but it also benefits everyone.

Please attach your evidence in this space

Problem solving and numeracy
Problem solving is essential to the hotel receptionist. Whether guests need towels or there’s an emergency on the third floor, the hotel is full of problems that need to be solved. Usually problem solving involves soft skills combined with numeracy. In one case, a guest reserved two rooms and made the specific request to put the rooms next to each other. The individual who had taken the reservation booked two rooms next to each other, but one of them was already booked due to a misreading of dates. The guests were disappointed and I needed to think on my feet. I looked through the rooms, found a vacant suite on the next floor which was more expensive, but could be offered at a discounted rate with a complementary dinner. Numeracy came in later as adequate follow-up required numeracy as I needed to make certain that the guests received the price they initially wanted to pay for two rooms. This meant not charging for the dinner and charging the suite at the regular room rate. In the end the guests were more than satisfied with their stay.

Read more...Collapse )
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There's a University of Wisconsin White Water [Dec. 27th, 2018|07:05 pm]
Tim Lieder
Or whitewater. I guess they are doing online classes. Which is strange because that means that not only did I turn in the paper at 2:30pm which would give me an hour and a half by the 11pm due date via Egyptian time, but it would also mean that I had way more hours.


Unless the client just needs that paper for a job application which is weird.

Anyhow, gathering up the information. HOpefully I won't have to do it. I really need that $200 to pay my dental insurance and cable.
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Have to do this again - hopefully the client isn't playing games. [Dec. 27th, 2018|06:42 pm]
Tim Lieder
Ok, stop me if you heard this before (oh wait, you can't). I get hired by a client and for whatever reason the client doesn't like something about the assignment. I turn it in on time. But the client wanted more time to look it over (even though the client really was never going to write as well). So it's been almost a week and I still haven't been paid. Even though I gave the client a discount (I said $300 but I am charging only $200), nothing.

Actually this one has a variation. I didn't get hired by the client. I got hired by a tutor who didn't want to just write a paper, because he's a tutor and he doesn't want people asking him to just write their term papers (which is why I used to advertise my term paper writing services under tutoring because that's where people are searching for people to just write their papers).

The paper is due by 4pm my time. The client says 3pm which is kind of funny. So I finish most of it by 2pm giving everyone an hour to look over what I did. And then I do the rest by 2:30pm. THere's some freaking out over saying that I'm going to crank out 1000 words, which I don't usually do but in this case everything is personal and already there. So by 2:30pm, I'm done. I send it to the client (who has emailed me in this time) and send it to the tutor.

The tutor complains that I turned it in too late for the client to do anything but turn it in (which is not true again because the deadline was actually 4pm my time) and then the tutor tells me that I should not worry. He will take care of payment.

I assume that since I gave a $300 quote and a $200 invoice, the tutor would invoice the client the $300 and then give me $200, taking a $100 profit (that's what I would do if I was acting like the go-between for a client and writer). So I wait. I turn off the computer on Friday. I come back on Saturday night. No payment. I figure that there might be a delay because even though these are Egyptian clients, it's still Christmas. I hope for money on Monday and Tuesday. Nothing. I have a couple bills that need to be paid and I'm depending on that Monday.

I send the tutor reminders. I get nothing.

I finally ask if I should contact the client directly.

The tutor writes back and claims that he HAD A COLD (one of those colds that keep people from checking their email apparently) and that I should write to the client directly. He then bitched because the client gave him grief because it was "late" (it wasn't later but it was later than I estimated it would get there. I did not promise anything except to get the paper to the client before the deadline). He sent all their complaints and then he complained because he defended me to the client and then said that he would still send me clients but those clients would all deal with me directly.

Of course, that doesn't help NOW because while he ran interference between me and the clients (he stated that the clients would drive me nuts) throughout the job, he decided that when it came to PAYMENT that then he would get out of the way. That's not professional. If you want to refer me to lazy college students who can't be bothered to write their own papers, either be the go between ALL THE WAY or just get out of the way at once.

Anyhow, the tutor did not convey that the money is owed right away. Or the tutor did convey this and did not bother to get the money. Or the tutor FORGOT that he said he was going to pay me and decided to wait until the client paid him to pay me.

(THis is a problem of working for those paper mills. The jobs may come in more frequently, but those fuckers always find reasons not to pay you).

Regardless. I turned that paper in on Friday. It's the following Thursday.

So this is the first thing I'm going to post. I also have the name of the client and the name of the tutor. One of those people better put $200 in my account.

Note also that this names the course and the names of the people who are teaching the course, so it should be very easy to contact them so that they know that there's a plagiarized paper in their queue. It will be a late Xmas gift as they don't have to grade the thing and they can even kick this student out.

Module Title: Industry Practice in Business Module Code: 6BUS1149-0901
Assignment Format & Maximum Word count COURSEWORK 2

An INDIVIDUAL portfolio comprising skills evidence, personal reflection and personal development plan.
Weighting: 70%
Coursework Submission: Time: 11pm
Date: Friday 21st December 2018 Method: Online via Canvas Module Assignment portal
Coursework return Date returned to students: 1st February 2019

Module leader Lynne Stokoe/Tracy Turner First marker Lynne Stokoe
Tracy Turner
Dennis Badeen

Internal Moderator Approved ☐
Date: Module Board name BS Strategic Management Group

External Examiner Approved ☐
Module Board date TBA

Assessment Criteria
Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:
1. Professionalism and ethics in the chosen field of business
2. Health and safety in the workplace
3. Mission, objectives and values of the organisation
Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:
5. Demonstrate the use of skills in the workplace using a variety of communication tools
7. Reflect on own learning and skill development and plan appropriate action
Feedback/Marking criteria for this Assignment
Performance will be assessed using HBS Grading Criteria and Mark scheme.
Guidance for improvement will be given in writing on the Assessment Feedback Form or on the StudyNet Feedback Form within 4 weeks of submission.
Assignments submitted up to one week late will receive a maximum numeric grade of:
Levels 4, 5 and 6 (UG) – 40 Level 7 (PG) – 50
Plagiarism offences will receive standard penalties.

Detailed Brief for Individual/Group Assessment

Description of the assignment: This assessment provides an opportunity for critical self-awareness, and the compilation of a reflective account for use in preparing job applications or for job interviews. You will present a critical evaluation of your skills that draws on evidence collected by you, together with a personal reflection on how your skills have developed, and a personal development plan that sets out any further skills development required for your chosen career.

Introduction to the work/Scope/Context: Imagine that you have identified a job that you wish to apply for. The application form requires you to evidence examples of 9 key skills and 3 business skills. You also consider the types of questions you are likely to be asked at an interview such as what future skills do you feel you may need in your career, which are your 3 strongest skills and which 3 skills need the most development, what further training and development would you like to complete in the future.

Any specific instructions: Using the template provided on Canvas (see Module Information Assignment Templates) please provide well written, balanced and self-critical examples of:
a) 9 key skills: self-awareness, problem solving and numeracy, enterprising, team player, commercial awareness, business judgement, communication, technology appreciation and self-management (200 – 300 words per skill)
b) 3 business skills/Learning Outcomes (LOs): applying health and safety at work, demonstrating professionalism and ethics, and knowledge and understanding of missions and objectives for the organisation
c) Personal reflection (2000 words (+/- 10%)
d) Personal development plan (500 words in table format)

Approach/steps to follow:
a) Using the template provided on Canvas construct your skills examples using the STAR model (situation, task, action, result)
b) Provide relevant evidence to match the skill example, i.e. photo of self in uniform/smartly dressed for professionalism and ethics, or image of corporate objectives for mission and objectives for the organisation.
c) In the personal reflection try to focus on your 3 strongest skills and the 3 requiring further development. Identify these by constructing a spider diagram using the guidance provided on the module site. In your reflection highlight how your skill levels have changed and developed during any work experience you have undertaken and your academic study. Research the skills required for your future career. How do your current skill levels match these?
d) Drawing on the analysis you have undertaken in the personal reflection, identify the actions you need to take and draw up your personal development plan (PDP). This plan should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Based). Your PDP should span forward five years.
e) Work to be compressed into one pdf file prior to uploading to Canvas.
f) Submission online via Canvas Assignments before 11pm Friday 21st December 2018.

It is essential that you cover all sections of this assessment to ensure a PASS grade.

Mark scheme:
Presentation and Structure 10
Portfolio of 9 Key Skills and 3 LOs 30
Skills evaluation from level 4 to current 25
Analysis of skills gap 15
Personal Development Planning 20
Total 100

Student Support and Guidance
• For further help, contact your coach or module leader in their drop-in hours or by email.
• Use the Grading Criteria and Mark Scheme to help improve your work.
• Go to CASE workshops, use the CASE website and drop-in hours www.studynet.herts.ac.uk/go/CASE/
• Academic English for Business support is available through daily drop-ins from the CASE office. See the CASE workshop timetable on the CASE main website page for details.
• Make full use of Library search to identify relevant academic material and the ‘Subject Toolkit for Business’ which contains links to other Information Databases and the Information Management contact details. (http://www.studynet1.herts.ac.uk/ptl/common/LIS.nsf/lis/4DAF5390094771C2802575ED004212BF)
• Some tutors allow students to test their work using Turnitin. Guidance on submission to Turnitin via StudyNet can be found by using the following link. http://www.studynet1.herts.ac.uk/ptl/common/asu.nsf/resource+library/TURNITIN+FOR+STUDENTS+2016+USER+GUIDE.pdf/$FILE/TURNITIN+FOR+STUDENTS+2016+USER+GUIDE.pdf
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