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Tim Lieder

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Harmon De Vos - Internet Stalker, White Nationalist and All Around New Zealand SHithead [Nov. 13th, 2018|09:42 pm]
Tim Lieder
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harmon de vos

I just want to make certain that we can all see the wonders of Harmon De Vos, a man who outright posted his arrest for criminal trespass before we move on to the shining glory and personality that is Harmon De Vos. Harmon De Vos is a mediocre white dude, 30 years old whom you can find on Facebook. And if he thinks that you are insufficiently respectful of hte white race then Harmon De Vos will send you death threats. Now Harmon De Vos who cannot get a job above fry cook at KFC is a special kind of loyalist to white people as he will never move out of New Zealand. But Harmon De Vos doesn't understand the Hobbit.

That's right. Harmon De Vos lives in New Zealand but he doesn't get the prime New Zealand export which is the The Lord of the Rings. Troll him with Bilbo, Frodo, magic rings, Gollum, etc. and he won't understand you. Harmon De Vos is not really a smart guy, but he is a toxic guy, a toxic Harmon De Vos who likes to send death threats against random strangers over Facebook - of course, Facebook is cool with Harmon De Vos being a fucking Nazi because they are cool with Richard Spencer, Lauren (not Laura) Southern and a hose of other Nazi cunts like Harmon De Vos.

Harmon De Vos is proud that he can make chicken. That's the only thing that he will ever be proud of. Harmon De Vos works at KFC and that's the only place where he's going. He will never leave New Zealand and he will be very afraid of Muslims while he lives in New Zealand.

As you can see from the above statement, Harmon De Vos is a stupid criminal so when Harmon De Vos attempts to fire bomb a mosque, you can tell that he will drop the molotov cocktail and burn his dick off. But that's ok, because no one really will agree to fuck Harmon De Vos. Oh sure, there's a scared woman in that pictures next to him on Facebook, but it's very obvious that Harmon De Vos is coasting by on once being the shittiest bully in high school.

So if you are ever in New Zealand, drop by and visit Harmon De Vos. He's a very stupid man and he will think that you want to recruit him for the local Nazis. Poor stupid ugly Harmon De Vos. Maybe he should just die already. I think that will be for the best.

Don't you?

Harmon. SNort. Some assholes went and named their kid Harmon. I bet they didn't have much expectations.
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Veronica Mars - Let it die [Sep. 20th, 2018|06:57 pm]
Tim Lieder
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Please don't bring back Veronica Mars. I know that I'm shouting into the void, but as a fan of Veronica Mars, as someone who tried to get all of his friends to watch that show, who spammed everyone he knew to watch the first episode of the third scene in hopes that the thing kept going, please don't.

I get that we are in the era of resurrected television shows, some worthy of their late renewals - Twin Peaks, Doctor Who (well the first few years) and that new Star Trek I hear. And most are just ugly attempts to cash in on nostalgia - Gilmore Girls, Murphy Brown, Roseanne, The Anita Hill hearings, Norm MacDonald acting like an asshole, X-Files, Full House, Will & Grace. The weird thing about these new seasons of old shows is that the old shows ran their initial premises into the ground. And then continued on after they were no longer interesting or even current. Murphy Brown talked shit about Dan Quayle after he talked shit about her, but then the show just kept going. Gilmore Girls had three good seasons and then a couple seasons that were ok but not really the same and then two seasons that were just so fucking sad, there was really no getting around just how depressing everything was.

But what about Veronica Mars? Veronica Mars didn't have musical episodes. It didn't make us all sad that it was still on the air. It was canceled too soon. It was just getting an audience. There was a fourth season where she was in the FBI. How cool would that have been?

Only it did have that sad season, the one that said that everything was over and while the brilliance of the first couple seasons was still there, it would never be the same.

Let's back up.

Most of us did not discover Veronica Mars right away. When the ratings on television channels mattered, it was almost always at the bottom of the list. I found it when they were showing reruns on Sunday night. This was halfway during season 2 and before I knew what to make of anyone on the show (it's a little confusing to jump into the middle of) I had spoiled the first season for myself (thankfully I don't care too much about spoilers but for mysteries it might be better to go into blind). I fell in love with the show, watched all the first season and tuned in for the surprising end of the second season and was ready to preach the VM gospel to everyone who would listen. I kept up the enthusiasm for most of that third season but I remember thinking at the end that I didn't really mind if it got canceled because it told most of the story it needed to tell. But for that year and a half Veronica Mars was THE show to push on friends. I still love the soundtrack and would still want everyone to watch the first and maybe the second season.

The first season was special. Joss Whedon called it the romantic comedy of the decade after noting that her best friend gets her head bashed in and she gets roofied and raped in the premiere episode. Still not sure what to make of that introduction to the series, but Whedon did touch upon why the show was special. It was a show that took a long hard look at rape culture (the sheriff just dismisses her rape report without even looking into it), classism, child abuse, spousal abuse and Hollywood narcissism all with the high school setting that worked surprisingly well for a detective series. Where Brick made the Raymond Chandler tropes into a highly stylized joke, Veronica Mars updated it so these were believable characters but ultimately high school is a place where no one knows anyone else, not really. Unlike crime stories where everyone is hiding nefarious secrets and past lives, high school settings are full of people who are hiding from themselves. This becomes even more obvious now that Facebook has replaced the high school reunion and we get see how our friends and acquaintances have developed - for better or worse. At very least you are friends with someone whom you wouldn't have talked to in high school and have stopped talking to at least 3 people who turned out to be just awful.

Veronica Mars as the character who lost her status as one of the cool kids shortly after her best friend is murdered (a murder that forms the first season's main mystery) forms a more independent group of friends and associates as many of the mysteries and stories are intensely honest about the ways that growing up in a classist society can destroy people. In one episode, a teenage girl is blackmailed by her boyfriend into staying with him because of a video made when she was under the influence. Another story has a cult that is actually not a bad place, just a little too earnest for the rich kid's parents. Everyone grows and changes. Logan starts out as the psycho but he is believably changed into someone that VM could start a relationship with.

The second season had the same formula. Large mystery at the beginning (in this case, a bus goes over a cliff in the first episode) with discoveries about all the characters including new characters. Tessa Thomson is in this season as the "bitchy" girlfriend for Wallace (who admits to being a single mother in the very last episode which seems like more of a weird way to write her out of the show). Kristin Ritter is also in this season but she's not given nearly as much to do as she could.

These might not be perfect seasons. No show is. But most of the issues were understandable. Paris Hilton guest star could have gone much worse. There might have been too many mysteries in that first season and the second season seemed hell bent on undoing the few happy endings from the first season. There was a little too much softening of the characters just because they got the funnier lines.

And then the third season happened.

First off, Sheriff Lamb is the guy that dismissed Veronica's rape allegation in the first episode. So naturally that guy becomes a series regular.

At this point, Rob Thomas decided that instead of one overarching mystery, he would have three different mysteries. Only the writers seemed like they really wanted to kill all the good will. The first story was a campus serial rapist story that felt like a desecration of the original story of the kind. In the original story, Veronica Mars was traumatized but she kept going. She wasn't defined by the rape. Nor was the rape treated like a fun little lark (yes, I know that's a weird thing to be impressed by but 80s movies were very popular once). Even when they brought it back in the second season, they helped to undo some of the ick factor of the first season's resolution (when it was her very dumb boyfriend who didn't know the difference between drunk & horny and unable to give consent). It was proof that people could write about rape without getting it so damn wrong.

But the rape story in season 3? No. Seriously, this is why writers should avoid writing about rape. Too many use it as a plot point without understanding it. Oh sure at first there was some support for the victim - she's not a slut, she shouldn't drop out of college, it's something that happened to her, not who she is. That's great, but then the story turns quickly into shit. The feminists are all humorless assholes while the douchebag guys are depicted as dumb but basically ok. Dick, the dumb blond dude that was the antagonist the first couple seasons, becomes just a regular guy right?

Divorced from the high school setting Veronica Mars no longer has anything meaningful to say. In college, people start figuring themselves out away from their parents and peers. There's a great deal of experimentation and refining. Yet, nothing in Veronica Mars gives the impression that anyone is changing in any significant way. Veronica is still hanging out with the same cast. Logan is still a "bad boy" and at its most shitty, there's ANOTHER ending where Veronica needs to get rescued. In the first season, that made sense. She got in over her head. In the second season, it was straining credibility as the murderer was a guy that she could have pushed around easily up until the point that the script called for her to scream and cry and get rescued by Logan.

Even better, the answer to the serial rapist story line was based on the college allowing one professor to do a Stanford Prison Experiment on an annual basis.

The season gets no better. The second story is a dean getting murdered which is mostly blamed on straw feminists until Veronica discovers that it's the douchey TA who is trying to frame the professor. At least this time she confronts the guy without him trying to kill her.

Oh yeah and also throughout this Logan and Veronica break up but then they get back together but then Veronica finds out that he fucked Madison who was the evil mean girl in the first season and kind of stuck around to be a foil but never really had much of a character and then there's Piz who's the really nice guy that VM should be with but then that would be boring for the writers because television writers don't believe in healthy functional relationships and prefer the Joss Whedon solution where the happy coupling means that someone is going to die and holy fuck Piz is the boring character, he's badly written but also that actor brought nothing to the table.

The mysteries stopped using seemingly small stuff to make large points and just became small. Veronica's dad needs to find out whose making the fake IDs. It's her friends. Paul Rudd plays a nice version of Noah Gallagher and his tapes are missing. Someone is breaking into houses and it might have something to do with the security systems.

The whole damn season just fizzled out with Veronica voting for her dad for sheriff in one of those television elections where people really care about who gets elected sheriff or judge (still annoyed that HIMYM actually had them sitting around the bar waiting for the election return for Marshall running for "judge" - not DA or anything important but judge).

And now the movie (I swear I thought this would be a short post when I started it) where the common wisdom was that the third season was trying too hard to be all things to all people and bring in new audiences and lost its way by making more one-off episodes.

The movie decided to be SOLELY for the fans, the hardcore fans, the fans who paid for it through kickstarter, the fans who knew the name of the student that accused Adam Scott's "cool teacher" character of statutory rape in class (turns out it was her friend who got pregnant) in that one episode where Adam Scott played a cool teacher. She dies. Mostly off camera. Also Krysten Ritter is in it because she's a star now. And Marvin Starr is in it because why not just pull a Law & Order? The movie is a series of "look, hey that's that guy!" fan service. It even has Piz for Veronica to dump at the beginning because that was totally the relationship that everyone was rooting for. And then Logan calls her and she comes back to solve a murder.

Not until Darth Maul showed up to imply that he was going to fuck Daenerys in Solo: The Star Wars Movie that No One Cared About was there such an egregious fan service as Veronica Mars: The Movie. Only Veronica Mars movie was full of so many boring minor characters that you needed to actually look up the Wiki to even get who everyone was. And of course, if you look up the Wiki you get to find out who the killer is - but yeah, it's Martin Starr.

And that's where we leave it. Two decent seasons. One season that seemed ok at the time but just got steadily worse in repetition and then a movie that was so much fucking fan service that there might as well have been a test afterwards.

There are places that Veronica Mars could have gone. Sure the third season was awful but maybe the movie could have actually caught up with the characters and shown them going off in different directions. Maybe the characters could have changed and grown in that time. Ok, I'm just wishing that the Veronica Mars movie was like Trainspotting 2 where the characters were recognizable but also older and different.

Instead, Veronica Mars the movie was depressing because unlike the first two seasons grounded in high school where everyone is mysterious even to themselves, the movie continued the trajectory of being tone deaf about college by making all of the characters depressingly the same. Weevil is still getting in trouble and being the tough guy with more brawn than brains. Logan is the "bad boy" and all of the other high school students at the class reunion are having the same rivalries and same bullshit. There's even a new scene with Madison because why not have the exact same dynamic that you had in high school? That's not boring at all.

That's why I'm avoiding season 5 and wish that everyone involved would just give up. Rob Thomas has had hits. Kristen Bell is on the Good Place. The rest of the actors - well they aren't that good really. I'm sorry but the actors that you see all the time from the show have careers. The rest of the actors are just going to be happy to be working and it will be sad like American Reunion bringing back all the actors from American Pie and you can see who still has careers by how they've aged.

Also Firefly is just not as good as you remember it.
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So again I'm a shitty person [Sep. 18th, 2018|01:11 pm]
Tim Lieder
I almost took $100 from a stranger to take down blog posts about her. She called me an asshole when I gave a price quote for writing blog posts (the irony here is not lost) and she preferred $50/week for five posts. That's too little but I can see why $50 apiece would be took much (actually it would probably be $25 apiece so I could have actually negotiated) especially if it's over the course of five days. But I said "ok do them yourself. Good luck."

I didn't mean to be a dismissive asshole then. I kind of was, but you know, it was morning. I don't want to work with clients who are not prepared to pay for the work. I also tend to give quotes that are a little high so I don't have to ask for more money if I go over. It's better to give a $200 quote and only charge $100 than vice versa (not that it's ever that much of a discount).

Anyhow, she called me an asshole. I called her cheap. She got defensive. I posted the emails. She threatened to sue. I posted that one.

All because I couldn't deal with being called an asshole, which is not the worst thing I've been called this morning.

So she offered to pay me to take them down. I actually considered it. I didn't just consider it. I gave her my Venmo account so she could transfer money. But holy shit I am not THAT much of an asshole. I couldn't take it.

People are shitty to me online. I'm shitty to them online. I post stuff because yeah, I'm a broke writer who keeps putting up CL ads to get more money but the rent is always late and the situation is always desperate. No. I just feel like I have to protect myself.

But I'm not going to take money. I mean not take it without refunding it. Or damnit, I feel bad about this.

Anyhow, the person that is not going to be my client. I'm not going to name her, but she has some really cool fashion stuff.
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More stuff about Mom [Aug. 26th, 2018|09:18 pm]
Tim Lieder
I guess Dreamwidth is where I go when I want to vent about Mom but don't want to broadcast it on Facebook. Livejournal is where I go when I want to talk shit about bad clients or Vince Crandon. But ok, Mom is better. I guess. She's out of Long Term Care and back to the Assisted Living place.

She went back when I was back home in Minnesota.

One part that is the sticking point - the agreement is that she has to take care of herself, do her exercises and walk down to the eating area to get food. She doesn't even have to stay there. She just has to walk down. First, she was complaining about the diarrhea but now she is complaining about the pain that is suddenly coming back in a big way. It very well could, which is why I called the office and asked about massage therapy, accupuncture, etc. that could help her in ways that the medication can't (and I don't want her to get addicted to the meds even as she is very careful about making certain she doesn't get too much tramodol after the hallucinations in May).

I really hate to be that guy who dismisses the complaints because yes, we live in a sexist society. Women aren't listened to and their concerns are dismissed as hysteria (which is already a gendered word). So Mom being in too much pain to walk down to the cafeteria is eminently possible.

But it's also possible that Mom is just angry that she is being told what to do and doing everything in her power to resist. She's even insisting that she's wheeled down instead of walks down. And it gets even more painful as I got to hear about it. I keep trying to get her to find better ways to manage but instead she is going into the maximum resistance where she is talking about suing everyone because they are starving her (they aren't starving her. She has more than enough food in her refrigerator) and making her do things she doesn't want to do.

And so I call. And they are going to do everything possible to get her to walk, but she has to ACTUALLY walk. They can take her by the arm. They can make sure she doesn't fall.

But instead she wants to play her fucking games and get worse.

The whole reason why she ended up in the hospital and then long term care was because she let herself get weaker when she made them take her meals up to her room. And the main reason why she is back is because the plan was that she actually walks and takes care of herself.

Instead she would prefer to cry about it. And I know it's depression (that she refuses to treat) and I know it's a lot of factors and that there's pain, but I'm angry about this. I knkow i shouldn't be angry, but it's fucking exhausting hearing this day after day and being worried about my mom doing her damnest to resist all therapy.
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Vince Crandon again [Aug. 23rd, 2018|12:04 pm]
Tim Lieder

Not sure if this will work but here is Vince Crandon calling someone a retard and getting very mad.

I swear I had nothing to do with it.

Inbox > Message Detail
14 James Brite Circle Trespass Warning
Vince Crandon <vincecrandon@gmail.com> (Add as Preferred Sender)
Date: Fri, Aug 17, 2018 12:05 am
To: "17 NORTH LIMOS LLC." <info@17northlimos.com>
Cc: gbusinelli@mahwahpd.org

To: Mr. Marc Bracciodieta personally, and any/all employees and/or agents of 17 North Limos LLC

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:18-3 – Trespassing Statute, you are hereby placed on formal notice that you are not to enter (or attempt to enter) the property belonging to Christine Crandon located at 14 James Brite Circle, Mahwah, NJ 07430. Any further entrance or attempted entrance by you onto the subject property will be a direct and intentional violation of the New Jersey Criminal Trespassing Statute Quoted herein. You will receive no further notice. Please Govern Yourselves Accordingly. This notice is effective immediately and shall expire on August 1, 2019, unless renewed by additional service
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Ronnesha Render thinks that a gofundme is a sign of shame. [Jun. 25th, 2018|09:25 pm]
Tim Lieder
So apparently Ronnesha Render found my gofundme page and decided that I should be ashamed of being poor. This is the way some people think. Oh, you had financially difficulties? You must be so ashamed! Let me mock you. So that's what she meant by an alternate job. Or something. She is also denying that she is the Ronnesha Render who is listed as a social worker at the University of Mississippi. So maybe there are different Ronnesha Renders in the world. Anyhow here are some more charming email exchanges with the rather toxic Ronnesha Render.
Ronnesha Render <reneerender28@gmail.com>
Tim Lieder

Jun 25 at 5:08 PM

Hello, I hope that you are doing well. I wanted to know should I deposit the money in your gofundme account?

Tim Lieder

Jun 25 at 5:22 PM

Sure. Go for it.

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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Ronnesha Render <reneerender28@gmail.com>

Jun 25 at 8:09 PM

Lol 😂😆your go fund me account says you need help with your rent etc. You pertray to be this professional blogger but you can’t even pay your bills 😆. I see why you need the money. Let me go and pay that $25 you need it waayyyy more than I do.

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Tim Lieder

Jun 25 at 8:58 PM

So you are trying to shame me for having financial problems.

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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Tim Lieder
Aren't you trying to be a social worker? What kind of shitty person acts like having money problems is something to mock? Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Jun 25 at 9:01 PM

Ronnesha Render <reneerender28@gmail.com>

Jun 25 at 9:01 PM

Nope I am not shaming anyone. You said your a big time blogger not me. I offered to put the $25 in your go fund me account. 😁

Show original message

Ronnesha Render <reneerender28@gmail.com>

Jun 25 at 9:03 PM

Nope I’m not a social worker dear. Your the person who’s wrong for threatening to put stuff on your blog acting like your better than others smh.

Show original message

Tim Lieder
Ok. Go ahead and send money. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Jun 25 at 9:03 PM

Tim Lieder
And here I am adding to the blog. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Jun 25 at 9:04 PM

Ronnesha Render <reneerender28@gmail.com>

Jun 25 at 9:09 PM

Ok I’m sending it now.
What the fuck is a professional blogger? I would like to say that sounds like a professional masturbator but sperm banks actually pay pretty good money these days. And a freelance writer having financial problems???? No way. How does that happen?

Anyhow, what's ironic about this exchange is that I actually agree with Ronnesha. I didn't get her paper to her in a timely fashion. She had every right to go "ok forget it, I'm done waiting. I try to get everything to my clients on time and I get that new clients are especially nervous with my services. I prioritized her paper after a few other papers that were due sooner.

I might have been annoyed that she just decided to drop my services and either go with someone faster or write the assignment on her own, but I get it.

It's these nasty petty emails after the fact that puzzle me. Of course, I'm going to put the assignment up on my blog and since she's not using it, there's no reason to bother her. I just do that for my own protection. And now this garbage about mocking me for putting up a gofundme when my jobs dry up. Seriously, nobody should work for this client.

Not quite sure about that last line about sending the money to the gofundme.

Whatever. I suppose I should just block that email address, especially now that all of the work I wasn't getting for the past couple months has fallen on me right away.
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Ronnesha Render brings God into the conversation [Jun. 21st, 2018|09:23 pm]
Tim Lieder
Ronnesha Render

Jun 21 at 9:15 PM

I'm sure that she can totally write her own term papers and hasn't been hiring guys like me for years.

Ok, that's unfair. It's obvious that she's typing on a phone - oh wait - no, it would tell me if she was. But yeah caps lock for when you really want to get your point across.

Actually I'm not exactly sure what she means by my side job. I write horror and I publish books of Bible themed horror stories. Is it the Bible themed horror stories? Or did she find that storify where Requires Hate posted all my nasty tweets from two in the morning (seriously just don't call people out on Twitter. I mean is Trump REALLY going to shoot himself in the head because you tell him to do it?)
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Ronnesha Render is trying to get the last word in. So I guess I get some amusement out of this crap. [Jun. 21st, 2018|09:10 pm]
Tim Lieder
Ronnesha Render

Jun 21 at 9:06 PM

Really not sure why she feels the need to write back. And she just sent this one as well
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You know what - fuck it - if you are a freelance writer, AVOID this client [Jun. 21st, 2018|09:04 pm]
Tim Lieder

Anyhow, the client is a demanding pushy jackass. And while I work with these people on a regular basis, I'm in a very shitty mood. So
Hello! I am emailing to ask if you would be willing to help me with a paper. It’s actually two letters that have to be written. If you would please email me back at your earliest convenience. Or if you could text me . Thank you

Tim Lieder
Ronnesha Render

Jun 19 at 11:54 PM


I charge $25/hour. I take Paypal and Venmo. Please email me with more details so I can give you a quote.



Show original message

Ronnesha Render
Tim Lieder

Jun 20 at 12:27 AM

Attached is the format that my teacher requires and the instructions. It’s due Thursday by 11:59pm

Show original message

Ronnesha Render
Tim Lieder

Jun 20 at 12:34 AM

Is it something you would be willing to do?

Show original message

Tim Lieder
Ok. I can do this. I am going to estimate 2 hours or $50 but if it takes less time, I will only charge you for how much time it takes. Truthfully, I doubt it will take more than an hour ($25) but please budget for $50. If that works for you, please confirm and also let me know the names of your senators and representative (just to make it more realistic - it would be suspicious if I wrote to my senators and representatives). Thanks, Tim

Jun 20 at 12:50 AM

Ronnesha Render
Tim Lieder

Jun 20 at 1:06 AM

Yes, I can do that. The first paragraph I must include personal information. My answers would be based on the policies you choose.
US State
Representatives: Gregg Harper (R), Bennie Thompson (D), Steven Palazzo (R)
Senators: Roger Wicker (R), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R)

Show original message

Ronnesha Render
Tim Lieder

Jun 20 at 1:08 AM

When are you able to start and do you want me to pick the policies to make it easier for you?
more back and forthCollapse )
Ronnesha Render
Tim Lieder

Jun 21 at 8:49 PM

When you say you're going to do something then do it. And no I will not be using your services again because your customer service is terrible. I was paying for a service and you did not meet those times you said you were going to be done and you lie about it. Maybe this will make you think about how you should check yourself. GOOD BYE!!!
Anyhow, I don't entirely blame the client, but the paper wasn't due until midnight tonight and I only charged her for 1 hour. And you can see the back and forth as she is repeatedly demanding that I get the paper due that minute. It's not her problem that my depression hit me. But I did get it to her within the time allotted, just not on her ridiculous schedule.

I'm sure that if you are the professor, she is turning in original work. Or she hired someone better. I can't say. I am writing this for other freelancers.

I suspect that she would have made an excuse for not paying me regardless. That grammatical error email right before saying that she wrote her own paper - FUCK THAT. Like if she wrote her own letters, why was she giving me grief for imaginary grammatical errors?

Anyhow don't work for Ronnesha Render.
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I can't really blame the client - but flaky client nonetheless [Jun. 21st, 2018|08:38 pm]
Tim Lieder
Got a short job to write letters to Representatives and Senators. The client got impatient and my mom had panic attacks so I couldn't get her papers to her right away. They didn't take that long. The client let me knkow that there are grammar errors (according to a bullshit program) and five hours later she tells me that she is not using the papers and writing her own, which she could have done in the first place.

Anyhow, here are the letters that I wrote so that she cannot use them. Obviously, I'm not terribly happy with this situation but this was a new client and from her perspective, I was the one that flaked on the job. Won't be working with her again of course.
June 21, 2018

City, State Zip Code
Phone Number

The Honorable Cindy Hyde-Smith
United States Senate
113 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Hyde-Smith,
I am honored and happy to have had many family members live to their 70s and 80s. I love my grandparents and my great aunts and uncles and I know that Medicare has helped them to deal with the health issues that have arisen in their later years. I also understand that no one can avoid aging and I know that many of the health issues that have affected my relatives will also probably affect me – including diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.
Medicare is a highly popular and well received bill. No matter what end of the political spectrum someone might fall, they are comforted by the fact that their elders will be taken care of. There are several ways that the health concerns of the elderly can drain the family savings and the economy overall. The proposed changes to Medicare eligibility that raise the age requirement are monstrous and evil. The fact that these changes are proposed in order to save money after Congress just passed a major tax bill that allows billionaires to keep more money while depriving the government of tax dollars is not an issue that can be avoided. You cannot tell the American people that you are out of money when you created the budget deficit that you are currently using as an excuse to deprive the elderly of a year of health care.
Please support S.2708 – the Choose Medicare Act. The Choose Medicare Act will not only make certain that more elderly people such as my grandparents and soon to be my parents will have the health care and insurance that they require but will also expand Medicare for a larger population. Currently there are several issues that are affecting the American people from fears over global nuclear wars to an economy that is going to be destroyed by losing our trade partners. Our ability to treat our parents and grandparents in their hours of need should not be among them.

The main problem was finding specific bills to write about. Anyhow here's the other one to the representative. This is Mississippi so good luck getting any of these guys to actually care about human beings.

The Honorable Gregg Harper
House of Representatives
2227 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Harper,
I am very worried about the ways that incarceration has a devastating effect on the at-risk youth that are institutionalized and put in the system often for minor offenses. One of the parts of youthful incarceration that feels grossly unfair to me is the standard where some poor youth become ineligible for Medicaid once they leave the incarceration centers. I come from a large family and while no one in my family has been arrested, friends of cousins were placed in the system for relatively minor offenses and they lost their health care. Some of these teenagers have serious mental problems that needed addressing, but they were unable to receive the help they needed due to their inability to get Medicaid.

At this point, Medicaid for children of poor families is limited to age 17. Medicaid expansion needs to be applied for when the teenagers become independent adults, but being kicked off of Medicaid has an adverse effect on these individuals. Studies show that health care saves a great deal of money for the state and generates income for many companies where the people who aren’t losing money on health care can spend their money on goods and services and therefore stimulate the economy. Furthermore, many at-risk youth need treatment for mental issues which lead them to commit certain crimes including narcotic use. Thus, Medicaid serves as a deterrent.

Please support H.R. 1925 which protects at-risk youth from losing their eligibility for Medicaid. Currently H.R. 1925 is in the House and receiving bipartisan support. I believe that this is the compassionate bill that will not only help at-risk youth but also society at large.

Sincerely yours,
As the client is not planning on paying for these letters, they will probably stay up indefinitely.

So hi.I write term papers for college students. I also edit theses and write short stories. Feel free to contact me at omanlieder-at-yahoo

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Drumming up business the Akiva Halpern way [Jun. 20th, 2018|01:18 am]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , ]

Generally going into the Facebook Message Request pile is a losing proposition. Ilai Schechter, for example, is an apologist for the Trump administration who saw children in cages and went "LOL!" and something about how liberals weren't paying attention when Obama yada yada yada Trump Bullshit. So I spent a few exchanges calling him a Kapo and a Nazi and Fatty (sometimes I'm a mean girl) until I blocked him. He called me Stalin so I guess he sure showed me (this was after he threatened to not hold back if I made it personal. Note he was rationalizing child kidnapping by ICE).

I ignored his message request. Hell, I already blocked the motherfucker so why read it. But then I also got this odd one -

But he gave the number for Suicide Hotline

So yeah, I don't knkow if he's actually concerned or just being a prick at the top level, but holy hell, pay attention.
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David Wasserman - Get Refuser, Abusive Husband, Bad Father and All Around Shitbag [May. 30th, 2018|03:05 pm]
Tim Lieder
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I get a potential client. His name is David Wasserman. He's got a statement that he wants me to edit. I read through it and it's your standard Bad Romance Leads to Divorce statement. I was all set to take the job and then comes the part where he states that his wife is threatening to tell the entire neighborhood that he is refusing to give her a get. They had a civil divorce and he's contesting part of their custody agreement with a whole lot of accusations that mostly say what is terrible about him. He doesn't like that she won't let him teach the children. She is putting them in special ed. She left them with a babysitter that he doesn't approve of.

I'm not exactly swimming in money. He sounds like an asshole but so what? I write term papers for lazy college students. Most of my clients are assholes.

But the get refusal is a deal breaker

(for the goyim in the audience - Jewish law states that the marriage isn't over until the man gives his wife a bill of divorce called a get. Regardless of the civil divorce, the religion states that the marriage is not over until the husband does that. This is one of the shitty sexist conventions within Judaism that needs to be circumvented, but it probably worked in a time when Jews ran their own courts. Regardless, most divorces don't have a problem with this because most husbands aren't abusive fuckwads who hold their wives hostage).

So I told him that I could not in good conscience work for a man who refuses to give his wife a get.

His response
So that was fun.

I am just going to cut and paste my responses since I'm not exactly hiding anything. His "LET ME TALK TO YOUR MANAGER" tactic annoyed me enough to respond. He didn't have to say a damn thing. But here is the entitled little shit telling me that he's going to REPORT me. I am a freelancer. Freelancing can suck in many ways. No money or no time and it's not like you can refuse many jobs. But as a freelance, I can tell DAVID WASSERMAN to shove David Wasserman's shit in David Wasserman's mouth because he's not doing himself any favors.
Gosh. I wonder why she left such a charmer like you.

You are not losing your children because you are Jewish. You are not losing your children because you are a man.

You are losing your children because you are an abusive asshole.

Give your ex-wife a get and maybe the courts won't keep ruling against you. And maybe you won't be such a raasha.

One doesn't have to be a rabbi to know that a man who refuses his wife a get does not and should not have any influence in how his children grow up.

And every rabbi I know will agree with me.

And who are you going to report me to? I work for myself. I am my own boss. And as my own boss I am taking your report under consideration and telling you to go fuck yourself.
So David Wasserman did not like this response. David Wasserman of Ocean Suppliers which is probably his business because only David Wasserman would be dumb enough to still use an aol account wrote back -


I should note that my response between the two last emails is my final "fuck you Dave or David Wasserman and your abusive bullshit" or as I copy and paste
Any lawyer you hire will be too busy trying to keep your dumb ass from going to jail for abusing your children.

And lawyers who agree to work for you will be publicly shamed for their endorsement of spousal abuse.

I am fluent in Jewish law. And as a religious Jew, I have only contempt for abusive assholes like you for using Jewish law to abuse your wives.

Again, I am going by your statements. YOU are the problem. It's not your wife. It's not society. It's not anti-Semitism or people not getting your concerns, it's YOU.

YOU are the abusive asshole. YOU are the gonif who tries to steal your wife's future and YOU are the reason why your children will probably go running off the derekh.

If we were in the camps, you would be the first volunteer to be a kapo.

With YOUR example of what Judaism entails, I cannot blame them for turning away from Judaism. One only hopes that they have enough counter-examples of Jews who DON'T abuse their wives and act like victims when called out on their shit.


P.S. One more response out of you and I'm posting this entire conversation on my blog. Just google Vince Crandon to see how well that turns out for people.
I warned him. Seriously, you cannot say that I didn't warn David Wasserman, get refuser and abusive prick, that he was going to be publicly discussed.

And now his ex-wife and his children and any lawyer dumb enough to take this guy's case (but he's trying to hire me to edit his legal writ so how much money does this dumb fuck David Wasserman have) can see it.

Good luck David Wasserman. You stupid prick.

And seriously, I hope David Wasserman's children never see David Wasserman's dumb face again. David Wasserman is a raasha and chilul hashem.
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Oh Shit. Now Mom is having hallucinations [May. 12th, 2018|10:03 pm]
Tim Lieder
After the mess of the moving mom around and getting a phone into her room, Cerenity really has been helping. She can call me from her room. She seems happy with her therapy. She's eager to go home but it's still probably going to be a couple weeks. They don't feel like she should get out of her bed on her own yet. Yesterday afternoon, she was in good spirits when I was talking to her before Shabbos.

She said that she's been having some crazy dreams like floating on the bed and such. I just kind of took that as an expected outcome of being in a strange place.

Then last night she called and said that a staff member told her that her cat was dead. As a joke. And then she said that she was being filmed. I called the front desk and they said that there was no one in there. I called her back and she said the woman was just behind a curtain and she could see her shoes and see her in the bathroom mirror and she was talking about her. I tried to ask her what she was saying and my mom just stopped talking because she was afraid that the woman in her room was going to use it against her. I called the front desk again and again they said that no one was in the room. They suggested that her roommate was talking and she got confused and I kind of took that.

This morning she called again, but now she was talking about cats getting caught underneath the bed and at a certain point she just started talking to the cats and trying to get them to come to her. I called back and she hung up on me. And then I called back and she started talking about the cats again and then just trailed off just talking to the cats. She also said that they made her sit on a chair for 8 hours but since it was 10 in the morning that didn't seem right. She also said that they woke her up at one in the morning to make her sit in that chair.

I went to shul and I came back to 6 voicemails that are getting more frantic. I called her back and getting a busy signal. She called me and she was making even less sense. I tried to make sense but it got even more confusing because I didn't know whether I was playing into her hallucinations or upsetting her. She even said that they were trying to move her again and asked if she was going back to Dellwood. She also said that her phone was blocked.

I called her again at 6pm and she was asleep. I just called her now and she was still asleep. I got ahold of her nurse and she has been hallucinating all night and she basically just crashed after at least 36 hours without sleep. Also her vitals are fine so that's good.

It's probably the painkiller. She's a Tramadol and I think that was something that she has been on before but probably not to this degree. I think this was the pill that she could get if she asked for but not on a regular basis. I am slightly worried because her father (my grandfather but he died long before I was born) was schizophrenic, but I expect that if that was going to be an issue it would have come out long before now. The bipolar diagnosis might be a contributing factor but it seems like it's Tramadol.

Regardless I'm really worried. She's got a friend who started out as her volunteer whom I asked to go see her tomorrow.

I hope that it was just that and that it will work itself out of her system by tomorrow.
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2018|04:35 pm]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , ]

I had two "joke" campaigns that happily didn't get any contributors. In the Roy Moore campaign that I started after I found out that Roy Moore was soliciting donations to pay for being the one Republican who couldn't win a Senate race in Alabama, I purposefully made it ridiculous so no one who seriously cared about Roy Moore would donate.

But when I promoted it, I found out that a lot of people took it seriously and even commented with really mean things directed at Roy Moore. They do not like that guy.

The second joke campaign was no-eruv which mocked Vince Crandon's attempt to keep Jews out of Mahwah, New Jersey.

Background -
Jews are moving into New Jersey and some of them are Orthodox. They put up an "eruv" which is a legal fiction for Shabbos observance that involves strings over certain places so that an area is a "private domain" and then Jews can get around the "no carrying" rule on Sabbath.

You can look up the complicated halachic discussions yourself. There are plenty of Jewish communities without eruvim that are thriving. Practically it means that if you are invited to a friend's house for Shabbos, you can bring food or wine on that day instead of rushing home on Friday night.

The Eruv is built to be as innocuous as possible. Most of the eruv is usually pre-existing things like telephone wires.

The Jewish group of Mahwah put it up with permits and everything. Then another group (which included Vince Crandon) got wind of it and started complaining to Rob Hermensen (their pet antisemite on the board) and then Mahwah tried to block the eruv.

These people claimed to care about non-state residents in their parks and problems with the trees. This is the latest in that news - https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/bergen/mahwah/2018/03/30/mahwah-tells-state-you-cannot-defend-non-new-jersey-residents-eruv-suit/467880002/

- I'm not saying that the people in Mahwah, New Jersey who fought against an Eruv are Nazis, but they are the kind of people who were living in Poland in 1940 and were pleased to discover all this cheap real estate for the taking.

As it has gone back and forth, most of the Eruv opponents have backed off. They decided that they liked the Jews moving in (they weren't that kind of Jew) or they didn't like being called Nazis.

Vince Crandon is still fighting against an Eruv and still trying to bilk money from gullible people who also think that Jews are cancer and should be kept out of Mahwah.

I started the gofundme no-eruv to mock him.

He got it shut down by whining which is all he knows how to do. He inherited money from his horrible father and he has been a failure at everything he's tried (beyond stealing money from a friend like in https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/20881170/Roemmele_v_Crandon_et_al )

I got no donations off of no-eruv or roy-moore but I did get some amusement out of them. Poor Vince Crandon really thought that his fans were stupid enough to give me money even though everything I wrote was dipped in irony and spite for his terrible program.

The eruv will stay up. The Jews will continue to move into Mahwah. The "neighborhood watch" that Vince Crandon organized to harass Jews has disbanded. Vince Crandon will probably go to jail.

I take comfort in these facts.
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I guess I'm back on Tumblr [Apr. 19th, 2018|03:51 pm]
Tim Lieder
I had a Tumblr account but I ignored it. I found it unwieldy and I didn't like the way that you end up having to repost an entire thread in order to comment. Even the name was dumb (http://marlowe1-blog.tumblr.com) since it is hard to find. But maybe I could have changed that. Also I went on Tumblr, stated that I thought that gypsy was like Indian or Sioux in that there are many different types of Romany and they aren't all Romany so even if it's a slur it can be neutral. I got yelled at and the only person I wanted to follow didn't like me (we are friends now but I also think that she doesn't like me). I mocked her tumblr because it did have that Whole Foods shopper looking to be pissed off tone (but over here where I didn't think she saw it) and maybe I was wrong about that. Probably was. But there's something about someone getting really angry about a fashion designer wearing peyos and a black hat as cultural appropriation that annoyed me.

So yeah, that was my view of Tumblr. Leftwing and privileged. Full of college students that think they are edgy. How right I was in that assessment I don't know. In fact, I'm quite sure that I was at least 40% full of shit. But I lost interest in Tumblr mostly. I have seen some lovely Tumblrs like the Last Note where people post the last thing they heard from dead parents, lost loves and crazy bastards that don't quite know when to quit.

But recently Tumblr has been asking me to deal with my password. Only they've been doing it repeatedly. THey even threatened to take it away from me. About the seventh or eighth email, I wanted to tell them to just take it away already.

But then Vince Crandon started a gofundme for his NO Eruv group after writing shitty things on my gofundme campaigns. So I mocked him. He got it taken down. I opened up a new one and he managed to get that one taken down as well.

And since I was doing it only to piss him off by posting proof of his crimes https://www.mylife.com/vincent-ceccola/e108489193422, i figured that there's no way I should stop.

But since there are so many shitty small towns in New Jersey that want to rally around to keep the Jews out, might as well just post screenshots of them all. If Facebook doesn't take down the groups or even the comments where they compare Jews to roaches and cancer, then screenshots for Tumblr is the way to go.
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So what did I do today [Apr. 17th, 2018|09:12 pm]
Tim Lieder
I seem to be blogging again. Mostly on http://patreon.com/timlieder but I also have a gofundme where I am writing about my day. I wonder if I should figure out what I want to do with these blogs. I'm starting to like the long form again. It's not as immediate as the facebook posts, but it's there and working.

Anyhow I went to put my paperwork in at the SNAP center - after using the phone to photograph them and mailing them to the center in Brooklyn. I ended up walking to a park that had bike trails and went down a particularly steep path where I got mud on my clothing. Then I ended up at Starbucks, but before I went to Starbucks I found out that one of my FB friends was talking about Starbucks closing for one day to train everyone on racist bias. She thought it was ridiculous. I hoped that she didn't mean that it was ridiculous because addressing racism is ridiculous. But then she posted a story about a black manager calling the cops on a homeless white guy in McDonald's who was actually a customer because someone bought his stinky ass food. I posted a gif of a raised eyebrow, because even though I knew that she was trying to go "SEE! Black people call the cops on white people too!!!" as if that made systemic racism ok, I wanted to think that no.

Then she said something about "if we only expect special privileges we will never get anywhere" or something like that. Apparently the ability of black men to sit at a Starbucks without getting arrested is entitlement.

This was a white woman. I pointed that out. Then I unfriended her and thankfully I couldn't comment further because I was willing to say much more about her racist entitled bullshit.

Also found that someone that I remember from livejournal as a writer posting a long rant about Hillary's emails. Today. April 17, 2018 and this crazy bitch is still going on about those fucking emails.

So that's why I don't take all of FB suggestions for friends. I figured that since I am again in Facebook jail (this time for "Gary Pickholz, you're a terrible person. I hope you die soon" - after he went on and on about how Organization for Resolution of Agunot is really just evil and no one cares about abused wives than he does. Bullshit) that I would friend as many people under my alternate account as possible. Bad mistake.

Got home to Vince Crandon trolling my gofundme - not http://gofundme.com/noeruvz where I outright speak out against him and his allies who want to keep Jews out of Mahwah, but the one where I am just asking for money to support myself. I made a fake gofundme to troll his No Eruv one and he honestly thought that I had any purpose beyond pissing him off.

Anyhow those details are on my Livejournal. I posted a few things. NOted that he was being homophobic (why is this guy obsessed with the notion of me fucking dudes?) and then moved on.

My mom seems to be doing well. She's in physical therapy at Cerenity but she's worried about her cat. I tell her that she should call Dellwood and check up on him. I hope they know where she is so they don't start looking for new residents. They sent her to the hospital with that UTI but her limited mobility is a concern.

I also edited a short story based on Gilgamesh. I didn't even make it modern or fancy. Just about Enkidu dying.

So that was fun.
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Stupid Vince Crandon [Apr. 17th, 2018|08:05 pm]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , , ]

He responded to a post on a gofundme talking about his comment with
This is fun Tim, let’s keep going because I’m certain it’s going to help your fund raising efforts. First off, you have openly declared that you are a homosexual. So, don’t go saying I am homophonic. You love to put labels on those with whom you have issues as a simple Google search will plainly reveal. Finally, I never “attacked” you for your sexual preference as that is your business. I did attack you for being a thief and a con-artist who just today had a bogus GoFundMe page taken down by GoFundMe because of your attempted grand larceny. So, if you care to continue, I’ll continue as well. Maybe this GoFundMe page will be the next one taken down.

I'm a monastic musical tone.

Anyhow, got to take that down.

Also https://www.mylife.com/vincent-ceccola/e108489193422 - this says that he might actually be a sexual predator. So wow. I might have been right.

Of course, I have to wonder why Vincent Ceccola keeps trying to troll me. Ok, he got his stupid way when it came to a gofundme that was set up solely to mock him and irritate him, but if he let it go, I would have been content to mock him with http://gofundme.com/noeruvz which is honestly set up to fight his crap. But now he has to crow and act like he's won while talking about his proud fatherhood (at least to the kids where he's not behind on child support) when all he's doing is putting himself out there in the world to get further knocked down.

When you get your ass beat, lay the fuck down and move on with your life. If you keep trying to get up with that rhetoric learned at the University of Phoenix, you are just going to end up eating shit.

If Vince Crandon wasn't such a nasty piece of shit, I might feel sorry for his dumb con man ass.

But he's definitely a con man. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/6141359/christine-crandon-and-vincent-j-crandon-adversary-proceeding/
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Vincent Crandon wants the world to know that he's 100% NOT A HOMOSEXUAL!!! He even uses gay slurs. [Apr. 17th, 2018|08:02 pm]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ]

So Vinnie Cramdon, or Vincent Crandon, has decided that because I was posting a gofundme campaign to deal with the expenses of being broke in December (always a slow time for a freelancer who writes term papers - at least the last 2 weeks), that he was going to troll me. He posted his shitty little comments on my gofundme campaign. Then he got one of his dopy friends to post her shitty comments on my gofundme mostly along the lines that I was a horrible person and asking for money. Or something. She belongs to his antisemitic NO Eruv group on Facebook (the one that compares Jews to Cancer - go ahead and find it on Facebook and feel free to report every last one of those Nazi motherfuckers).

So lo and behold, Vincent Crandon decided that he wasn't getting any money for his bogus NO Eruv group (he wants to sue the Eruv or something like that. The Mahwah Town Council was sued by the New Jersey Attorney General for violating civil rights in regards to their anti-Jew measures like not allowing Jews into the park) so he STARTED A GOFUNDME. He got that idea from me, but did he cite me? No. He's not even grateful.

Of course, he's not going to use the gofundme to do anything but line his own pockets. He's a fucking con who was raised by a con man daddy who made more money than him. He declared bankruptcy to get out of paying a friend $21,000 back after he convinced that friend to "invest" in his new company.

Let's put that link up again - https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/20881170/Roemmele_v_Crandon_et_al - just so you know that anti-Semitism is not his only crime. The tree rots from the roots.

Obviously, I shouldn't care that Vince Crandon is stealing money from his fellow anti-Semites, but I decided to mirror his gofundme and mock him just because I could. His gofundme is noeruv and mine was no-eruv
tinfoil Vincent
He LOVES this picture.

He had that taken down. Gofundme contacted me and asked me if I was associated with that group and since I was pretending to be associated, I had to go "no, not really because I'm not a fucking Nazi" I even changed the story to reflect that I am not a Nazi from Mahwah, New Jersey.

Anyhow I started http://gofundme.com/noeruvz with the same z that the FB anti-Nazi group is using. This time I was honest about Vincent being a Nazi that needs to be fought and conquered.

Apparently, Vincent Crandon didn't know about it because he want to the gofundme and crowed about shutting down the one that was mocking him.
Sorry to see your fake GoFundMe page taken down today Tim. Soon, they will be taking you down as well. You don't know me nor have you ever met me, so I don't know how you can claim to know what I stand for. And as far as the fact that my YouTube and Facebook page are full of children, that's usually what happens when you are a married father with many kids. I know that subject is foreign to you because of your sexual orientation and the fact that you do not have any children, but trust me, I am a proud father and my kids are--and will continue to be--proudly displayed on my social media pages (not that it is any of your concern).

Let's unpack that.
1. Crowing about my gofundme getting taken down.
2. Claiming that he is going to take me down, or all gofundmes are going to be taken down.
3. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!!!! (bullshit Vince. You are fucking obvious in your anti-Semitism).
4. All those videos of little kids are PERFECTLY INNOCENT (as in stop suggesting that Vince is masturbating to all those videos of little kids that he keeps taking. He's NOT a pedophile. He's not. Stop it. Stop it.)
6. Call me Daddy.

Vincent Crandon is really not a proud father. I mean he uses his kids to make excuses to take videos and once his wife leaves him, he's not going to fight her for custody (you know it's going to happen).

But that gay part. That's just weird. Poor Vinnie is really obsessed with gay people. Back in December when he was trying to doxx me, he was claiming that I was a gay dude living in the Bronx with my mom which must have been a cute fantasy in his mind. Since I am not gay, living in the Bronx or living with Mom (she lives in Minnesota) I really don't know where I got that from. Unless Vincent wishes that he could be living in the city instead of the sterile sad world that he's built up from stealing people's mother or wishes that he could be out and proud instead of a poor closet case who has to take out his aggression on Jews in a misplaced attempt at power.

Poor Vincent Crandon.

If only he was able to openly give blow jobs without shame, he might be happy.

But instead Vince Crandon has to hate on gay people with the same energy that he hates on Jews.
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Vince Crandon and the Stupid Internet - Also Syria [Apr. 15th, 2018|08:53 pm]
Tim Lieder
[Tags|, , , , , , , , ]

So I feel bad. Not about Vince Crandon. Vince is a Nazi. I feel bad because I get too emotional about stuff like Syria and I unfriend people and they go an apologize for upsetting me and I was upset. But it wasn't their fault that I was upset. I can't hold it against people if they have not been paying attention to Syria in the past seven years. And I get angry and hostile. I've been angry and hostile a lot these past few weeks. I guess part of it is worries about Mom who had to go to the hospital and now is in PT trying to get her strength back to walk around, but a lot of it is also my ego, my fragile sense of self, that part of me that would rather fight than compromise or even pretend that I know where another person is coming from.

I know where they people who don't want to intervene in Syria are coming from. They haven't been watching the news and hoping against hope that there could be a resolution that wasn't more murder and more refugees caught in the middle. They don't impulsively google Syria or Baghdad or Kurds or Rojava. But I rope them too easily in with the Alex Jones people, the conspiracy theorists, the ones who don't care about Syrians and think that millions of murdered Syrians are just terrorists.

I'm a little ashamed of myself.

I guess I shouldn't troll people because it just increases my crankiness. There's no real "getting out your aggression" because if you if act from aggression, you only increase your aggression. You got to let it go.

Now granted, I'm still going to run gofundme.com/no-eruv because Vincent Crandon is an outright Nazi who makes up any excuse he can to try to drive Jews out of Mahwah, New Jersey. He's also a con man and if people are going to throw away their money on his bogus drive to pay a lawyer to find a way to take down the Eruv (the Mahwah city council tried to take it down after it had been approved. The NJ DA sued them and they are bankrupting the city trying to fight that instead of settling) then they might as well give their money to me.

And it's funny to see him posting variations on "THIS IS FAKE" in the comments section. I take them down right away. The only ones I haven't taken down were the ones where he gave the links to the previous livejournal entries where I called him a con man and a Nazi, links that he thought I had agreed to take down because he couldn't understand that I wasn't the only person who was not entirely happy with a man who was devoted so much time and effort to keep Jews out of Mahwah.

He kept calling someone else Tim and when that person said he would take everything down, he thought he was talking to me.

So I don't know. Vincent Crandon is like Nickolaus - an easy target. Someone that I could talk shit about without guilt. Usually I feel guilty, like I know that I'm talking to another human being with feelings but in certain cases, those people are just awful.

De-humanization. I guess I'm not immune.

I did benefit from therapy so I know how these things work, but it's kind of sad that I keep falling into these hostility traps.

I try. That's all I can do.

Also Vincent Crandon is a Nazi who is trying to rip people off in a bogus scheme to make Mahwah unfriendly to Orthodox Jews who would use an Eruv (with an Eruv Jews carry on Shabbos from the inside to the outside because technically it's all inside a place - practically speaking, if you are invited to someone's house for Shabbos, you can bring wine that day instead of rushing home to drop it off before sundown). He is coming up with asinine arguments against an Eruv like it's the Jewish equivalent of Sharia Law and everyone living in Mahwah would be under SHARIA LAW (ok, actually HALACHA) and that it's going against the trees. Like maybe a tree might get cut down. I've never seen a tree cut down because of Eruvim, but that's stupid Vince. And his main goal is to keep the Jews out of Mahwah.

Now the thing about this campaign to sue an Eruv, I really don't know where to stand. Vincent Crandon is a toxic antisemite and I really don't like him profiting off of antisemitism, but he is ripping off antisemites so that's kind of funny. But it would be funnier if they donated to me at gofundme.com/no-eruv instead of his version which is noeruv - both will have the exact same result where it comes to the eruv (the issue is being settled and there's nothing Nazi Boy Crandon can do about it) but if you donate to me, he will be angry and bitter.

But I don't want to be angry and bitter like that creep. At least not to people who don't deserve it.

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Memory of an ex-friend [Apr. 2nd, 2018|11:04 pm]
Tim Lieder
I just remembered that Robert N. Lee once got really angry over circumcision. Like he felt that he had been mutilated and that everyone who didn't mind the reduced risk for penile cancer was just deluded and brain washed. And the thing is that he wouldn't stop ranting about it. I even stopped arguing with him but he would push past all arguments to insult and act like a spoiled child.

I say this because I lost contact with him for a long time but I had remembered him fondly. He seemed like someone who was open about his issues and even told an interesting story about how he stopped being a pro-life zealot. He was a connection to other writers at the time. He had an emotionally abusive girlfriend that he was always leaving and always getting back with.

Apparently he got mad at me for being Zionist. Maybe I was being douchey about it. There are periods when my sense of human decency gets short circuited and I engage in that same Them vs. Us bullshit that does no one any good (except for the plutocrats who have enough power to profit from war). Or maybe I was just defending an attack on Hamas after they actually did something. I don't know. He mentioned it because the last time I encountered him he was very much eager to hate on SJWs. Even as he stated that he was leftwing and just got out of that abusive relationship, he was eager to abuse everyone else on the thread.

I blocked him. I made friends with the other person that blocked him. I found his twitter account and it was the same hostile shit. He even got self-righteous about people being happy over Tomi Lahren getting fired from Glenn Beck's network ("today I saw liberals crowing over the firing of a woman" - as if no one knew the context).

I wonder if I put up with his hostility ten years ago because I was the same kind of hostile asshole and I needed to give other hostile assholes the benefit of the doubt. Or maybe I didn't have the sense of security required to go "Ok, this is being shut down now. You are not going to talk to me like that." I suppose it could be both.
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