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Books read in 2017 # 81-84 - Funny Books - Tim Lieder [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tim Lieder

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Books read in 2017 # 81-84 - Funny Books [Jul. 2nd, 2017|11:14 am]
Tim Lieder
81. American Vampire vol. 5 by Scott Snyder & Rafael Albuquerque - Unlike the third volume, the Hobbs & Book story in this one is actually pretty entertaining, mostly due to "the Renfield" a job for a smiling bastard who keeps trying to get Dracula to raise from the dead. And yep, they finally brought Dracula into this thing. It's a temptation too great for vampire series that go on for a long time. But this Dracula is the mind-controlling Dracula who scares all the other vampires so that's got some claim on the world building. Now for the Skinner Sweet & Pearl story, there seems to be just a lot of cleaning up as they go after the old producers from the original issue and they even bring back Pearl's deceptive roommate. Scott Snyder is a great writer and I enjoyed this book, but I guess I wanted something more out of it. This just seems like an intermediate chapter in a long series with one chapter that makes it clear that another old vampire is rising.

82. Deadpool Classic: Deadpool Team-Up by Various - Literally various. I only see one name in the credits for the various titles that reappears twice. So by the late 00's when these titles were being written, it seems like Deadpool Team-up was the title that Marvel gave to writers who were looking for one-shots. Actually now that I write that I should look it up. Anyhow since Deadpool is the hero that can do anything, the writers could have a lot of fun by throwing out all the normal conventions. There's also a reference to Giant Sized Man Thing which has a character trying to tell Man-Thing why that's funny.

83. Powers: Bureau by Bendis & Oeming - This is the last Powers book at the library and I am a little worried that the series is not going to continue much past these stories with Walker and Deana in the FBI now. Walker's disappearance from the last series is resolved at the end of the first issue where Deana just finds him and says that he's in the FBI now and then they chase after a super-sperm scam that leads back to the mafia family that was a big deal in the earlier ones. This one was fun but like the American Vampire volume above it all seems perfunctory and a greatest hits compilation. I guess Bendis is busy these days.

84. One Punch Man vol. 1 by Yusuke Murata - What else is there to say about this book. It's the anti-comic comic. The one joke comic that still yields gold. I don't know. Saitama punches huge monsters that seem unstoppable and then he punches them. Even the mosquito woman is able to be taken down with a punch. But he picks up a cyborg and then there are other cyborgs and it all ends with a gorilla cyborg being all threatening until he's lost and then going "ok well sorry about that. Here's the story" and that's the end of the book. Also Saitama is in an existential dread that is rivaling The Stranger.