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Call and write to your senators & representative - Tim Lieder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tim Lieder

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Call and write to your senators & representative [Jan. 12th, 2017|10:40 am]
Tim Lieder
I have seen many posts about Trump on Facebook and even posts that talk about the importance of opposing his nominations and his entire program. These are great posts but they are useless posts unless the people posting are inspired to CALL THEIR SENATORS! Or write to them. Either way, this is the way things need to go.

Too many people are doing cutesy shit like sending one post card a week to a senator that says IMPEACH or organizing a "Turn Off Your Television January 20" or replying to Trump's twitter feed. These will not work. Yes, Trump can only be mocked and ridiculed. He is a fucking narcissist and he is only out for himself. He will never give a shit about anyone else unless they say things about him that he doesn't like and then he will be a petulant child. But none of that works, really.

I also am still annoyed by writers who made a big show about NOT VOTING and then after the election started talking about the election and politics like they have any fucking right. Brian Keene, whom I really like and consider a friend (and half-way hope he never sees this) wrote an essay that said that horror writers now have an opportunity to latch onto the fears of society just like Stephen King did in the Nixon years. That would be a great and comforting thing to say in the wake of the worst election possible if he didn't also write about how he was not voting. Like thanks dude, I might lose my health insurance and die of diabetes because you didn't vote but I can WRITE SCARY STORIES about it while my foot is getting amputated! Awesome! And while I still sometimes read nihilistic_kid his bi-annual declaration of not voting because no one meets his high leftist standards is one big ego stroke that he should really just stop. Mamats might not vote. I don't care, but he doesn't have to be proud about it, especially when people like him just helped Trump get in office.

The two main objections I see to writing to your senators to make sure that they oppose Trump and all his ways (amen) is that they either agree with you or they don't agree with you. Since I am a New Yorker with a lot of Minnesota friends I see that first dynamic. My senators are both Democrats and Chuck Schumer is making headlines by opposing Trump. In MN, they got Amy Kloubachar and Al Franken. Al Franken has been grilling Sessions.

In the second case, yeah, what good does it do to tell Lindsey Graham or Mitch McConnell that you want to keep all the benefits you got under Obamacare? If you live in Alabama Jeff Sessions is your senator. Are you going to write to him to oppose his own nomination? Or the other senator who is probably bff with Sessions?

And in both cases - people are wrong. And politicians only care about the people who show up and actually write to them. If you aren't writing, they assume that you are cool with them and they can count on your vote the next time their job is up for grabs. But more accurately, Democrats and Republicans don't vote in blocks if their constituents are telling them to go against their party. Why the fuck do you think that gun control laws never get passed or that the Dickey Amendment is still with us (that's the one that says that we can't even research gun fatalities with government funds)? Because the fucking NRA gets mobilized every single time there's a vote.

Your Democratic senator might agree with your stance but they might also be getting a shitload of letters and calls telling them to go against it and just get along. Hell, Paul Wellstone was the most liberal senator in the 90s and he still voted for DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) because those were the calls he was getting.

And if you have a Republican senator, you REALLY need to write letters. It doesn't matter if that Republican is the reddest of the red, you still need to tell him that you do not approve. ANd it's probably more important because with the Republicans in the majority we are all fucked if they vote together. Marc Rubio was grilling Rex Tillerson about his Russian ties yesterday. Will he still vote to put Tillerson into the Secretary of State position? Maybe, but not if he gets a thousand calls saying that he cannot get Tillerson into it. And do you think Rubio grew a spine? Fuck no. Rubio is already feeling the pressure from a Florida voting block that is freaking out over Putin.

So there ends a livejournal post that is just a longer version of what I wanted to do on FB.