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Tim Lieder

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Picking the Perfect Title - Writing Stuff [Feb. 18th, 2018|03:59 pm]
Tim Lieder
Two thoughts went into writing a story entitled "Let's Kill the Pizza Guy." First, there's a pizza related horror anthology that I might ultimately submit this story to (there's another anthology that seems more promising so that one gets it first if I can finish it in time) and second, I have decided to tie in every short story with a family that is based on Joseph and his brothers - but based on the fringes of the story - from the perspective of people who knew about these guys. I wrote a story that possibly name checked too many of the aspects of the Joseph story up to the kidnapping including the psychotic midrashim about Esav, the massacre of Shechem and the story of Tamar & Judith all the while presenting the disappearance of Joseph as a mystery that the main characters don't understand but use for their purposes.

Only in writing Let's Kill the Pizza Guy, I did what I'm doing now which is to take a text and reference it, cut and paste it and change it and the text I'm using is a collection of academic criticism and I'm on the introduction, so I decided to make it one of the academic memorial parody stories that I used to write (kind of leaned into the days when I was fantasizing about being famous and seeing other people writing about my work in academic journals). So the story itself is now about a woman who wrote poetry about her ex-girlfriend and became famous for it.

This is a well that I've gone to many times. Hell, I got a story called "The Perfect Love Letter" that I'm trying to sell to markets.

So anyhow, I changed the story to a love story between two women but from the perspective of an editor discussing the poetry and blog writing that came out of that relationship, complete with material about professors killing each other in order to get the papers.

To make things worse, "Let's Kill the Pizza Guy" is an imaginary sonnet written by the one woman that is important to the plot. It led to her literary reputation and the conviction of her girlfriend.

So I can't really use that title in another story.

Anyhow titles.

"Let's Kill the Pizza Guy" is kind of out because it's not really about killing pizza guys except in the context of a failed love affair.

"Hadassah Herz: An Introduction" - is a blatant ripoff of the title of the worst J.D. Salinger story ever written.

"The Terrible Life of Hadassah Herz: An Introduction" - accurate but boring (after all this story is now an introduction to a collection of an imaginary book).

"Yael and Hadassah: A Love Story" - Feh.

"An Introduction to Let's Kill the Pizza Guy: The Love Story of Yael and Hadassah" - Better.

"Let's Kill the Pizza Guy: the Yael and Hadassah Texts" - Eh.

It's still kind of up in the air. And now back to the day job.
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(no subject) [Jan. 15th, 2018|05:12 am]
Tim Lieder
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White Privileged Dude Writing - the Tale of Cracked.com [Jan. 9th, 2018|10:19 pm]
Tim Lieder
Preface One - I like Cracked. I subscribed to their videos until they fired all the regulars. I am proud that I managed to write two articles for Cracked. I get that the forums are in place in order to make for the best articles possible and the fact that editors kill many items on the list means that Cracked is still better than the Buzzfeed List that imitated it. The process of getting from pitching to writing an article is difficult by design. You think that you have enough entries to make an article and then they kill three entries that they loved until then. There are probably dozens if not hundreds of aspiring Cracked writers who tried to pitch articles like "X Ways that SJWs are Evil" who hate the site for their failure to sell their writing. That's not what this is about. I like Cracked because they pay fast and they can still make good articles. I wouldn't be this critical if I didn't expect better.

Preface Two - I get that Cracked is in trouble and that the fact that it fired most of its regular writers. I also eluded to the fact that there's a huge Nazi Cunt contingent crowing about the end of Cracked because they think that Cracked is full of cucks, SJWs, etc, etc because the Cracked writers took a definite side on Gamergate (they were against it). I really don't care about those people and Cracked having some liberal bonafide because it pisses off a bunch of rightwing dickwads does not mitigate the fact that Cracked is drowning in White Privilege.

Anyhow today I was in the Cracked Forums trying to add to article pitches because my work is slow (almost non-existent) and I was seeing if I could get an article going. One of the article pitches is "people screwed over by Propaganda" and I put in the Empress Dowager from 19th century China who basically ran China almost single-handedly until her death and then was hated by both Imperialists and Reformers. The response was for a few entries and the editor went "I think that Mata Hari might be obscure and in that context the Empress Dowager is WAY TOO Obscure for this."

One of the cardinal rules of writing is don't argue with the editor - especially when it comes to rejection. Editors will remember you. Editors will talk to each other. And in the Cracked Forum where everyone has accepted this dynamic of "put 5 entries forward, get 3 rejected if you are lucky" there is really no reason to fight about any one entry.

Except in this case. In this case, the accepted entries are MacBeth, Richard III, Fatty Arbuckle (fucking hell, I am so fucking sick of hearing about Fatty Arbuckle) and maybe Rasputin. Also a guy was really trying hard to defend Neville Chamberlain. So great, everyone went to high school.

So my response
I got to disagree on Dowager Empress. At very least, she is the basis of a century of anti-Chinese racism, with those fingernails worn by every Fu Manchu villain (including Fu Manchu). She ran China throughout the 19th century and was so powerful that almost every history casts her as the villain - with self-described reformers and Imperialists only agreeing on how awful she was (for vastly different reasons of course).

She also probably killed her adopted son, which gets played up a lot, but if she had been in charge of China instead of that guy (he forced her into retirement), Japan would have been less likely to have gotten a foothold in China which would have vastly changed the fortunes of both Japan and China. Which means that she could have prevented the war between China and Japan in 1937 which led to Japan being an ally to the Nazis in WWII.

I also heard of Mata Hari. Don't know much about her, but I know enough about her to know that she has a reputation as a slutty spy, the platonic ideal of the slutty spy. I would rather read about her than a nth article about how Macbeth or Fatty Arbuckle or Richard III were framed.

I know that I'm just a writer who only gets a rare article published but I've seen this dynamic before where historical figures who are not white dudes are automatically dismissed as Too Obscure. In another forum even Margaret Sanger was dismissed as too obscure even though she's at the center of the abortion debate with pro-life groups trying to say that she was a white supremacist (I know I should have just suggested Margaret Sanger for this article, but I've seen her shot down as "too obscure" too many times).

Sure, they might be too obscure to white guys, but they are important historical figures and it looks like they are just being automatically dismissed as untenable because they are women and/or minorities.

Or very least the gatekeepers are letting their biases about what they think is common knowledge and obscure guiding their decisions, assuming that their limited perspectives are universal.
This is me trying to be diplomatic, but holy fuck, I've seen this happen way too many times.

Margaret Sanger gets called too obscure. The Dowager Empress is too obscure. The WHITE editorial staff keeps calling anyone who has any minority status too obscure in favor of these boring white dudes. And yes, I get that a lot of them are fired, but the ones that remain are the same lame white people. Cracked pats itself on the back for being progressive, or progressive enough but then David Wong (who is a white dude with an Asian pen name who keeps it because WTF I don't know) will write articles explaining why Trump voters are really just disenfranchised white guys who are scared of being called out for their white privilege (he was one of many) or articles about how Alec Baldwin was the HERO of Glengary Glenn Ross. No seriously.

Many years ago when I was pitching an article about converting to Judaism that went back and forth, I was hopeful that it would work out until at least three editors went "I know lots of Jews who don't like Israel" - that wasn't the fucking point either. The list entry was that one aspect of converting to Judaism is that you start paying a lot more attention to Israel whether you like it or hate it because you can't get away from the issue of Israel.

I wasn't bothered by the rejection so much as the REASON for the rejection which was basically "I don't know much about Jews, but I have that one Jewish friend and yada yada." So it's all from the white privilege (or Aryan privilege) perspective where personal bias is confused with editorial standards. Now if the reason was, I don't know if that will be funny or that it's a little too live hand grenade, I would be fine with it. But the fact of the matter is that they didn't even bother to consider the issue beyond their token Jewish friend.

So giving the note that the Empress Dowager (the most important woman in China in the entire 19th century) is TOO OBSCURE is just more of the same bullshit. The gatekeepers are drowning in white privilege and they can only judge obscure vs. common knowledge based on their VERY limited perspective.

Granted, Cracked is dying off anyhow but if Cracked would EVER be less boring (and seriously, the site has seen much better days), it NEEDS diversity in its gatekeepers. I'm not talking about myself (I am a white dude who reads a lot and sure, I know who the fucking Empress Dowager is) but anyone who isn't in that same boring dudebro fraternity that lets mediocre white guys think that calling themselves David Wong is a good idea.
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Books read in 2017 # 155-157 - the last three books [Jan. 4th, 2018|11:19 pm]
Tim Lieder
155.Showa 1939-1944 by Shigeru Mizuki - First off, holy fuck, 157 books? I suppose if you don't count the graphic novels it will be much less. I mean I spent 5 months reading that fucking Mao biography and I am STILL not finished with Alan Moore's Jerusalem. So it's weird that I have read this many books. Mostly graphic novels. I'm sure, but it's nice to know that I found a new writer in Mizuki (at least for me) and I consumed almost all of his books that the library had. It's also odd that he is more well known for his funny Yoshai comics when the library has almost all of those serious historical books.

And of course, the ratface yoshai shows up in this book to narrate the history of Japan. There's a very compelling part in the beginning where it looks like maybe Japan and America can avoid a war and there were diplomats who really wanted a peaceful resolution on both sides, but given where things were going it's a little like when your favorite ex- is still in your life and you think that you still could get back together but the ways that could happen become much more convoluted like ok, she could convert to Judaism and break up with this guy and move back to my city and I could get my shit together and she could stop listening to the therapist who gets her to realize that she shouldn't date guys who remind her of her dad...

Anyhow Japan goes to war and most of the book is about the civilian life as Shigeru is aimless again. I mentioned this in the other books of this series but it seems like Shigeru is depicting his youth as the life of an aimless layabout in order to fantasize about what his life was like before he NEVER STOPPED WORKING.

And then we get the soldier stories which are disgusting. Shigeru still depicts army life as disgusting where he keeps getting slapped around. The story of the soldier that gets eaten by the alligator from As We March to Our Noble Deaths is repeated here. There's also a lot of talk about shitting all over the place. this one ends with Japan almost finished but the worst is yet to come. I probably shouldn't have read these out of order since I would have had a better time reading the next one where he meets the tribesmen of that island and comes back to a very confused Japan (one that has Americans teaching the virtues of free expression from textbooks that are heavily censored).

156.Beowulf by Santiago Garcia & David Rubin - This one is beautiful. Mostly the Beowulf story is already known, but the pictures look like paintings and the blood is grotesque and Beowulf has a lunkhead charm.

157.ABBA ABBA by Anthony Burgess - So the last book I read in 2017 is a little dull but enjoyable in a small way, if fictional portrayals of poets meeting and talking about poetry is your thing. John Keats is dying of TB and he meets an Italian poet who is earthy and Catholic - so lots of poems about fucking and Abraham. Burgess translates that poems at the end and the poet was a real guy and it all gets a little tired. Prose is quite fine but if this was the only Burgess book I've read besides Clockwork Orange I would not be sympathetic to his lifelong complaint about being known for only Clockwork Orange.
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This is my Freelance Editor/Writer ad that CL keeps deleting [Jan. 4th, 2018|11:01 pm]
Tim Lieder
Professional writer available for all jobs. I have a Masters of English from Long Island University and my own publishing company (Dybbuk Press) through which I've published nine titles including She Nailed a Stake Through His Head: Tales of Biblical Terror. I am available for all work including:

  • Term papers - MLA and APA
  • Thesis editing
  • Personal statements
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Resumes
  • Obituaries
  • Blog Posts
  • Dating Profiles
  • Business Communication
  • Publicity
  • Writing Coach
  • Copywriting

I charge $25/hour. I take Paypal, Venmo and Chase Quickpay. Please contact omanlieder-at-yahoo for rate quotes and samples.
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Editing the Manuscript [Jan. 3rd, 2018|11:48 pm]
Tim Lieder
Autumn was a tough time for me financially. I did not get enough new clients from CL because those guys are motherfuckers and I spent a lot of time on a job that I got from Upworks. Had I not gotten the job from Upworks (editing a fantasy YA manuscript), I would have had more time to find more jobs and found better places to promote myself than Craigslist.

But one thing about the Upworks job that surprised me is the fact that I enjoyed it. I didn't necessarily like the book and I doubt that the author will make it big with this particular book (but everyone has to start somewhere), but I have become more generous in my editing and criticism. There were some parts where I wanted to pull my hair out, such as overly long descriptions, the use of the word "had" that turned verbs into pluperfect tense that made no damn sense and way too many details that distracted from his narrative. He also should have recognized that most of the beginning was just him figuring out the plot and should have been cut.

Yet, despite all these critical issues, I enjoyed the experience. I didn't enjoy the pay which was laughably small ($150 for 30,000 words because Upworks encourages lowballing) but I could see myself doing more of these manuscript editing gigs. I felt like a writing instructor and it was a fun experience. I even kept saying "Now, I am telling you a rule but I need you to understand that no writing rule is ever set in stone" instead of "SHOW DON'T TELL!!!!" or "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND WRITING LIKE THAT" - and even when I felt like I was being harsh, the writer took it well. That could just be a good match (some writers are ok with criticism) but it could also be that I have gotten better at it.

Because when I was editing Teddy Bear Cannibal Massacre, I was rather harsh on some of the writers. I was also very harsh on the writers who knew me and from whom I expected great stories. I was also full of angst and insecurity because I realized that my "fun idea" of putting together an anthology of all my friends was going to be an actual book that I was going to ask people to pay me for. And as reality set in, I started to wonder if I just sucked and that's why I hadn't been published yet (Yeah, that was pretty much the case, but also I was utterly clueless about selling my stories and there were several markets that didn't even take electronic submissions). So I took out a lot of my insecurities out on my friends' work and we haven't talked since.

Many of the manuscripts that I tried editing for money were also painful experiences. The writer would always send a letter saying that I didn't GET his genius after less than 2 4-hour blocks. And I would mock the writer for sucking so bad, but really I would be playing out my own damage as I wanted to be better than these guys who were giving me money.

That seems to have gone away. Maybe because of therapy and the big neon flashing sign of "hey genius, you aren't going to make yourself feel better by comparison" but also because of skill. It's an interesting skill to cultivate.

Anyhow, now that I've written this, I have to go to FB and bug my friends for work.
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So New Year's Eve - So Fucking Boring [Jan. 3rd, 2018|12:26 am]
Tim Lieder
This post is inspired by a PM in my main FB account in which my friend MM wrote "thank you for being a gentlemen and making sure that I was safe. NOT" - because there's nothing quite as witty as jokes stolen from Wayne's World.

So what happened? I wanted to get out for NYE. I don't know. Maybe I've been inside too long and I don't have many connections to friends or maybe I just felt like a party was in order. I guess it's tradition. I guess. It really hasn't been that fun since Deby went back to Mexico (even though her NYE parties have been a little disastrous but still entertaining in their own right). So MM was around and going to a party and invited me. It was being hosted by a guy I knew from the Heights and he really had a nice apartment. Also I hate Tequila. Even more fun, there were maybe 8 people there. Most of whom knew each other. A showed up and she was good company, but everyone else was nice, just nice, very nice, quite nice.

I drank diet coke.

So I really didn't find it all that fun when MM decided to turn up the music and order everyone to dance. No one was in a dancing mood. It wasn't that kind of party and most of the music was either 90s alt.crap.rock or Serge Gainsbourg - mostly cool for chilling out, but COME ONE GET UP AND DANCE??? No. No fucking way.

Finally it came time to leave, and I ended up staying for another half hour. Because you know how it is when you are in a group of people and you don't just want to sneak out and everyone is going "oh wait, I'll join you" and then they start getting in conversations with other people who are just leaving. And then it was MM, A & me going to the subway.

There was also Jason. Jason walked with us but went into the other subway. Jason was a guy that I mostly ignored because he didn't have much to talk about. Also MM was all over all night long. In retrospect, I should have talked to him more because MM being all over him was a problem. Like his entire point of being in this group was to get fawned over by MM and he didn't want that attention.

But I am shy and introverted and I can't really initiate conversation without encouragement. And also I get bored easily. I don't know if Jason was boring but I really didn't have the opportunity to get bored.

Speaking of boring, let's go back to why I just left MM in my neighborhood. First, she only came up to the Heights because she wanted to save money on a cab. Ok, fair enough. But even at the subway she started talking about Jason and A said a few things but then A got on a different subway and I got stuck next to MM on the subway for a full 45 minutes.

Forty five fucking minutes of talk about Jason. She didn't care much more him but she asked him out. And he said no, but she was unemployed then. And she wanted him to suffer. She wanted him to suffer because he rejected her. She never said why she was interested in him (in fact she called him little dick man, which is weird since he rejected her) beyond telling me that she was NOT just interested in him because he rejected her.

I really should have told her that she was BORING. SHe was so fucking boring. Holy fuck can anyone be that fucking boring. I want to call every single person that I've ever stopped to bitch about my relationships (I suppose that's everyone who has ever read my Livejournal as I bitched about Dassie, Chevi and whomever I was into before then - Talia and Yifat, I think) because I was obsessed. Obsessive. Like I wasted a lot of time being IN LOVE with women that I had little in common with because I was stuck in a groove and it was comfortable to be miserable over love instead of working on myself and making the networking choices that could lead to me meeting a woman that I could love openly in a mutually supportive way.

So I guess there's some recognition in MM's ranting. But that only says why I really didn't want to listen to her. I should have told her that I was bored.

But I think that I was also acting like I was talking to a ghost of my former self. You want Jason to suffer? What are you? 12? Why do you want him? Isn't it just because he rejected you. And so what if you think that people are all the same and that it's normal to wish bad things to happen to Jason? It's not. And you are acting like a fucking child and what kind of plan is it to make out with some dude in front of Jason (or tongue clasp? I don't know what term she used. Tongue banging? It was unsettling) if he rejects you. If Jason rejects you then why would he CARE that you are making out with some other guy? Wouldn't he just be happy for you. Or at least happy that you aren't all over him?

I think that I thought of MM as someone that I might want to go out with but every time we've hung out, it just didn't happen. But now I realize that she's a teenager. She is approximately my age, but everything about her viewpoint is teenage, especially relationships which she keeps talking about. Like 80% of her FB posts are full of dating advice. Sometimes she contradicts herself, but it's all about dating and it makes for some depressing reading.

But after 45 minutes of listening to an obsessive blather about a guy that rejected her that she wants to hurt due to the rejection, as well as the diverting techniques of "all women are like that" or "people don't change so calling me immature is a misnomer" I just wanted to get away from her. So as soon as I found a bar that I thought might have a cash machine, I told her to go in there and get cash for the cab that she wanted. I then said goodbye.

I think she was yelling at me from behind but I was walking away too fast. I seriously wanted to get away from all of that bullshit.

So she wrote a PM to my FB profile that I can't use for another month. I might respond to it, but I think I am going to just ignore it. And ignore her.

Or maybe I will write back and tell her that I was sure that she was fine and oh yeah, I wanted to get the fuck away from her as fast as possible and why the fuck did she think that I was totally going to stick around after I already spent 45 minutes listening to her shit.

She was drunk but that's really not that great of an excuse.

I did spend the rest of the night watching the Dave Chappelle Netflix specials. those were good.
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Testing Teast Phil Ross of Mahwah, NJ [Dec. 26th, 2017|09:55 pm]
Tim Lieder
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Mahwah Chronicles - Nazis get so sensitive when you call them Nazis [Dec. 26th, 2017|09:47 pm]
Tim Lieder
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So I try not to get too much into the Mahwah City Council controversy since those assholes are hanging themselves and my trolling work has yielded good results including Rob Hermanson being personally hurt by the fact that his words are being put side by side with pictures of lynchings. And apparently Vince Crandon, probably not a child molester but don't let him babysit your kids, is showing his more extreme positions when it comes to Jews.

But someone found my gofundme campaign and suggested that I stop bullying people. Like calling Vince Crandon a Nazi Cunt is hurting the poor Nazi Cunt's feelings.

So I went to look at Mahwatchwatch (the group dedicated to mocking Mahwatch, the group dedicated to keeping Jews out of Mahwah) and saw someone leave a 1-star review with the same "you guys are just a bunch of bullies" line. Now I could have called the woman a pasty faced mediocre failure whose life was only going to be a series of disappointments, but I was rushed for time and just said "Isn't it cute when the Nazis get all sensitive about bullying?"

And her husband freaked out. I have not read Mahwatchwatch for the last couple days because there are only so many times one can read about Nazi Cunts being Nazi Cunts before one feels like despair is creeping in. So he bitched and moaned about it and then sent me a PM via Facebook.
So can you see the flaw in this guy's way of thinking?

I call his wife a Nazi. I'm not sure if she is a Nazi but if she is part of a group trying to keep the Jews out of Mahwah, she is sure acting like a Nazi. He retaliates by threatening to BEAT UP A JEW. And you know he added all those bullshit black belt descriptions before he PM'd me.

Boy, the good citizens of Mahwah, New Jersey who want to keep out the Jews are sure a bunch of smarties.
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Poverty, the neverending story [Dec. 20th, 2017|08:39 pm]
Tim Lieder
So I put up a Go Fund Me - https://www.gofundme.com/just-to-get-my-head-above-water - and it seems to be getting donations which I am very grateful for, but all of this seems like I need more, like I've been drowning in these debts for so long that I can't even pretend that I'm on any road to financial solvency. December and January are slow for me, but the thing is that I can trace it all back to September when my finances were hit by 2 major events -

1. Craigslist getting even shittier about taking off ads.
2. A major fire in the neighborhood.

Now the first one makes sense because well, CL is where I find my new clients. I put up ads until I get enough regulars to not need it for a few months. And the thing about CL is that it's always had an army of trolls just ready to kill advertisements from their competitors. Only at a certain point, CL just does it on its own, like "hey I recognize that ad, I'm going to delete it before anyone can even see it" - and that's the way it is now too. It's just like I might as well walk around outside asking people if they need writers for all the good Craigslist is doing me.

But it gets even better as a friend suggested that I sign up for Upworks. Now Upworks is even worse than fiverr when it comes to cheap bastards looking to exploit writers. At least at fiverr you can set your rates, but on Upworks, the clients set their rates and then they PICK out the people they need. Not so bad except I took one of those jobs. And even though the client was great and paid for it, I ended up getting $130 TOTAL to edit 35K of text. So that probably came down to about fifty cents an hour if I'm being generous. So instead of getting $25/hour for various jobs, I went begging for a shit job that paid next to nothing and took up many hours of my time.

I will not use Upworks in the future, but I still don't know about using Fiverr and CL is fucking ridiculous in killing my ads. I need to be able to advertise my services in a way where I'm not only advertising my services.

Second is that fire. Now I have come to start relying on the tzeddakah. I'm a professional writer. I am living in an apartment that I can't afford (and I would have been evicted from long ago if I didn't live in New York where they don't let landlords just kick out residents). I mean if things are going well I can pay the back rent. Things have not been going well.

So I found out that I can ask for tzeddakah. And there were good times when the shul was feeling especially generous. I am still surprised that one Rosh Hashana I got $1200. I mean, wow, seriously thanks. Only I kind of came to expect that amount every time. And then this last September, that fire happened. And everyone came together to help that family in their time of need. ANd this is really a strength in the Jewish community, to help those in need.

See where this is leading?

People were so eager to help that ONE family that they didn't have anything for anyone else in the community who might be struggling. So now I feel like a jerk for resenting a family that lost everything, because what I got for tzeddaka (and I got tzeddaka) was not even enough to cover most of my bills that month.

Since then I've been struggling to catch up. I took out advances from Paypal (27%) and tried to pay most of my rent and sent more emails to my clients who have been so fucking slow in paying me. How many fucking clients can just let things slide like that?

But now that work has run out and the money that was coming in wasn't enough to pay my expenses, I don't know.

I feel like a heel when a friend asks if I want to go out and I tell him that I'm working and he expresses relief because it seems like I am no longer broke. But I am broke and I need to get way more jobs or make more money to get through these months.

I don't know if getting jobs in September or being able to rely on tzeddaka would have put me in a better place. It's like those seminars where they tell you that you should start investing in your 20s because it means more over the long run. Because things were so dry those months (and I was dumb enough to take a barely paying job) I am not looking for more debt consolidation loans that will screw me. I can't even take out one of those Jewish no-interest loans because the terms will have me paying an extra $250/month. Which is still larger than what I pay to all the credit cards. I don't know. I probably should.

So anyone got any writing jobs?
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Books read in 2017 # 151-154 - Sentimental Nostalgia Stuff [Dec. 13th, 2017|02:47 pm]
Tim Lieder
151. Helen in Egypt by H.D. - Who is H.D.? I don't know. I really kind of wish that I did, but this was just a strange book that I got from my friend when she moved out of New York (or was it when she left Minnesota for New York?) and I knew that it would be a feminist book because that's where my friend was at and we argued about it. I was wrong. It was a different time. I hadn't watched Mad Men yet. But anyhow, I think that I am glad I read this book now instead of when I first got it because I was probably not ready for it (as opposed to the Doc Holliday biography that I just tried to read and noticed that the author blamed post-war problems on Reconstruction and black men running rampant - like fuck you racist writer from the 50s - I already read enough Edmund Wilson).

The original notion of this book is that Helen was left in Egypt, but her shadow went to Troy and for that, all of the Greek and Trojan heroes died and the world collapsed. It seems even more ridiculous that the war was fought over a woman who wasn't even in place to be dragged out of the city. And then Achilles comes and most of the poems are Helen and Achilles going back and forth. It's haunting and quite beautiful. I still don't knokw what to make of it.

152.Tom Strong Deluxe Edition Book Two by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse - It's very appropriate that Alan Moore who deconstructed superheroes and depicted them as power hungry perverts and rightwing lunatics with god complexes would try his hand at writing superheroes who were heroic but more realistic. I wouldn't say that he is the best of the bunch of the layered ways of telling superhero stories (that would be Astro City) but he is one of the best and he was writing the Tom Strong titles when there was a lot of mediocrity in superhero comics. Now Alan Moore is Alan Moore and there will be mysticism and creepy bits like when the time traveling Tom Strong warns his younger self away from thinking lustful thought about his daughter and then goes "just joking". One would think that the "don't think about fucking my daughter" could be carried out better when it comes to "oh yeah, I know that you are a teenager but she's your daughter too and if you keep up that line of thinking it's going to mess both of us up". Also we are reminded that all of these characters are perpetually young when the daughter who is depicted as a teenager reminds her parents that she can choose to date the weird volcano guy without their permission because she's sixty years old. And seriously that's a time to get away from your parents.

The villain magician guy gets more stories, mostly because he is part of the time traveling story and then dies in the desert. But he's also part of a long alternate history story where Tom's mother ends up with a different man and they grow up as brothers, only to end up betraying each other when Tom cheats with the villain's wife (who is his wife in the standard timeline). It's rather sad and probably sets up the ultimate ending (which I don't think is still at the library) where Promethea ends the world in the happy version of apocalypse where no one has to die or go to war or deal with some anti-Christ with a name that is practically Dracula. Just everyone ends up in the new world and gets reunited with their loved ones and forgive their enemies and feel the happiness. It's a sweet apocalypse, but it's not in this collection.

153.Of Love & Shadows by Isabel Allende - So this was the year when I re-read the two classic Isabel Allende books that were so ingrained in my college experience. In both cases, I found that I did not love her protagonists in the same way that I had loved them in the past. They are too spoiled and too late in realizing that there is something truly wrong with Chile. The sacrifice of the epileptic girl to the plot is also wrong, but it's interesting that the protagonist is depicted as a woman who can laugh off a military man being humiliated while everyone around her is scared. Also Allende puts a child lust scene which seems really off. I get that she was molested and has mixed feelings about it (I read Paula) but it's still pretty creepy to have a couple of pages about how the victim's older brother could not contain his lust for her and had to run away. Still a pretty great book but no longer one of my favorites.

154. The Runaways volume 2 by Brian K. Vaughan - Poor Gertie. In the first volume she was everyone's punching bag with several characters taking joy in her pain (suggesting that Vaughan wrote a much more obnoxious character at one time only to dial it down but forget that she was perfectly charming in a geeky way) and in this one someone throws a knife and kills her. You know how hard it is to throw a knife so that it lands blade first? And Alex's time traveling dad just throws it and hits her in the heart? Right. So anyhow, this was an enjoyable story that went all over the place since now it's an actual series but then they went and killed Gertie and I'm a little flummoxed.
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Books read in 2017 # 150 - Evil Commie Motherfuckers (who are a little like Trump) [Dec. 13th, 2017|01:54 pm]
Tim Lieder
150. Mao The Unknown Story by Jung Chang & Jon Halliday - Never have I wanted to finish a book so much - at least not one that I liked. The last time I was so miserable reading a long book until the end was Memnoch the Devil and that's because Anne Rice is a painfully bad writer who decided that she didn't want editors and that her books should bloat to twice the size. In this case, the writer is talented and the history is well crafted and while there are some dull parts, the history is alternately infuriating and depressing.

Mao Zedong was a loathsome human being who managed to find the angles required to amass power but did not have either the wisdom or the intelligence to yield that power to the advantage of anyone but himself. He was also very sensitive to criticism, eager to destroy his enemies (real or imagined) and got real cozy with Russian dictators, whom he used in order to advance his agenda. He also was so short sighted that he let millions starve to death in order to shore up prestige in the rest of the Communist countries and spent years plotting revenge against the Communist leaders who stopped The Great Leap Forward. In many ways, he was like Trump, but a version of Trump that had absolute power for decades. Also a version of Trump that did not inherit his money or influence but fought for it to the point that he was pushing back against the established Chinese Communist Party from the beginning and Jung Chang throws in some lovely bon mots like the fact that he was a moderate until he realized how fun it was to torture people.

This was perhaps not the book to read in 2017. In fact, of all the books to read in the year after Trump continually got away with bullshit after bullshit, a book on how Mao was even more successful at getting away with a combination of gross incompetence and absolutely no shame is the farthest from a book one wants to read.

Mao managed to manipulate the Communist party by making enough allies to kill his enemies and then when they were at war, Mao managed to lose troops but always managed to find someone else to blame. Or he would send his rival's troops into the slaughter and conveniently lose his radio when he was called in for reinforcements. Even more fun, he was brainwashing his followers with a simple method of making them inform on themselves and each other. The independent thinkers were weeded out as spies and the rest of the group were pushed into these horrible ways of thinking that caused them so much emotional pain that Mao felt the need to mock them as snowflakes.

And then when he took over China it just got worse. Jung Chang does not just prosecute Mao and Mao's memory but the willing useful idiots who kept him in power from Edgar Snow who wrote glowing biographies to General Marshall who was so effective in Europe but ordered Chang Kai Shek to stand down just long enough for Mao to get his forces together and win. The countless Communist leaders who put up with Mao's bullshit in order to win short term gain at the expense of the country were very much in tune with the Richard Spencers and Mitch McConnells of the last year.

Finally, the fucker dies angry and bitter against his enemies. But so so many died to feed this stupid man's ego, it seems like it's not enough.
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Books read in 2017 # 146-149 - More Comic Books [Dec. 10th, 2017|02:39 am]
Tim Lieder
146.Giant Days volume 4 by John Allison & Max Sarin - Since this is volume 4 of the series I feel like I have walked into a rather enjoyable series in the middle and don't really know who anyone is, kind of like when I borrowed Gilmore Girls season 3 from the library without having seen any Gilmore Girls besides the last episode which is an odd one to watch when you know no one. And like Gilmore Girls, it's female-centered and witty and maybe too witty for its own good (such as the last line where one character turns to the other and asks her if she wants to go somewhere and repeatedly fail the Bechdel Test). The chapter where they are filming a movie that is never fixed in post leaving them to run from tennis balls on sticks is funny but I don't know if I can say it's memorable. Since I didn't read the other works, I don't know the characters and they aren't re-introduced so they feel a little indistinguishable.

147.Peter Bagge's Other Stuff - I got this one for the Alan Moore comic where The Kool Aid Man discusses his life crashing through walls and ending up in the Jim Jones cult. There's also the one with Dilbert joining the Taliban and beheading his co-workers (much more appropriate now that Scott Adams has turned to the Trump side) and mini-comics with the Peter Bagge style of everyone looking like they are going to bend themselves out of sanity.

148.Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson - If I have anything to encompass these books it's forgettable. Enjoyable but forgettable. Like I had to pick this one up and read through it to remember that it was about a town full of serial killers. And there are people trying to unravel the mystery about how everyone is a serial killer and it leads somewhere but wait until the next installment.

149.Black Panther: Nation Under Our Feet by Ta-nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze - I remember seeing the outrage on Facebook concerning how this title was canceled almost as soon as it hit the stores. Or it was still going but Ta-nehisi Coates was out and that seemed like a shame. Only now I've read it and it's pretty bad. I'm sorry. I wanted to love it because Ta-nehisi Coates is an important writer, but he's an essayist and not a fiction writer and so his story of multiple alliances and spirits of Africa and whatever might make a lot of sense to him and it might make for a good essay but as a comic book story, WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE? No one is well defined. The few interesting ones like the couple where the one killed the warlord and the other one stopped her execution so they could run off together disappear for chapters. I don't know if I'm supposed to want the title character to win or just forget it. It's really a mess and if Marvel wants to get a prominent African or African American writer to do this title, they should get Nnedi Okorefor or any of the dozens of genre writers. They might not have Coates' name recognition but they know how to tell a story.
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Books read in 2017 # 143-145 - Americana [Nov. 20th, 2017|02:05 am]
Tim Lieder
143. Ms. Marvel: Damage per Second by G. Willow Wilson and artists - This book begins with a story that seemed rather painful when it came out which is about Kamala organizing the entire town to overcome gerrymandering and elect a mayor who isn't a complete Hydra representative. It came out maybe a month after Trump won so it was hard to get behind the rah rah let's go (with pointed criticism at people who think that they are so smart by not voting) but the main story about the AI that becomes a doxxing troll kind of sells the book as a book about optimism. It was here where I realized that while the ostensible draw of Ms. Marvel is an immigrant story about a religious Muslim superhero (and something that feels way more representative to me as an Orthodox Jew than any of the Jewish characters that populate the Marvel universe - seriously Ben Grimm should NOT be reading from the Book of Job for his bar mitzvah and Kitty Pryde is every goy's favorite Jew but most of her Judaism comes down to telling everyone that she's a Jewish complete with stories about falling for a guy until he said something mean about a rabbi - but how the fuck does she know the other Jew was a rabbi. It's not like rabbis dress that much differently than other Jews), but mostly she's an optimist. And this is all that is good in American exceptionalism. And with Captain America getting turned into Hydra she is pretty much the standard bearer of American patriotism. Even to the point that Americans can stand up against the doxxers and the trolls with actual decency and empathy.

144.Astro City: Life in the Big City by Kurt Busiek - I read this one before and I still remember the one about the Superman character (who actually comes from the future) being really busy, like too busy to really do anything. This was the first of the bunch and the novelty of superheroes having to deal with work/life balance is quite fun. But also there is the story of the alien invader who keeps watching everything and waiting to give the go-ahead with the Astro City police force being around mainly for crowd control.

145.The Bingo Palace by Louise Erdrich - This book started with a warm feeling of nostalgia. And nostalgia has been kind of dangerous these past few years. There are a lot of writers and books that I liked in college that I can't stand. Even the formerly dependable writers like Isabel Allende and Henry Miller have proven to be much less cool than I remember them. And then I would read books that I once loved like Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the Dead and find them to be boring repetitive crap. But at first I quite loved getting back into Erdrich's multi-character world where everyone connects in some way. Only I forgot most of the connections (and there's no decent Erdrich wiki to let you know that the protagonist from Tracks is the mean nun from Love Medicine) and this one takes place after Love Medicine (many of her other books were prequels to Love Medicine) and there's the main son from the first one. The book has a good edge to it but in the last third it just gets all anticlimatic as the characters rip each other off and make stupid mistakes and just kind of disappear. It pretty much feels like she was going one way and then decided to just add a couple of things that seemed interesting but weren't.
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Vince Crandon Redux - The creepy fuck is trying to doxx me. [Nov. 20th, 2017|01:36 am]
Tim Lieder
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I got a weird PM from Crandon on FB on Shabbos where he originally claimed that I spelled his name wrong and now he was going to "have fun with me" which is probably some bullshit lawsuit. He then wrote back that morning asking why I had not responded. I think he was trying to taunt me or something like that. Mostly I was a little surprised because I thought I had blocked the Nazi cunt. So I blocked the Nazi cunt. I could have explained that I don't check my messages on Shabbos because its Shabbos and since that Nazi Cunt is trying to drive the Jews out of Mahwah (particularly the Orthodox Jews) you would think he would do a little research beyond getting his pathetic Mahwatch group out in force to harass and bully Jews.

Besides I'm rather done with the creepy bastard. Oh sure, I do sometimes look at the Vincent Crandon youtube channel and remark on how many of his videos are children's classes that he may or may not be connected to and wonder why anyone would let this guy within miles of children, but mostly I am content to let him spin his wheels and assume that I am the author of all of his problems.

But then he went to Mahwatchwatch (the group dedicated to watching Mahwatch, the group dedicated to being the watch group of Mahwah, regardless of whether they have sanction of the national neighborhood watch association) and posted some of my information. He didn't get it all and it was information that you could get by looking through a phone book but still annoying. The amusing part is that I am not part of Mahwatchwatch because I really don't have much time to devote to driving Vince Crandon crazy. Someone trolled him and even spelled his name wrong but it wasn't me.

Still it was annoying and I did ask the friend who showed me the screenshot to report it so he gets blocked on Facebook. He also spelled my name Tim Liber - which is actually interesting since Liber means book and a much more appropriate name as I am a writer instead of a musician (Lieder is a particularly type of German music).

Or maybe he's clever because he was bitching about writers when he first PM'd me.

Either way, it's nice to know that the dumb cunt is too fucking stupid to get that at this point EVERYONE is out to get him.

And yeah, Vince Crandon probably isn't a child molester but you probably shouldn't let him near your kids.

Edit - this is the message. So he stayed up until Midnight to taunt me and then got up early in the morning to see if I responded. Even if I wasn't shomer shabbos you would think that he would imagine that I had a life beyond his shitty little town -
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Books read in 2017 # 140 - 142 - Shigeru Mizuki [Nov. 5th, 2017|10:32 pm]
Tim Lieder
140. Showa 1944-1953 by Shigeru Mizuki - The only book I haven't read in this series is the book that takes place in the middle where Japan goes to war and is winning. This is the book where he loses his arm and the army tries to order the solders into certain death. Most of this material has been covered in As We March to Our Noble Deaths but it doesn't seem as angry but that's probably because it has some relief in the form of a tribe of people on the island who keep giving him shelter and food while it also goes into the civilian life and it has the same aspect as the first book which is that he portrays himself as lazy and incompetent and he can't find a job. Also all the political stuff is narrated by his character Rat Face who is the ghost with a hoodie and whiskers who is always trying to get ahead in con artist games. By the end of the book he is off to Tokyo to get into more artistic stuff (proto-Manga) with uncertainty in his future and the future of Japan while we're at it. They are teaching civics and democracy and free speech from text books where many of the sections are crossed out. The irony is noted by Rat Face.

141. Showa 1953-1989 - Why do we work so hard? Seriously, there are cultures where they don't value working from first coffee to after midnight. Hell, most of the material in the first three books about Shigeru being a slacker seems to be a prelude to the point where he would become successful with his art and then never get a fucking break ever. So he spent over thirty years in abject misery because he was always at the mercy of deadlines and dreaming about missing them. Meanwhile his characters are getting more involved in the operation and he is having dream sequences where he dies and he's replaced by an automaton that is always asking for more work or time. The historical events tend towards the crazy scandals just like the original book where everyone is fascinated by the woman who cut off her boyfriend's penis because she was that obsessed (I saw In the Realm of the Senses so I knew that story but not from the perspective of teenage boys reading about it in the papers). Some of the historical events seem biased in the narrative (like a rather neutral take on the Cultural Revolution) but most of the time he is talking about Japan that seems much more chaotic and on the edge of collapse that it appeared to outsiders. Also he notes that as much as Japan turned against militarism it made a great deal of its money from the U.S. using it for military bases. Also he finally gets back to the tribe that gave him shelter during the war and I find it strange that he seems obligated but also strangely unperturbed by the obligation. He buys them a car but also is just a little sad that a woman who fell for him died in the meantime. But mostly this book sounds like a scream for help in the treadmill work style. No wonder he talked a great deal about his early laziness and inability to do any job. The slacker phase is probably similar in Japan as America in that it's built upon a dread of getting trapped in the work work work life. At least that's how it appeared.

142. Shigeru Mizuki's Hitler - So yeah...Hitler. Poor Hitler. The main popular culture image I got from reading this book was the South Park Christmas Special where Satan takes pity on crying Hitler because Hitler doesn't have his Christmas tree. Mostly this focuses so much on Hitler that it's kind of hard to see the world in relation to his policies especially when he becomes powerful. This is a narrative choice and it's interesting to see how Mussolini kept changing his mind about Hitler and gives a reason for the invasion of Russia beyond chutzpah. But by the end of the book Hitler is dead and when Mizuki reminded himself and the reader that there was a Holocaust happening, I almost felt like the theme was that if only Hitler had gotten to see more death camps he would have been much happier. But of course, this is the Japanese perspective where Hitler is just one of the people that helped to get Japan in the final stages of a shitty war.
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Books read in 2017 Addendum 1 - Rape Culture goes way back [Nov. 5th, 2017|09:49 pm]
Tim Lieder
How I Became Hollywood's Favorite Party Girl... by Virginia Graham - This woman has written this same book three times under different titles. The first title was Confessions of a Hooker and the latest title is Frank Sinatra, Charles Manson & Me. It's basically the same book but she edited some parts and took out some jokes. When I first read it, I had a little excitement, like finally I can send a book to Nathan Rabin for his Silly Showbiz Book Club but also this was like the Rosemary Clooney autobiography I read a few years back where the subject of the book was feminism regardless of what the author claimed it was (in the case of Clooney she basically sacrificed a great deal of her career in order to cater to a man who cheated on her and was not nearly as talented. She was writing about her nervous breakdown after these events that she fully believed in because women's place yada yada).

So there was some fun material about the ways that women are valued for their sexuality as if it's some kind of prize that they have to keep. So rebels end up in the doldrums of the society, making the decisions that leave them even more proscribed than the prudish standards. Female sexuality is always punished in our society and that's even more true in the 1950s and 1960s where the attempts at independence are met with exploitation. Virginia Graham shows what happens to a woman who doesn't conform to standards and finds herself with two kids and then a husband who is pimping her out. It even becomes creepy as she starts to get other women into the business and finds ways of keeping their money. As I was starting to get tried of her stories, she would come out with a line about how her husband was mad but then some other stupid girl cut her wrists, as if slashing her wrists was the most natural thing in the world.

But eventually it sinks in that Virginia is awful. She is a victim of the men that push her into prostitution and the social order that sees no other purpose for her. Even as she brags about all the men that she is manipulating into giving her money (with the odd "I don't want to be stereotypical but the Jews were always trying to negotiate to make sure that they were getting something for their money" - which is a strange complaint in the context of "the men came and gave us gifts and we gave them whatever, sometimes sex but often just a nice party..." If she is cheating the customers then why is she upset that the customers don't want to be cheated?) she is still part of a pimp/whore relationship with a volatile man who constantly abuses her.

Yet she is also getting other women into prostitution and even setting up banks in order to keep their money (they get it back as long as they stay six months - most don't stay six months) and her talk about men seems so pedestrian. Hell, the long chapters in the middle are where she lost me because she talked about all the freaks, but they didn't seem very freakish. I'm sure that she intended to shock by talking about the men who wanted to be beaten, but all I could think about was the fact that she didn't have safe words.

There are two reasons why she got published. First, she had sex with Frank Sinatra or she claimed to have sex with Frank Sinatra. She says he had a "big pecker" which makes one wonder what happened to that term. It used to be all the rage. Actually, this is her major claim to fame in her own mind. Nothing much happens here but that's the way it is with boring story tellers. If they didn't name drop they wouldn't have a story. Actually this is the theme behind celebrity gossip magazine. If I told you a couple with several children was getting divorced and that couple began dating while one of the spouses was married to someone else. And oh yeah there might be child custody issues because one of the people has anger management issues as seen by witnesses, you might feel sad but you would also wonder why I am telling you about them. But as soon as they are Brad Pitt and Angolina Jolie they become the source of millions of stories in painful details.

But of course the REAL reason why she got a publishing contract for this book was because she was the main witness in the Charles Manson trial after Susan Atkins blabbed all of her secrets to her in jail. Actually she might not have been the main witness but she was the witness that helped them build the case to convict. And around the midway mark where she teases out Manson (like mentioning that Atkins talked about killing Sinatra) I am wondering when the fuck she is going to get the Manson and shut up about the guys who like wearing women's underwear (seriously the internet has rendered many things non-shocking).

So I skimmed the book and it's boring and full of family drama that just goes on until finally she is in jail again and twenty pages before the end, she meets Atkins. And then snitches on her which she feels bad about, but not so bad that she doesn't want the book contract. So basically this woman used her good luck when it comes to prison roommate assignments in order to write one tell-all for a woman who didn't really do much and provided services for people that she won't name and finally just left Los Angeles.

It's fascinating for what it represents - a tell-all by a boring woman who wants to be a celebrity, someone who would have been on reality television - instead of for what it is, a rather long book with sex stories that don't amount to much.
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Thoughts on Nanowrimo from someone who occasionally edits them [Oct. 31st, 2017|10:00 pm]
Tim Lieder
A long time ago, I tried Nanowrimo, got about 10,000 words in and stopped because it was becoming too complicated for me to write all the way through. A few years later, I angered many of my livejournal friends by saying that I found the whole thing annoying. We were all so dramatic back then. I did not realize that "go ahead and write your novel but leave me out of it" was terribly rude to people who were mostly writing their nanowrimo novels so they could talk about the books that they were writing.

Years later and with some reflection, I am pretty neutral about nanowrimo. I still don't want to hear about it but that's the same as how I don't want to hear about football or the details of your real estate deal. Just no interest.

But the main thing about nanowrimo is that everyone writes differently. Nanowrimo encourages people who write in a particular manner to write their novels - usually their first and only unpublished novel - in the same way that Stephen King writes his novels. Write all the way through (2000 words a day) and when you are finished, put it in a drawer and pick it up again five months later and edit it. With Nanowrimo you can at least find out if that kind of writing works for you. However, it has limits even with Stephen King who does it well. Stephen King allows the characters to naturally develop and drive the plot but he also doesn't really have much control when it comes to the plot and the endings are terrible.

However, most writers do not write all the way through. They come to interesting places, they go back, they edit thoroughly. They map out characters. They get stuck and then they read everything they just wrote. They throw out pages of content because that's not where the story was going.

And these kinds of writers are just as acceptable as the Stephen King types and it doesn't matter how so much as something gets written.

However, what happens when a non-nanowrimo writer attempts nanowrimo? There are plot holes and characters that don't matter and large spots of exposition that are just there to keep the writer from forgetting these details. Now sure you can outline the story beforehand, but that is still going to not make the characters interesting if you are rushing to get them on paper.
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Other things that Kevin Spacey could have said besides his half-apology [Oct. 31st, 2017|06:53 pm]
Tim Lieder
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I know I'm a day late here, but Kevin Spacey's weird apology compared to Harvey Weinstein's rambling non-apology almost seems decent. Oh sure, he made two terrible gaffs straight out of the are you fucking kidding me apology handbook, but at least he made a conditional apology that went if it happened I owe him an apology. Now if he stayed at that one it might have been a great way to just say sorry without explanation or equivocating, but nope. Who can do that? Certainly not David Cross who couldn't even apologize right for a sin that is common enough to be understood (making racist jokes when first meeting someone of a different race) to the point that it's a sitcom trope. But Kevin Spacey after a not perfect but still apology goes on with two different things - coming out as gay and using the drinking as his excuse. As we are seeing with Andy Dick, drugs may explain but not excuse bad behavior. And then going "you know what, I haven't been out before, but I'm gay!" was such a fucking bad move. Unless you want to join NAMBLA, don't make coming out of the closet part of the way that you apologize for trying to fuck a 14 year old.

There are very few things that he could have said that would have been worse including:
1. I was reading a lot of Greek literature
2. It was Sparta!!!
3. Who hasn't tried to fuck a 14 year old?
4. If he was two years older, it would have just been creepy and rude instead of a criminal offense.
5. Come on, it's Anthony Rapp. Have you seen him? He's adorable and who would have watched Rent without him?
6. I was only 26 which in actors' years is barely 17.
7. But nobody talks about all the 14 year old boys who had a good time!
8. When I was 14, 26 year old actors fucked me at cast parties and I had fun.
9. So that scene in American Beauty where it looks like I'm getting a blowjob from the teenage neighbor is going to be really uncomfortable now.
10. Well at least this will hopefully stop people from talking about Pay it Forward.
11. He said he used it to become a better actor. You're welcome, Tony!

There are so so many but I got more work.
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Vince Crandon might not be a sex offender - more notes from the Mahwah City Council debacle. [Oct. 27th, 2017|02:38 pm]
Tim Lieder
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Mahwah, New Jersey is a small town in New Jersey where a loud contingent of its citizenry is freaking out over the possibility of Jews moving in. These are the Jews in Monsey and if anyone in that city talks about building a wall, they are talking about building a wall between Monsey and Mahwah. While there are plenty of decent Mahwah citizens, the Tromp supporters are emboldened by their candidate supporting white supremacists and have gone on the xenophobic cheerleader squad.

More information is on http://www.nj.com/bergen/index.ssf/2017/10/the_ugly_anti-semitic_quotes_attributed_to_mahwah_residents.html

However, one of the residents that is particularly odious is Vince Crandon. Vince Crandon is a guy who is attempting to be a big shot real estate developer but just loses money and annoys people. He's like a version of Tromp whose daddy only ripped off people in the hundreds of thousands instead of the millions.

I mean just look at this creepy bastard.

Vincent likes to sit in at city council meetings, at the front with his creepy stare and monitor everyone at the meeting. He also set up a "neighborhood watch" which acts like his personal gestapo and follows Jews around Mahwah. Ok, granted, they aren't killing the Jews - just watching them and waiting and hoping for the politics to allow them to do it. They are basically around to threaten Jews.

So I commented on a few things, mostly noting that he's the creep that is harassing Jews. So he sent me the following.


Yes, I gave as good as I got, but note that he doesn't like "writers" because he is a failure in every way. Of course, since he went to the University of Phoenix, he might as well be jealous of actual writers and people that do things with their lives. I bet the man never read a book that wasn't a pamphlet.

Anyhow, I was contacted by someone asking about him and I googled both of their names and found this lovely thing - https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/20881170/Roemmele_v_Crandon_et_al - Where Vince Crandon swindled $27,000 from his friend by getting him to "invest" in a new venture a few weeks before he declared bankruptcy.

That's fraud. So I got this exchange.


Now I should note that I am NOT getting paid by Vince Crandon's wife to leave comments on his FB page in order to drive him crazy and lay down the casework for her divorce lawyer. She's officially NOT leaving him yet. Also if I was getting paid by Vince Crandon's wife or someone close to Vince Crandon, I would not give away my client's information, especially if my client is still paying me. Granted, if the client stops paying then all bets are off but so far, no problem.

I should also note that I suggested that Vince Crandon is a sex offender. Now I do not know that Vince Crandon is a sex offender. Vince Crandon might be a sex offender and Vince Crandon might not be a sex offender. I suspect that he's a sex offender because of that creepy stare and the way that he tries to bully everyone who criticizes him - pretty much in the same way that a sex offender bullies his victims. But Vince Crandon is probably only giving Rob Hermanson hand jobs behind the back of the city council offices. Joke. I mean sure, it's not likely that Vince Crandon and Rob Hermanson have a physical relationship. They are probably only METAPHORICALLY sucking each other off, but Rob Hermanson needs to be political. After all, he wished all the Jews (that he's trying to keep out of Mahwah at the behest of his lord and master Vince Crandon) a merry Rosh Hashana.

And when challenged he came up with this lovely bon mot -


Granted, he wasn't talking about lynching. He only SOUNDS like someone who defends lynching.

But that's Rob Hermanson's burden to bear as he continues to try to push Jews out of Mahwah and speak the words of his lord and master Vince Crandon.

Edit - I had to misspell 45's name because I have the Make America Kittens Again app.
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