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Books read in 2017 # 59-60 - the end of the Alanna series - Tim Lieder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tim Lieder

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Books read in 2017 # 59-60 - the end of the Alanna series [Jun. 4th, 2017|11:10 pm]
Tim Lieder
59. The Woman Who Rides Like a Man by Tamora Pierce - This was the weakest book in the quadrology. It is still pretty good though and I was impressed. Alanna in the desert among the desert people could have turned into white savior, but thankfully everyone in the tribes were multi-layered and not just waiting around for Alanna. Alanna's entry into the tribes as the tribes is based on her skills that she worked on and the fortune to get rid of some ancient demons that tend to nibble at the edges of these books. I rather love how Pierce doesn't feel the need to explain everything that is going on in the world so there is just enough to tantalize without going into long narrative digressions.

The part that gets to me is the end of the book where she has learned and taught all that she needed to learn and teach with the tribes and gets to the point where she finds out that Roger is back. It's all a lot of cliffhanger plotting which can be forgiven since anyone who is reading the third book in a four book series can reasonably be expected to want to buy the fourth book.

60. Lioness Rampant - When I talked about how much I liked Protector of the Small, one of the reasons people cited for liking the Alanna series more was the fact that Alanna was a lot more energetic and sexual. They thought that the character of Protector of the Small was too good while Alanna had flaws. Alanna also had a string of boyfriends. With respect to the Alanna fans, I did not like the fact that Alanna was stuck into another love triangle. The Prince is now a king and there's a lot of idiot plotting going on in the capital, but first Alanna takes off with a ninja warrior to find a magic icon. Having giving away that Roger is back from book 2 and that George is fighting rival gang leaders so all the adventure into the war torn and then the magic mountain feels like a distraction, even as she is collecting the people required for the ending.

Anyhow the last part is kind of anticlimatic. Alanna comes back, finds out that Roger is back from the dead and then wonders why her brother Alan is looking sick. THere are plots but they are fairly straightforward. The part of the book that bothers me the most is the fact that Roger has to be brought back from the dead for tension but then no one kills him or throws him in jail because the old king was just too sad or something. So again Alanna has to take care of him while he springs his plan.

Both of these books were fun reads and they were tightly plotted but the flaws seem more apparent the more I remember them.