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Oh doublefuck you Open Casket Press - Tim Lieder — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tim Lieder

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Oh doublefuck you Open Casket Press [Nov. 14th, 2011|05:00 pm]
Tim Lieder
When googling Open Casket Press (the press for assholes), I came across this little Help Wanted ad
This is for a book we don't really want to buy a cover for, but instead of just going to Istock, we thought we'd see if any artist is interested in the exposure.
so there is no payment other then we would mail you a copy of the book in thanks. but once we like one cover, paying gigs are soon to come.
And if someone has a pic already done that works, that's fine too.
We need a cover with a carnival, definitely a Ferris wheel in background,
It's at http://www.digitalwebbing.com/forums/showthread.php?t=157654 and what's even sadder is the fact that the position was filled.

So there's an artist interested in "exposure" who will get a copy of the book. I suppose that's better than being inside the book since you can show off the cover for future jobs (hopefully paying ones for people who aren't stupid assholes) but shit, that's pathetic.

And the thing about Open Casket Press is that you can't even chalk up this stupid asshole to being young and inexperienced. This fucker has been around for at least 3 years and in that time he has NEVER learned that you fucking have to pay people for their work or you are going to get bullshit. And he acts like he's doing these stupid assholes a favor too.

That's the part that really gets me.

I mean yeah, I kind of had that feeling with Teddy Bear Cannibal Massacre but I also had access to this wonderful invention called the internet and I could go on there and realize that I was totally fucking things up (like for example I didn't think to send out review copies BEFORE the book was available for sales in the assumption that people were going to buy it regardless because of the title - unaware that Carlton Mellick was out there publishing books with even more fucked up titles) and then NOT MAKE THOSE MISTAKES for future anthologies (Amanda Rehagen was very reasonably priced and she did the teddy bear illustration as a favor to me and I didn't pay her remotely what she was worth, but I try to promote her to make up for that).

This guy just keeps putting out the same shit over and over again without paying anyone. And then you see people defending him on amateur forums like AbsoluteWrite as if he is doing anyone any favors by putting them in his shitty books (he isn't. You might as well get into Pacione anthologies for all the good it will do you)