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Well that's interesting - my fiction CV thus far - Tim Lieder — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tim Lieder

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Well that's interesting - my fiction CV thus far [Sep. 14th, 2010|12:56 am]
Tim Lieder
So I'm going over my Story Tracking Pager for stories that need to be queried and since my computer is fast now, I'm going to look into reprints. So I found that I sold 18 stories in the past 7 years - although about 8 of them were "sold" to free markets. I was dumb. And most of them are no longer available.
  • Midnight Solitude Whispers of Wickedness - dead
  • After the Revolution Whispers of Wickedness Web site dead
  • Gentle Frustration Whispers of Wickedness Web site February 12, 2004
  • Laughing at Morrissey Wild Violet (Fall 2003 issue) July 27, 2003 – Fall Issue
  • The Literary Career of Nancy Sullivan Whispers of Wickedness Summer 2004
  • The Same Sad Routine Whispers of Wickedness print issue (Spring 2004 Issue)
  • Bus Stop at Night Inclinations Web site (Horror Inclinations) $8 posted on approximately February 25, 2006
  • Obituary for a Children’s Author Whispers of Wickedness ?
  • Intoxicated Fuckheads Inclinations for Horror Writers March 2007 ($5)
  • Mary's Problems Downtown Brooklyn: Literary Magazine of Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus 2007 Edition
  • Memories of Laura Fly in the Amber March 2008
  • Some Day We'll Meet Every Day Fiction ($1) April 2008
  • Family Reunion On the Premises (Writing Contest) $25 December 2008
  • Everything is Dark Silver Thought $10 February 2009 - my personal favorite
  • Name Withheld Chaos Theory: View Askew $10 June 2009
  • Office Job Under the Rose anthology from Norilana Books – royalties only October 2009
  • Mountain of God Chimera World #6 edited by Mike Philbin – 10 pounds October 2009 (site is down - is Lulu still in business. Damn, the economy must suck when vanity presses can't remain solvent. I got paid for my story and I had no control over whom the editor used as a publisher.
  • Gentlemen of the Jury Atom Jack - $20 November 2009 - Dead
  • Bop Kabala & Communist Jazz [PRO-RATE MAGAZINE] Issue # 3 (pending in January 2011)
There. Found as many links as I could. Kind of sad that Inclinations for Horror Writers is gone. That was my first real sale ($5) and the point where I could call myself a writer by nihilistic_kid's definition (someone pays you to write).

[User Picture]From: darkwaver
2010-09-15 05:00 pm (UTC)
i think you're looking at the wrong morrissey songs and don't really understand his humour....and yes, i'm mad... ;)
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[User Picture]From: marlowe1
2010-09-15 11:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah. That's why I'm seriously thinking of pretending I never wrote that story - but I will try it one more time. But the point that these guys totally don't understand Morrissey and that he's actually making fun of the same teen angst that they are trying to mock but with infinitely more wit is pretty much lost on the story.

Adding the insight that Morrissenny kind of kills the whole Holden Caulfield "patethic guy trying to cover up sad life with attitude" tone of the story. Which might not be all that insightful anyhow.

Eh. Showed it to a friend of mine and his main complaint was the references that he didn't get so I guess I missed out by trying to get a real job when I should have been applying for staff writer jobs at Gilmore Girls.
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