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marlowe1's Journal

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Tim Lieder
4 October
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The youngest member of the Manson family, Tim Lieder was indicted but never convicted of the Sharon Tate murders. This was possibly due to the child justice laws that ruled that a fetus cannot possibly convicted of murder, or even manslaughter. This was despite several eye-witness testimonies swearing that the gentleman in question, although a fetus, brutally stabbed several members of the party. In the words of Squeaky Fromme: "He was a fetus, it wasn't like he could write 'Helter Skelter' on the walls. He couldn't even read."

In the late 80s, he was a darling of the Pro-Life movement. He retold his story many times for many people. The gist of it was that he did help with the Sharon Tates murders, but he wouldn't have done so if he hadn't been aborted a week before. Eventually his fame and popularity died down when people began to object to "don't have abortions because the aborted fetuses might become psychotic killers" as a workable pro-life argument.

Since then he's faded out of the spotlight, occasionally interviewed when Charles Manson (whom he still calls Uncle Charlie) is on the news. He'd be interviewed more often but in his words: "Squeaky gets all the attention. I could have shot at Ford and missed. And I was 5 so it would have made better headlines."

Oh yeah. There's also Dybbuk Press. Tim edited those books. He also writes stories.
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