Tim Lieder (marlowe1) wrote,
Tim Lieder

Crushing dreams

Ok, about that nice couple that can't cook.

For most of that lunch they were talking about this idea that they had. They would start a literary Web site and take writers under their wing (or my wing, I'm not sure if they were proposing that I do this) and take their stories and helped them make better stories.

I tried pushing them off with "you don't want to read the slush" or "There are enough MFA programs in the world already." but they really liked the idea too much.

So I finally just said that writers should not be encouraged and that joke on my facebook picture about wanting to stab all writers in the hand isn't that much of a joke. That most people shouldn't write. That the people who do write and submit their stuff are awful and that when these people don't even know basic grammar, there's no help for them.

I think I finally got through to them that most writers should not be encouraged and if they wanted to read slush, they could read all the slush in the world. But I also guaranteed that if they tried to make this weird apprenticeship Web site in order to help writers that had potential that they'd just be asking for headaches.

I think I got through to them. I hope so. Definitely I made my point that young beginning writers should not be encouraged and should be punished severely for even attempting anything so stupid.
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