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King David & the Spiders from Mars (tentative): Submission Guidelines

Note the extended deadline and increased advance. Thank you.

Due to the positive response to She Nailed a Stake Through His Head: Tales of Biblical Terror, I will be editing another Bible-themed anthology. Tentatively titled King David & The Spiders from Mars: More Tales of Biblical Terror, a follow-up.

What I'm Looking For: Short stories, ideally between 1000-12000 words. All stories must be based in some way on the Bible stories. I would prefer stories from the book of Samuel (usually edited to be 1 & 2) which is the story about how Israel transitioned from a Judge based society to a kingdom under King David. However any story based on a Bible tale will suffice. Seeking stories in all genres including horror, bizarro, science fiction, fantasy, humor, literary and romance (although if you write a romance between Tamar and Amnon, I'm going to be worried about you and not in a good way).

Check out this Amazon List for reading suggestions. Originally, this was going to be a book dedicated to stories from the Book of Samuel (which is about the transition of Israel from a Judge-based anarchy to a kingdom under David) but I didn't get as many submissions as I would like and there were too many Witch of Endor stories.

Retellings of Biblical Stories from the perspective of another character.
Kiastic Storytelling
Deconstructionist Commentary akin to Rashi
Biblical stories retold in different literary styles (high adventure, Victorian, Romance, Mystery, etc.)
Modern stories told in the Biblical style (Best use Robert Alter's Art of Biblical Poetry and Art of Biblical Narrative if you want a crash course)
Cthulu/Prophet Mashups (still amused by that joke. Don't know why)
Stories from minor or "villain" character perspectives
Biblical Movie Parodies

I am also impressed by the following: original takes on classic stories, strong female characters, stories that actually understand the original tales, style.

Formatting Guidelines: Please use Standard Manuscript format. I am going to be a little more hard on people not using this format since the last time I had stories where I couldn't get back to the writers because they neglected to put their emails on the stories so I had no way of knowing how to tell them that they were rejected. One even made it to the Maybe pile. Please submit in .rtf or .doc.

What I am not Looking For:I have a blog post for the first Bible anthology where I go off on the "do not want" list. It basically comes down to "no preachiness" which is the major pitfall for people tackling these kind of stories. I don't want a story with an agenda - whether it's atheist, Christian or Jewish. Do not set a Sodom & Gomorrah story in San Francisco. Do not send poetry. Do not retell a Bible story from a character's perspective that adds absolutely nothing to the narrative. In the last anthology, I got a bunch of stories that had to stop to tell me that "Jesus is love" just as the fundamentalist Christian axe murder was about to strike. Please don't do that. Also, there are themes covered in the first book (Samson, Witch of Endor, Daniel) that I thought were amazing. If you read the first book and see a story with your theme, your take better be radically different for me to consider it.

Pay: $100 advance against equal share of royalties - to be paid out no later than publication. Note that I have raised the Advance from $50.

Reading Period: November 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012 - please note that I have extended the reading period. Please spread the word.

Reprints. Yes. Same price. Make sure you tell me where it was originally published and that it is available for reprint right sales.

Multiple and Simultaneous Submissions:No. Do not send multiple submissions. Multiple submissions will be erased unread. If you have a simultaneous submission, please tell me.

Send to: timlieder1 - at - gmail.com

Feel free to repost these Submission guidelines where ever there are interested parties.

Edit: Even though this is going to be a general Bible-themed anthology instead of one focusing on Samuel, I am still getting stories based on Samuel which is great. However, please note that I am speaking about 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel (most agree that it both parts make up one book) and I am getting very few stories based on 2 Samuel (this is after David becomes king and includes tales of Joab, Tamar and Absalom) and I am eager to see some.

Also, I have read 3 Witch of Endor stories thus far. Please be warned that this is a VERY hard sell since I already bought a Witch of Endor story for the previous anthology ("As If Favorites of their God") and I don't want to repeat that theme in this one. Furthermore, I will be comparing your story to that story and even if you have a perfectly decent story, I will need a radical departure and a particularly unique approach to consider buying it.

Advice: As noted above, I read three Witch of Endor stories. I have also read other stories that repeat a trope from the first book. Best to familiarize yourself with the first book when submitting. If you are telling a story based on a story that was covered in the first book, I am going to be comparing it to the first story. In which case, your story about Samson's wife or the Witch of Endor or Ruth better be so original and amazing that I forget about that other story.

In other words, if you are still trying to figure out what to write for this anthology (submissions end on March 31) it's a good idea to avoid writing stories that are too similar to stories in the first anthology.

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